Can they prove they’re not Abe?

When you’re a Hoaxtead-pushing conspiraloon, a strange thing happens to your ability to discern one person from another: it disappears, along with your ability to tell fact from fiction.

One of the first signs that you’ve drunk the Abe-infused KoolAid is that suddenly, any person who questions the ‘cult/Satanic/Masonic/Babylonian/Talmudic/MK Ultra/Spaceman Spiff’ paedophilic baby-killing child-raping cannibalistic narrative is…you guessed it.

We’re all Ricky Dearman.

Every single last bleedin’ one of us. You, me, all your friends, anyone you’ve ever met online who thinks Abe is talking bollocks.

Anyone who’s ever clicked ‘thumbs down’ on a troofer video, or objected, no matter how mildly, to the wacky stories put about as part of this hoax.

Anyone who’s gone up against Abe using fact to counter his babbling lies.

Anyone who disagrees with him, or brings up uncomfortable facts about him.

Anyone who points out the physical impossibility of the story he tortured those children into repeating.

Ricky is everywhere

Apparently RD is not only a huge host of people, he’s omnipresent, able to hammer away at his computer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. He speaks in many different voices, evinces many different points of view, and is able to cleverly disguise himself as anyone he wants.

He’s really quite the guy.

But it’s interesting. As we read the screeching gibberish coming at us from the other side, we wonder: is it really possible that more than four or five people could be as supremely dense as these people appear?

Perhaps…just maybe…they’re really just one person.

One greasy diminutive homunculus, eyes glazed from too much cannabis, skin wizened from too much sun, brain addled from overly prolonged exposure to online notoriety.

After all, they all sound exactly the same! Check this out:


Diane James is Abe

David James is Abe

Tabitha M is Abe

Delusional Fairy is Abe

See what we mean? There can really be no doubt about it: they’re all Abe.

We suggest that should you run into him in your online travels, you challenge him to prove that he’s not. And don’t take his word for it, since we know he’s a compulsive liar, and will try anything to weasel out of the truth.

Come on, all you troofers, prove to the world that you’re not Abe. After all, fair’s fair.

Christie, Abraham





68 thoughts on “Can they prove they’re not Abe?

  1. I’m RD!!

    (Obviously not)

    Then, because I think I’m not RD, it must be that I’m an alter because RD has DID apparently.

    Funniest thing is when I see see people accuse Abraham of being RD. and that’s his Nemesis sock or even the real Ella Draper account.

    On a serious note, I want to something positive and proactive. I don’t want charlatans to rule the world.

    I do my best, but it feels like not enough.

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    • Yes, I think many of us feel that way. And seriously, I think the reason we all get accused of being one person is that those on the other side cannot understand why anyone who didn’t have a personal stake in the matter would argue against the hoax. The answer, of course, varies from person to person: some of us despise lies and liars; some have been hurt by false accusations ourselves; some feel that making outrageous false accusations of child sexual abuse takes attention away from the real victims….so many reasons. I think what we do have in common is a stubborn refusal to let this thing rest. And I think that’s a very good thing.


        • Don’t underestimate what you do, the influence you have, and whether it gets noticed or not, and doubt that you have an effect. We cannot see everything, and little things that were done once upon a time turn up unexpectedly in the future. Think of chaos theory, your butterfly wings can cause a hurricane on the other side of the world. It is your intent that is important, working for the right thing. Goodness and truth. It can never fail.

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  2. They were even accusing me of being Ricky during the few hours that they knew Ricky was in court in July. Seriously, that guy is a genius – he managed to be writing entire posts on here whilst sitting in a courtroom talking to a judge and Ella’s entire legal team, and even while Guidance 2222 was shouting death threats at him in the lobby. Who said men can’t multi-task?!

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  3. Just reading that screenshot of Tabitha’s comment. She also told me she was going to find me and burn me and called me a bunch of names that would make Tarantino blush. Now, what was it Charlotte and her cronies said about how their side is never abusive and how those who are are merely self-projecting? ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. Diane Evans (who’s also a raving pro-gun lobbyist, by the way) is a hoot. She was raging at Snake Logan, Pookster and myself about how she knew for a fact that we’re all Ricky, because our “sentence structure is the same”, haha. XD

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  5. OK, Mr. Coyote’s excellent post has inspired me to start addressing Guidance 2222 as “Abe” (I’d been trying “Clinton” but that only upset him). And unless Guidance can prove conclusively that he’s not Abe, I shall stick with it ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  6. I’m not RD. I’m from a Galaxy far far away and I’m hunting for the missing Lotus Princess who fled in the Mother Ship with the leader of The Rebels Cosmic Barry and our planet’s supply of Crystal Magic.

    They are believed to have landed on the Blue Planet and may be disposing of the magic crystals at various locations (including in the Thames ) which can open portals to other worlds.

