Neelu Watch: Ham&High report

On Friday we noted that Neelu had been absent from Blackfriars Crown Court, where she was scheduled to face 3 new charges of witness intimidation.

Today’s Ham&High newspaper offers more details and clarifies some of the issues we’d been wondering about:

An activist making claims of satanic abuse at a Hampstead church could face three new charges of witness intimidation.

Neelu Berry, 56, is alleged to have published witness statements relating to child abuse claims levelled at a paedophile cult she claimed operated from Christ Church.

The claims were originally made by two young children, now in foster care, in a campaign derided as “evil” and “baseless” by a High Court Judge earlier this year.

Ella Draper, mother to the two children, and her partner Abraham Christie, tortured the pair into making the false allegations – which resulted in innocent people being named in online videos seen by millions.

Berry, who was not required to attend a Blackfriars Crown Court hearing on Friday, could see a single charge of perverting the course of justice amended to three of witness intimidation.

Steven Attridge, prosecuting, said: “This defendant, and others, have been troubling the parish priest and also the governors of the church school next door to that church with a number of other parishioners as well.”

Berry was due to stand trial last month at Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court, charged under the rarely-used Ecclesiastical Courts Jurisdiction Act 1860 with participating in riotous, violent or indecent behaviour.

She is said to have attended a protest at Christ Church on March 22, where she allegedly harassed the vicar by asking inappropriate questions about the abuse and causing him distress.

The case was thrown out when a number of witnesses failed to show up and the prosecution was left with no evidence.

It is claimed witnesses were intimidated after their statements were published online – sparking these new charges.

Berry, of Peel Drive, Clayhall, Ilford, was bailed to attend Blackfriars Crown Court for a plea and case management hearing on January 8.

There we have it, then.

Looks like the case has been scheduled for 8 January…so we’ll be marking our calendars.

Neelu Berry 2015-10-07


35 thoughts on “Neelu Watch: Ham&High report

  1. It must be terribly frustrating for the innocent of Hampstead to realise just how ineffective the police and courts are in reality. They will have gone through life thinking that the law will protect them from people like Neelu, giving swift action to protect law abiding people such as themselves.

    Here we have a case of the most heinous of campaigns and untold damage to their lives, complete with video evidence by the perpetrators, but the courts haven’t done a damn thing about it. A case with masses of evidence available to it collapses due to witness intimidation and she isn’t in a cell, she is walking the street spewing more filth.

    Let’s see indeed what happens on the 8th, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if she gets away with it on a technicality or the case is deferred for months AGAIN and yet AGAIN law abiding citizens will be left wondering what has to happen to get the repeat offenders like Neelu off our streets.

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    • Hear, hear!

      We’ve been appalled at the inability of the police and courts to deal with the fallout from this case–that’s one reason we’re still out here fighting. Someone needs to speak up for the innocent victims: not just Ella’s children, but all those whose lives have been disrupted, and whose good names have been smeared by this obviously false series of allegations.

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      • it is unfortunate that the legal system has been ineffective in dealing with the Hampstead hoax, the witchfinders are laughing treating the hoax like a children’s game, despite the great injury they are doing to innocent people.

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        • I feel this case highlights the ineffectuality of the legal system, from police up to the High Courts, when it comes to dealing with harassment and libel on the internet. The laws have not kept up with the times, and so the victims are left to either suffer in silence, or attempt to take action on their own behalf.

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          • there are harassment laws and I cannot understand why many of the hoaxers haven’t been charged under them.

            Whatever criticisms some may have of the Leveson inquiry, the judge made a recommendation that has been completely ignored by the media and politicians : that a libel tribunal be set up where ordinary citizens could seek redress for defamation.

            It also really pisses me right off that entities like Youtube, Google etc rake in billions in advertising and base themselves in cyberspace for tax reasons paying almost nothing while the ordinary waged taxpayers pays full whack and they allow libel and nasty websites to prosper via their outlets.

            I’m so sick of Youtube who I note still have videos of the children when I have alerted them months ago (as I’m sure others have).

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            • I don’t understand it either, Sam. It’s shocking to me that the police haven’t been more proactive, though I’ve been slightly encouraged by the way they took down ‘Tiny Magical Creatures’ and Happy Brewer’s videos in the past couple of weeks. I do notice that some of the videos have begun to be removed from channels like Biddy Baboon (aka Bridget Yorke), who was complaining bitterly about it. Too bad, so sad.

              But it’s slow slogging, and you’re so right that the corporations that are happy to have our advertising money will drag their feet when it comes to taking down obviously illegal material. Just don’t break copyright, or they’ll be right down your neck!


    • I feel many Hampstead residents just hope this matter will finally fade away.

      It will not- it will just get worse with these sociopathic narcisists who never give up unless the law cracks down on them.

      I have been fighting on behalf of a lady who was similarly falsely accused of a crime. The accusers move onto every supporter and her lawyer kept urging restraint against my advice.

      The accuser turned attention to that lawyer eventually and began making websites about him full of vile claims. He resisted taking action : now one of his small children has become a victim after school friends discover one website and told the kid at school that “their “dad was a criminal”.

