With friends like Araya…

Without the safety of his blog, where he was able to delete inconveniently difficult questions by the hundreds, Abe has been driven back to YouTube, where he’s been fending off probing comments for the past couple of days.

More on that in a coming post, but for now we’d like to point out that Abe’s enemies aren’t the only ones who are damaging what tiny shreds of credibility he has left. His so-called friends do a great job of that, too:

Araya Soma - 3 year old girl

Wait, what?

What three-year-old goirl…er, girl? Where’d she come from? Was Abe molesting a three-year-old? If not, how did she enter the narrative?

(Oh, and yes, thanks for the confirmation that ‘abe [sic] hit them on the head with spoons’…we knew it, but glad to know it’s common knowledge even amongst people who claim to like the lying misshapen little runt.)

Pookster had questions about the alleged three-year-old girl as well:

Pookster to Araya re 3 year old girl

We don’t know where mention of the three-year-old came from, or if she even exists, but as Pookster says, her introduction to the narrative does serve as a convenient excuse for Abe:

  • Blamed for beating your girlfriend’s children? It was to protect a three-year-old they were molesting!
  • Blamed for beating your own children? It was to protect a three-year-old they were molesting!
  • Get hauled up before the law for assaulting your teenage son? It was to protect a three-year-old he was molesting!
  • Don’t feel like doing the dishes tonight? There’s a three-year-old out there being molested, I have to save her!

Really, it’s the ideal excuse for…well, everything!

It does make us wonder, though: where did this three-year-old originate? Did Abe mention something about her to Araya, who got things confused in the primordial soup that passes for her brain?

Because honestly, the thought of Abe near a three-year-old child makes the hair stand up on our necks. Let’s hope she’s a mere fiction.

Abe and a three-year-old child




60 thoughts on “With friends like Araya…

    • This is so sweet! the moment of joy…wow, so perhaps not all foster parents are satanic lizard people then? Imagine the repercussions at Sabinda HQ!


  1. I do remember the 3yr old thing being brought up by Araya before. Would seem it was 10th March.

    I believe they invented the 3yr old story due to their supporters beginning to have concerns about Abraham. It never gained any traction so they just went back to the dog story. It is only Araya that seems to bring it up now.

    There are a few other interesting remarks made in her FB post, she even mentions MK Ultra.

    “Abe knew that going to the police was gona be HELL for them as WHOLE establishment is involved and ella wanted to go to police not realizing the scale of this.”

    “ELLA thought that it would be easy, to make sure the kids dont see him and for the evidence to be proved”

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    • Bless you, my son. You wouldn’t happen to have a screenshot of the whole post in one, would you? That would be rather awesome. (Edit: never mind, I figured it out. Slap upside head for El Coyote.)


  2. Yes, I too remember something about a young girl being touched by the children, way back, not sure it was Araya though.

    If the Earth is flat what is on the other side?

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  3. I too remember it being claimed that the children had touched a girl while on ‘holiday’ in Morocco. I can’t be sure now, but think it was part of the original story, that seems to have been forgotten.

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    • Yeah, it’s amazing how certain elements of the story have fallen away, to be replaced by newer ones (like the whole MK Ultra thing). As I’ve said before: the problem with telling lies is that after a while it’s hard to keep them straight.


    • Was that the storytale about a little girl that Abraham divined telepathically by looking in to her eyes that she needed rescuing?

      I imagine in reality Abraham thought something and then used his sick method to get the children to admit to whatever he accused them of with them trying to furnish details to stop him hurting them any more. 😦

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  4. from the dave comment above, ie araya:

    “ELLA thought that it would be easy, to make sure the kids dont see him and for the evidence to be proved”

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  5. Hog-diggety – we got a live one!

    This idiot clearly thinks we’re bluffing. Just like Tiny Magical Creatures did until the Police knocked on her door. And that mate of Angela’s. And all the others we’ve had arrested – Christine Sands, Neelu Berry, Sabine McNeill…The list is growing all the time :)

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      • He has posted his highlights here on his FB page https://www.facebook.com/desmond.during.9?fref=ts

        From this I gleaned he is probably vegan, is the son of a Dr, now dead, that he misses, ws brought up in Trinidad and Tobago, and was looking for a room to rent in Tulse Hill, London a few years ago. Oh, and he loves God. And hates gays, yes.

        It is very sad, he has obviously been exposed to the story recently, there does not seem to be any history of the case on his pages from early on. So exposure to videos + predisposition = belief in hoax, as we already know. Now I just wonder whether he was also abused, that is also normally the case with the rabid hoax supporters.

        Desmond During
        23 hrs ·
        Here is my latest reply to another troll defending the Hampstead SRA paedophile ring, and accusing the exiled mother and her partner, who the children trusted enough to reveal their harrowing saga to:
        “Oh you argue like an empty useless vessel. A true muppet of the soulless placebo system. What – the social services need you to stick up for them do they? Give me a break. These institutions were set up to supply children to the elite, paedophiles and others who pay handsomely for fresh innocent meat to torture, abuse and kill at will. Why don’t you go and engage with social services and stop babbling on in a dull, repetitive, satanic drone?”

        Desmond During
        Yesterday at 00:29 ·
        This is my latest answer to the defenders of the Hampstead SRA paedophile ring. (God bless Ella, Abe and of course the children):
        “I am bored by the way satanists turn things backwards, like they are, to divert all accusations away from themselves and instead focus on those who expose them. If Ella & Abe are so guilty, how come they approached the authorities and not the demonic father and his hellbound cult members? I mean what’s the incentive? Nobody noticed anything strange about Elisa & Gabriel or reported it. Yet the damned father and his supporters weave this nonsensical web of deceit. Why would Ella and Abe, whom the children confessed to, risk their own credibility. They don’t at all come across as evasive or schematic, whereas Dearman and his followers are slimier than a slug on a slippery slope. If you get my drift.”


      • I can’t remember what’s in these videos and what’s reportable but will have to go and have a look. If he posts anything that contains the children’s photos or their names then he’s in violation of a Court Order and the police can be informed. I’m sure they’d be interested – they acted quickly when it was Tiny Magical Creatures and Happy Brewer. The rest pertains to harassment and I think the police would be interested in anything along that line too.
        And yes! Report to You Tube.

        It’s a shame it has to go this far isn’t it. This man seems so extreme in his beliefs that he probably thinks we’re all baby murdering cultists, and will never grasp that we actually do have the well-being of these children and the innocent people of Hampstead at the forefront of our minds.

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  6. I think our man belongs to one of those right wing fundamentalist Christian outfits. His post : “Why was Joan Rivers dead 4 days after announcing Obama as gay and Michelle as transgender?”

    Apart from the fact that..errr Joan was a comedienne, she has been telling those jokes for years.

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