Bronny tries to school Abe

Have you ever had a guest who just. Would. Not. Leave?

And while she was there, did she insist on telling you that the paint colour you’d chosen for your kitchen was all wrong, you really needed to wash your floors, and honestly—and this is for your own good—you’ve got to get rid of those curtains!

Then you have some idea of how Abe must be feeling about Bronny right now. Aside from the fact that he already despises her and ignores everything she says, that is.

Bronny, however, has the hide of a rhinoceros. She’s impervious to the fact that Abe pointedly ignores her.

She’s brewed a nice cuppa (while clucking at the state of the kitchen counter) and has put her feet up and made herself right at home:

Bronny teaches journalism 1

Yes, folks, Bronny has taken a course in journalism, and she’s feeling compelled to pass along her knowledge. All of it.

Bronny teaches journalism 2.png

And while she’s at it, she points out that the place could use some pictures. But not just any pictures, oh, no!Bronny teaches journalism 3

Phew. Okay, so…she’s got to run out of steam some time, right? Ah, not so fast!

Bronny teaches journalism 4

Dear God, will someone please shut this woman up?

Bronny teaches journalism 5.png

No, seriously. Shut up. Please shut up.

Bronny teaches journalism 6.png

Listen, if you don’t shut up, we shall have to shoot you…

Bronny teaches journalism 7

Oh God, this is actually worse. Now she’s trying to play primary school teacher, handing out pink heart-shaped stickers to the kiddies for their good work.

But the coup de grâce: she refers Abe to her own blog to show how it should be done:

Bronny teaches journalism 8.png

…because nothing says ‘professional-looking blog’ like multi-coloured text, interspersed with random capitalisation, underlines, and bolding. Not to mention run-on sentences.

We think we need a glass of wine now. Actually, make that a double.

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24 thoughts on “Bronny tries to school Abe

  1. I also notice that Bronny the great Pulitzer-winning guru doesn’t even know that sentences should start with capital letters!

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  2. I don’t think a lot happens the remote neck of the woods in Bronny’s New Zealand. Do you know she thinks the Lord of The Rings films were a series of documentaries?

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  3. I love the way she thinks RD is well heeled.

    Someone should tell her that things like bus fares, utilities, supermarkets, newspapers and sunlight all cost the same in Hampstead. The main barrier to people living in Hampstead would be house prices or high monthly rent. He would get the same dole money as someone living anywhere else. I also thought he didn’t have a place of his own and instead relied on friends, and if so living in Hampstead was difficult.

    Now, Ella has no visible means of support or income……..

    Sabine and Belinda……..Sabine doesn’t appear to have done much work bringing in an income over the past 40 years. Maybe her campaigning is profitable for her in some way. Belinda, that big house that she was able to convince a bank to release funds on and remortgage despite having no obvious income. Odd that. But I’m open to the possibility that Ella gets money from her ex, tax credits, housing benefit and all the rest, that Sabine has somehow been signed off sick as someone who is so disabled they can’t work, and Belinda can touch up her ex in Paris for dosh.

    Bronny’s point 7 is a complete misreading of the medical reports, consistent with doesn’t mean confirmation of, and there was no mention of the doctor giving a timescale for the things Bronny mentions.

    And why would a school be refurbished, I mean those Victorian buildings need no maintenance, and the ever increasing numbers of children in London who need primary school places can just have their classes outside right?

    Mad Bronny will believe anything, even someone obviously sarcastically claiming to be RD.

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  4. Firstly, EC, thanks for all your hard work. You never fail to give me a LOT of laughs.

    As for Abe’s resident weirdo, I considered the possibility of it being Bronny. If you think about it, Bronny’s writing advice, whilst correct, is also a big ‘FUCK YOU’ from her, it hardly makes Abe and Ella look good.

    The prat could also be Charlotte Ward, or one of her camp. Both Bronny and Charlotte hate RD and started off supporting Abe and Ella. Now they discover how link they both are, and how much of a pack of lies this whole thing was, and that, according to the judgement, and the evidence on the Jean Clement tape, they possibly went to Morocco with the intention of ‘making evidence’ and fabricated it all (brainstorming sessions where we come up with stuff’ to stop RD asking for access to his childreonce and for all. Both Charlotte and Bronny would find it difficult to completely let the case rest, therefore their only option (and it’s what the prat is doing) is to attack all three characters. This is completely ludicrous, of course. But logic never was their forte.

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  5. I have some writing advice for Bronny: Why not put an extract up from the link you put in your posts, that way it might actually make sense. As it is, it is little better than Abe’s efforts. And you want to teach him, LOL.

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  6. The prat has just tried to prove his ‘support’ of the children over at coverup. He posted a link to one the CRIS analysis page, authored by ‘Arthur Kirkland’.

    He (the prat) says:

    @ prat … keep racking your brain

    at least i care about the kids
    at least i care about the truth
    at least i care about justice
    you are just a phony nonce.
    so start here, numb nutz …!Dearmans-Police-Interview-Analysis-150914-Pages-110/c9i2/5625a7d90cf2c6c6437e345e

    I did a bit of searching and Arthur makes an appearance here:

    on which his habit of not using capitals and signing off ‘sincerely’ is present.

    Either way, prat or Arthur Kirkland, I am not impressed with your ‘work’.

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  7. Thanks for the kind words, Emma.

    Abe’s resident weirdo–now officially dubbed The Prat–is a strange, sad little person, whoever it is. Fortunately, we only have one of those here, and she tends to try to comment only when she’s had a few too many. Oh, and we know how to operate our comment moderation function, LOL.


  8. I find it fascinating indeed that so many people seem to think they know a great deal about RD’s life. He’s remained at a distance from all the arguments, a wise move on his part, I think, so even we really have no idea of his actual circumstances (though according to the hard-core troofers, we’re all RD, every last one of us).


  9. wot wud u lot no u bluddy idiots i am a pulitser-winnin righter u shud lissen too me u mite lurn somefink about how 2 right stuff u barstads

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  10. Bronny, is that really you? You forgot your gratuitous use of italics and bold text, and your garish multicoloured effects! I’m disappointed in you, old girl.


  11. no i only uze those on mye amayzing co-creatingyourownearth blogg witch is reveered and admyred all over da world but sumtimes the italiks and bold just apear out of nowhere i fink its the giant shape-shiftin jewish lizzerds from outer spayce wot are messin wiv my postes we are froo the lookin glass peeple!!!

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