Video Share: Roger the 8′ Butterfly

Neelu and her intrepid bunch of crystal implanters have been at it again, tramping through Epping Forest and “transmuting dark energies with Light and Love”…and…good lord, what is that man wearing on his neck?

And just wait till you get to the part about Roger the Eight-foot Tall Butterfly…warning: put your tea down before watching.

Happy Saturday, everyone! And isn’t it good to know that you can now safely walk in Epping Forest, knowing Roger is watching out for you?



19 thoughts on “Video Share: Roger the 8′ Butterfly

  1. There’s no difference between the adventures of Neelu & friends, and any other form of LARP-ing (Live Action Roleplay), except perhaps that Neelu never comes “out of character”. Frankly, the same is true of Belinda, Sabine and many other Troofers.

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  2. cripes fancy coming across they trio in Epping Forrest ! Give you the willies. I’ll be looking at my cousin with new insights at Christmas now as he is a Jesuit priest but apparently an Illuminati member as well.
    Good for Penny though, she’s dowsing for all the little kiddies of the world.

    Barking. The three of them. Absolutely barking.

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      • Actually – I’m seriously beginning to wonder if this isn’t an out-and-out piss-take!

        Roger the 8ft butterfly… As posted earlier, obviously derived from…

        The 5th dimension…

        Has this guy maybe just ground up and smoked the contents of his mum’s record box? – Is this a pilot for a sit-com? I wonder! – They actually do seem to be acting out some sort of pardory of 1970s hippydom!

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  3. I had to show my mate the clip about the 8foot butterfly named Roger & he just shook his head in disbelief that adults believe such things

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  4. I watched all their Epping Forest videos a few days back.. coz yes, folks, there’s more than just this one.
    Barry is NOT the ideal person for Neelu to be hanging out with! She will never get well with people like him surrounding her!

    Oh and EC, I think it’s a bottle of Araya’s menstrual blood he wears around his neck. It can ward off evil. 😀

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