A tale of two Driflouds

And you thought one Drifloud—the pompous, verbose, pseudo-intellectual word vomiter—was plenty, right?

Back in late September, we ran a few posts in which we posited that Drifloud was actually Abe. And in fact, it does seem as though Drippy’s Twitter persona has some very distinct Ape-like…er, Abe-like characteristics.

Now, evidence has presented itself to suggest that in fact, Abe might be ‘borrowing’ Drippy’s persona…but the real Drippy is still out there fulminating and blathering on.

One of our team was checking out the reams of crap Abe and Ella have posted on their up-again/down-again blog, and came across this gem from Ella’s ‘legal team’ in reference to the IPCC complaint Abrella have been flogging:

This complaint was initially made by “Drifloud”. The Police professional standards refused to record the complaint on the basis that he was not deemed a complainant. We wrote to the Professional standards on 15th May 2015 confirming that our client is deemed a complainant and that she would like the complaint reference QU/00664/15 recorded on her behalf and investigated. The Professional standards still failed to record this complaint and have not provided any explanation for it. We attach herein our email dated 15th May 2015 (attached to end of document titled “to IPCC July fifteen” detailing this and have also copied it below). Our client would like the IPCC to consider this complaint as well on her behalf as it is connected to her original complaint.

Now, who else do we know who originally made an IPCC complaint on behalf of Abrella…back in April?

That’s right: it was Old Crazy-Eyes himself, Alan Wrightson. Remember him? He’s the one who threw a hissy fit against his former friend Charlotte Alton Ward, when even she wouldn’t allow his bilge in her blog’s heavily patrolled Comments section.

Here’s what Alan said about the IPCC complaint last spring:



And here’s the opening salvo of his complaint:

This is mainly a “Direction and Control” complaint (although I also indicate some individuals) which has come to a head today, causing me distress despite not being directly involved in the incident. On experiencing through the internet the disgraceful interview by the BBC of Rxxxx Dxxxxxx, who owns child-porn internet domains according to http://www.hampsteadresearch.com, yet also being fully aware how the Barnet and Hampstead police did not conduct a criminal investigation into the allegations his children made against him, how Barnet police intimidated Ella Draper out of the country, leaving her incapable of fighting for her children, and how despite all this the police´s own medical expert concluded that his children had been subjected to long-term sex-abuse via “blunt objects”, I am today impelled to say “No more!” directly to you, the metropolitan police, who have unashamedly, through your refusal to treat the children´s allegations thoroughly, left them in a social services system rife with sex-abuse, when their mother, who has never been accused of abuse by them, has been hounded out of the country by 9 of your officers.

Yep, that sounds like Drifloud, all right.

Honestly, we cannot think why the police didn’t take this complaint seriously. (Oi, you in back! Stop laughing!)

So…at this point, our best guess is that Alan Wrightson, for reasons known only to himself, adopted the online name ‘Drifloud’. This is Drifloud, the ‘conscious living being’, who spammed everyone within a mile of Hampstead with those unbearably long and relentlessly tedious letters all last summer and early fall.

Then, again for reasons unknown, Abe seems to have adopted the same name, and used it for his Twitter account and a few of his blog posts. Perhaps he wanted to ride on Drippy’s coattails? Or perhaps they’re working together? Hard to say at this point.

But Alan and Abe do share several qualities: they’re both dismal failures in their respective fields (crime for Abe, music for Alan); they both have ‘spiritual’ pretensions, and like to rattle on about their own presumed superiority; and they’re both incorrigible self-publicists who seem to have no clue that they’re making complete prats of themselves.

Really, they’re a match made in heaven.






32 thoughts on “A tale of two Driflouds

  1. Quick catch up with Alan’s work: https://hoaxteadresearch.wordpress.com/2015/08/04/wrightson-issues-fatwah-and-earns-place-on-our-wanted-list/comment-page-1/#comment-15228

    Unfortunately it seems Alan Wrightson is out of the UK. But he has been located. Not that you would really want to go to such lengths. Or would you? I think I know of a man that might.


    For those who have been stressed and affected by his emails and who want to understand the mind of a mad man….and console themselves, perhaps, with images of his bed without sheets:

    The price has been drastically reduced. Question is, will Alan come back to the UK when he sells up?



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  2. His full address given in the PS of the Pauffley complaint-attempt:

    Police-insects, if you would like to arrest me for harrassment, terrorism or any other nonsense in your delusional minds, please come and do so. It will increase the depth of your punishment. I can be found at the following address:

    Quinta Vale do Bracal. Vinho. ViIla Cova de Alva. 3305 286. Arganil. Portugal.


    The comments are hilarious!

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  3. Useful text to copy and paste when reporting videos:

    This video violates laws relating to the naming of, or providing information which leads to identification of victims of sex offences & to identifying children involved in family court proceedings.
    The court order for this case is here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Byzy22cCtwpdQ3dLRWdmenBsaXM/view
    Much of the content is libellous. Named individuals are claimed to have raped children & killed babies. Further details on the case: http://www.bailii.org/ew/cases/EWFC/HCJ/2015/26.html

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  4. A history of sexual abuse and/or nervous breakdowns seems to be common amongst the Hampstead hoax believer-protagonists.

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  5. this gem for prospective buyers / viewers of the property:

    “I have had nothing but rude let-downs from every British viewer so far, so I will only book viewings for Brits with a 5 euro paypal deposit, refundable on them turning up to view.”

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    • Imagine–people being rude to Drippy! I just can’t fathom such a thing. Of course they should be made to pay in advance for the privilege of his company.


  6. I’ve just discovered why Mr. Wrightson is so enamoured with Hampstead.
    According to his blog, he believes every place he’s ever lived is plagued with paedophile rings.

    “The abuse is taking place in these places because they have subconscious links with me which will allow the upper-echelon types involved in the abuse to manipulate the world more effectively. Seeing as two of these six locations have been exploited by child abusers for this purpose, I am here giving out the full list of IT locations I worked in, because I suspect that there may be undiscovered child abuse rings at work in these places, simply through their associations with my subconscious, and/or my physical presence there which they may be taking advantage of through ritual magic.”

    (Places and dates he lived there)

    Redditch & Newbury 1994
    Chertsey, Surrey 1995-96
    Zwolle, Holland 1996
    Chesterfield, UK 1996-97
    Derby, UK 1997
    Cambridge, UK 1997-98
    Leamington Spa, UK 1998
    Hampstead, London, UK 1999-2000
    Reading, UK 2000-2001

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  7. [url=http://postimg.org/image/4j9ip9007/][img]http://s15.postimg.org/4j9ip9007/in_whose_authority_i_am_not_allowed_drifloud_twe.jpg[/img][/url]

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