      Finally he is taking out a prosecution against the offender. This is just one person. Hamsptead now has dozens of false accusers attacking & naming police officers, school teachers, judges and so on. Unless they crack down on them now it will just become a bigger & more uncontrollable problem. Neelu Berry is a perfect example of this. But there are more out there who will surface and cause grief.

      I almost feel like abandoning Hampstead residents if they will not damn well fight for themselves.

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      • I understand and share your frustration, but let’s not forget that the Hampstead residents were initially told that the best way to handle this would be to let the police take it on for them. From what I understand, they’ve been growing increasingly impatient as it has become clear that the police can take only limited action–especially when some of the perpetrators (like Charlotte Ward Alton, Abe and Ella, and Bronwyn Llewellyn) are out of the country and likely to remain so.

        I like to imagine that if I’d been one of those originally targeted, I’d have immediately filed a lawsuit. But realistically, the bombardment has come from so many directions, it’s hard to know where to aim first.


        • Of course I will always support the innocents of Hampstead. This particular case is pretty unique as so much material was leaked : the kid’s videos etc. and it’s become a rallying point for every loony out there- 1000s of them.

          The reason I think the law must come down like a ton of bricks on them is because those attacking the innocents are relentless. I now see new photographs of a teacher have surfaced on a nutter’s website.

          Imagine if this was your mother, aunt or sister, wife or a close friend and she is accused of murdering babies and running a paedophile ring?. The stuff stays on the net for years if not nipped in the bud.

          Eventually it becomes an established ‘fact” among the so-called ‘truthers’ and the fact the falsely accused does nothing is taken as proof. David Icke and his followers always claimed because no-one sued him for libel what he said was the truth. A Canadian lawyer has now sued him and won substantial damages and a chain of book shops that carried Icke’s books also had to pay a small fortune in damages & costs. Use the law.


        • I imagine that the issue with a lawsuit is that not a lot of people have 50 grand lying around and don’t want to risk their house? Then all that happens is another fruitcake pops up and then another and another…


  2. Neelu didn’t miss her hearing then and isn’t in trouble for that.

    There is something missing though, there’s no mention of what anyone defending Neelu has to say. I hope that doesn’t mean she’s got rid of her solicitor. That really would be a bad thing.

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    • I only say that because I still have some sympathy for Neelu, though I have less sympathy for her now I’ve found out she’s hanging out with a woman who unrepentantly murdered her son.

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        • Certainly was. And note in that crystal planting video a Neelu Following says to the woman ÿou were falsely convicted”. She wasn’t and she admitted her crime. She was lucky as I think the judge dealt with her very sympathetically.


      • So the accusers and their allies now include a murderer? We already knew about the drug abuse, child abuse and blood drinking. As has been said before, the hoaxers seem to have, one way or another, committed al the crimes they are accusing innocent people of!


      • That woman (Frances Inglis) has been active in the Hampstead hoax since at least March 2015. Whether one sympathises with her personal story or not she is, in my view also one of the perps and we shouldn’t tiptoe around her.

        This was filmed on 19/3/15. ‘Frankie’ talks about the case at about 18:15

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    • The case has been up for ‘mention’ and usually you have to have a solicitor there for that. I’m not sure they’d proceed without one. Could be wrong, but I used to work in Court and that’s how I remember it.

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      • It sounds reasonable to me. Then again, very little about Hoaxtead has been reasonable so far, so I’m not sure why they’d make an exception now.


      • They don’t actually lay new charges in the court. The police would have to serve that on Neelu or her solicitor and could do so by post. If she was not in court & had no-one to represent her the judge could not proceed but Neelu risks much by continually frustrating the court.

        Cue more kidnaps by ‘lesbian’ police officers and another round of expensive liens.


  3. “It is claimed witnesses were intimidated after their statements were published online – sparking these new charges!

    Does anyone know if this refers to their actual statements they made to police, or the statements they made to camera at the church?
    I don’t recall seeing any witness statements published online, but sure that is a serious charge is true.

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      • Thanks, I have not been keeping up with Neelu stuff as much because I have at times felt sorry for her. However, there are other times that I don’t think her mental health is enough of an excuse. That she is still criminally responsible.

        They really do need to punish her for this, otherwise it sends a message out that it’s fine for anyone to get hold of their oppositions witness statements and publish them across the internet to intimidate people.


  4. Perhaps leaving her to roam around like a lost soul, making accusations and defaming people is easier for the authorities than trying to decide exactly what to do with her. Organisations have become a ‘Not my department’ – if the truth is known they just don’t know what to do. She probably just falls inside the ‘involuntary sectioning’ criteria, and as her family seem to just sit back and watch her carry on with her madness, what is there left to do?

    I have always been of the opinion the police and judicial system are far too sympathetic with the perpetrator than the victim.

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    • She’s not really sectionable in my opinion, as she’s not an immediate danger to herself or others; but she definitely should face the consequences of what she’s done over the past several months.


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