Abe and Ella can’t have it both ways!

One of the issues that Abraham and Ella harp on about ad nauseam is their allegation that the videos they forced the children to make en route from Morocco to the UK, as well as in the UK, were not used as evidence from the outset of the police investigation. They claim that the police had all the videos as of 5 September, 2014.

And yet we’ve noticed a peculiar anomaly.

In Alfred Lambremont Webre’s March 31 interview with Ella, she makes a very interesting statement about the videos that were made during the flight back to the UK:

Starting at about 1:26:30, she says:

I realised that both companies that were representing me were not actually acting in my best interest, and I became a litigant in person with the help of the McKenzie Association (sic). Because that group had been helping with paperwork, with the working out the strategy, they had access to materials of the court…. Judge Mayer…she ordered the police disclosure. My solicitors passed the stuff to me, and that included police interviews, private videos made by us on the way to London and also in London. These private videos were never made materials of the court…

When the police investigation took place, I did made police aware that I had a lot of evidence….they never asked me for the evidence. For our protection, we copied those private videos and gave to some people we could trust. So there was a lot of people coming to the house, so I’m not quite sure how, but police got those second videos in the end. I’m only guessing how that happened, I am suspicious of certain people. However, I never handed them myself, I was never asked, we never made videos a part of the court material, but when Judge Mayer learned I was in possession of those police videos, she made a gagging order for me not to disclose those videos and then later on I was made to return those videos …to the court.

However, on their blog, Abrella also state that the police had all the videos as of 5 September:

Abrella-blog-videos on Sept 5

Well now, hang on a minute!

One thing is clear: unless Ella is lying through her teeth in this interview (which should not be discounted), she really didn’t know when the police received the videos she and Abe made on their way back to London.

Either the police had all the videos on 5 September, and could have been expected to use them as evidence right away, or they didn’t have them right away, as ‘(t)hese private videos were never made materials of the court’.

Ultimately the police did get the videos, but as Ella says, she’s not sure how that happened. If she doesn’t know how or exactly when the police got hold of those videos, how can she then turn around and whine that they had them as of 5 September, but refused to use them?

Once again, Abrella need to learn one of the fundamental skills to running an effective scam: they need to keep their lies straight.

get your lies straight





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  1. I seem to remember this being brought up before.

    I thought it a possibility that the claim that they were private and not court evidence was an attempt to mitigate the charges made with regard to leaking material on line.

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  2. I think that was the idea at the time of the interview, yes. But if the videos weren’t court evidence until some mysterious person shared them with the police, the argument that they ought to have been viewed immediately seems just a bit disingenuous.


  3. Lies are extremely difficult to maintain and even more so in a court under questioning where it’s almost impossible to think. No wonder Abella didn’t want to face the scrutiny of a court.

    Also they are not very sophisticated. If it was that easy- just make videos full of accusations – anyone could end up in jail. In family court cases only interviews with children conducted under strict circumstances are accepted after many great miscarriages of justice over the years. It’s the same in all Western countries where those techniques have been refined to get kids telling the truth and not what they think adults want to hear.

    I think this pair are despicable the way they have gone about trying to stitch up an innocent man and so are their vocal supporters.

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  4. Unsophisticated is a kind way to put it. They’re bloody idiots, in addition to being hateful and vindictive. All-round charmers, really.


  5. ‘I realised that both companies (Two barristers?) that were representing me were not actually acting in my best interest’ equals ‘they were telling me stuff I did not want to hear’ equals ‘they were advising me that I should do things differently’ equals ‘they told me the law does not work like that’ equals ‘they told me my strategy would backfire’ equals ‘I, Ella, will put my fingers in my ears la la la and make up my own law’ equals ‘I ,Ella, am a grand narcissist, I rule the world, the world will bend to my way of thinking, my accusations, however fucked up they may be’.

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  6. Oh… God…

    Does Ricky Dearman’s children have blond hair?

    I see them.. their pictures… in google images… I didn’t even search their names; I don’t even know their names. It is just there when I searched… (you probably know what I searched)

    Damn these leakers for exposing the identities of these poor innocent children. Don’t these people even have the basic decency to censor those kids’ faces?!


  7. Well yes, but they just come out with any bollocks that fits at the time, forgetting previous bollocks.

    Thinking on it further whilst occupying the wide gap between reality and Abella’s brain. As Sam says below video evidence of the children would only be valid if it was done following strict guidelines. It is quite likely that the police would have told them that their home made videos were not valid as evidence in court, they would need to interview the children themselves, twist that round and you get Ella’ comment.

    You then have the Judge’s comment about the enquiry taking a different direction have the police viewed them. In Abella world that means the police did not investigate the the original claims properly. In reality, if the police had viewed them early on, they would have had evidence against Abella.

    So in conclusion, Abella are right, the police should have viewed them early on and arrested them before they scarpered abroad.