    If anyone knows where the Lotus Princess is- she uses the name Lou Lotus – is please leave a message for Emperor Palpatine of the Galactic Empire c/ David Icke.

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      • Be fearful- if Lotus Princess & Cosmic Barry open a portal the Giant Butterfly will emerge and he’s really a Giant Lizard as warned about by D.Icke. If you see anything like a butterfly / moth hanging around Buckingham Palace you will know he’s visiting Queen Liz- ard and the revolution is about to begin. Those of you in the Cult should be shaking in your their ally the Warrior Princess aka Christine of the Family Sands will descend upon you a’shrieking and summoning up fearsome thunder clouds.

        Crikey this is some shit I got from Abe .

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        • opening portals is best left to the experts, my nan lived in pocock st. they might regret that one.:) she’s the one who told me i had blue blood, told peter tatchell that he was a disgusting nonce, and tho she had told me, that if she saw me with my monkey, she would cross the road, when i moved to the isle of wight, she spent alot of time with us, she played the piano alot, btw, ginge, anyhow, it’s saturday, but my nan, lived in a block on pocock st, and campaigned and got a community bit of land, created, near what was then i think the tsb hq.


        • ….the same shit every dope smoker or other petty criminal/drug user that happens to see Neely and Barry burying their stash is going to go chasing after and dig up as soon as our crystal-heads leave the scene.

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  7. They picked on the wrong one, this time, i was amazed at how Angela, particularly, Sabine even, but quite a few of their new uns, just didn’t google my name, before attempting to take me on, some may have seen, where i told Angie that i had watched one of her videos with Miles, and realised that an old friend Nick, was the musician on the end, cos, just sometimes, occassionally, i really do study a thing or two, i had no agenda, at the time, except to try and understand her, cos i knew she was a fellow survivor, which means i would try and allow some latitude, but her response was to accuse me of trawling through her stuff, in her best snorting, sneery, voice……. er, well, thing is, as someone, who for years was involved in some very hardcore outing of real and powerful child abusers, and groups fighting back, from a farback position, then is true of today, it’s kinda an auto reaction, to just go take a look see at who you are talking to, or what kinda person is trying to enter your group, space, etc……so red flags all round, and i have done more behind the scenes, then even any but MI5 or real snoops would know. And now i do know, today i found out that Scarlet Scoop is a Male, hail SS ๐Ÿ™‚ as it goes, i got a bit triggered, and couldn’t read everything yet, and i only realisied yesterday, that sabine has two lls. Rectified my tags, after being spanked ๐Ÿ™‚


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  9. apologies, i just woke up, and a bit hungover and havn’t cleaned my glasses yet, each little bit and thing counts, and it is by that, that survivors that did fight have gotten so far. And i forgot what i was gonna say next, cept i think i was right the other day, like a rug shaking, spring clean, cos from the records, those trollsneaking our networks and groups, or taking em over in that religious banging way, are being shown for what they are, that wasn’t what i was going to say ….. oh yeah, Sabine, those at the Hollie Hoax David Icke thingy meeting, will know, i sat up near the front, and i walked to the back of the room, once Sabine had stopped screeching about tatoos on hollies vagina, yes she really did, scream that, i needed a pee, so was on my way towards her, and i just put my hand on her arm and said ‘Sabine’, she looked at me and through me, not registering anything, ‘Sabine, I’m Sheva……..Calm Dowwwwwwwwwwn’. Then i had to keep going for the loo. When i came back, she and her crew were gone, and we went down the pub, i had a glorious night out, and i still owe Steve a tenner ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Re the comment about Hollie – one of the things that bothers me is that they don’t seem to have boundaries about what they say when it comes to the victims. It’s not okay to be talking about Hollie like that in public and it’s not okay to post films identifying the Hampstead children. I honestly believe that people should be able to discuss both of these cases on and offline – but to identify the principal characters to the extent that their faces become common knowledge is unforgivable in my book. Hollie and the Hampstead children need to feel free to walk down the street without being stared at.

      I couldn’t agree more that we should check who we’re talking to and do a bit of research when the need arises. People are particularly duplicitous on the internet and if the information is out there, why not look for it.

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      • No, it’s not okay to be talking about alleged victims of sexual abuse this way. Whether the allegations are true or false, victims are entitled to their privacy, no matter what their age. This is one of the things that spurred me to become involved in this case when I first heard about it.


  10. Either you are a shill, and agent or actually RD. I guess it’s an easy way to not address the truth, and very typical of the “truth” cult.

    On a side not, I notice over at Butlincats wordpress that Ella and Abe are claiming to have had some response from the IPCC.

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  11. I think they should all prove they’re not Abe by showing us their privates. Everyone knows that Abe has Roger the Giant Butterfly tattooed on his wotnot. No tattoo and no scarring and we let you off.

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