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  8. At 1:26: 02 Ella says: ‘When the police investigation took place, I did make police aware that I have a lot of evidence: Well, I have videos, I have diary pages, I have drawings, and a few other things [what are those other things???]…

    This seems to tie in with the judgement paragraph below, that shows us that ideas were already forming in JULY…(The Abrella cue-card-script reminds us ‘we suspected, after all) and, to further Abrella’s aims an evidence ‘bundle’ had then been prepared in Morocco – starting with the indoctrination via violence – in anticipation of the requirements’to substantiate their allegations’, to successfully ‘build a case’. Of course Abraham has much experience in the criminal court system, but did not appreciate the points Sam makes, about the FAMILY court system, in a comment, above:

    ‘Also they are not very sophisticated. If it was that easy- just make videos full of accusations – anyone could end up in jail. In family court cases only interviews with children conducted under strict circumstances are accepted after many great miscarriages of justice over the years. It’s the same in all Western countries where those techniques have been refined to get kids telling the truth and not what they think adults want to hear.

    So now we understand why the police did not give much credence to such ‘evidence’, although I believe one officer did watch them, there is an entry in CRIS which suggests this, p19.

    From the judgement:

    30. In August 2014, at a time when he was holiday in France, Jean-Clement Yaohirou
    received ‘phone calls and messages from Mr Christie in which he said he had
    information regarding the abuse of children. In evidence, Mr Yaohirou said that
    Abraham “had not been coming forward with specific information” but was “trying to
    give (him) justification.” Abraham Christie had said that a church, a school in
    Hampstead and a police station in Haringey were involved. Mr Yaohirou had asked
    whether Mr Christie “had evidence”. He said, “Yes;” and “that was it for July.”


    Here we see A.B.E (Abraham) commenting on his own blog:

    A commenter picked this up and replied to this stunning admission:

    So Abraham felt, upon probable focussed whining by grand manipulator Ella,(pillowtalk) of her ‘big problem’ (read: grand narcissist wounded ego ‘problem’, having been left by her ex, (how dare he), who needed punishing for that, forever), that he was DUTY BOUND to right the wrongs she was making up, see: Abraham…was “trying to give (him) justification.” in the judgement para 30, above.

    Primitive lion Abe would also, according to HIS pathology, have been worried that this man RD would encroach on his new domain of control, his ‘new territory’. After all, he needed to manage and preserve this new source of income, home….and kids to violate. By his reckoning, the ‘RD elimination programme’ was going to be a win-win all round.

    So, Ella would regard Abe as her hero at the end of this piece of ‘work’. The end justified the means. That was the fairy story they dreamt up and told each other in Morocco, and that they would live happily ever after. Probably.

    Also from Abe’s blog, I have a screenshot somewhere:

    Oh what a tangled web we weave ,When at first we practice to deceive.
    by Ella and Abraham
    Tue, 10 Nov 2015 04:08:06 GMT

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  9. Very good point. I think that is what Pauffley is hinting at with the ‘different direction’ remark, too, and may be where the police really did miss an opportunity and messed up. Inadvertently, I am sure. Or was it a cover-up by the police on behalf of Abe and Ella? We must ponder these possibilities, in new-conspiracy-land.

    I am looking for a french word or phrase I don’t know. The one that describes not just one but a double turning on it’s head, an unexpected, but ‘right’ outcome. A double ‘in your face, Abrella!’ Ella and Abe maliciously accused a whole community, and instead of being vindicated, winning, they lost, and have had to leave their home. Now, they are continuing this, with the IPCC complaint and appeal. I hope this appeal does ask for reinvestigation of some things, including ABRAHAM and ELLA’s attempts at deception and the perversion of the course of justice. Forgery of ‘diaries’ and ‘drawings’. Of feeding children drugs. And of sexually abusing them by forcing them to talk about such things in an inappropriate way, and possibly more, and exposing them to ideas they were too young for. For emotional and psychological abuse on UK soil. After all, we heard it on the webre interview: Some of the videos were made on UK soil. Hemp soup was fed to the kids on UK soil? Hair samples will prove this, as dates of exposure can be shown, it has already been established that the children had ‘prolonged exposure’ to THC. Wonder what hemp expert man will say to that, when it happens:The only thing he will say is: ‘It’s a cover-up!’. What else can a guilty man say?

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  10. As soon as Ella speaks freely, and not prompted by Abraham, she slips up. It’s no wonder they have never had an interview with anyone who asks the difficult questions. In fact, all the interviews go along the same line of questioning. There is never any probing questions. It’s as if Abe and Ella tell the interviewer what questions they are allowed to ask. It’s strange when you go over the material that other things jump out.

    Have you seen HR videos Xmas song about Hampstead. It’s a laugh or cry thing.

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  11. Dear God (I hope you don’t mind if I call you that)–you’re so right. The essence of this whole mess is that Ella wanted her ex gone, and things backfired horribly on her. She still doesn’t seem to get the fact that she doesn’t make the rules.


  12. Yes, this is exactly why we’ve been doing our best to have as much of that material removed from Google, YouTube, Facebook, etc. as we possibly can. It’s a long, hard slog, as the internet is a very large place, but we’re trying.


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  14. I don’t have Facebook so I guess I can’t read the “beauty” and “intelligence” of Everard’s posts.


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