A Saturday head-scratcher

This story comes to us courtesy of the blog “The Social Shuttle”: not a standard source of info’ here at Hoaxtead Research, but it caught our eye with this headline: Lady Georgia Campbell rules in the Jungle but why was she at this London demo?

The demo in question, of course, is none other than one of the early Hoaxtead demonstrations outside the Royal Courts of Justice, late last winter. Belinda McKenzie’s video man, Igor Proskurov, captured it all for posterity. You’ll find Lady Georgia about 25 seconds in:

We noticed Lady Georgia there when we first viewed this video, and raised the same question: was she somehow involved with the group, or just stopping by for a wee chat? Either way, it’s interesting.

Whatever the case, it’s likely that she was having more fun outside the RCJ last winter than she currently is, eating turkey testicles and insects in the jungle on the “reality TV” programme, I’m a Celebrity—Get Me Out of Here!

Lady Georgia Campbell


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  1. I never clicked that it was her on I’m a celebrity get me out of here. At least I guess she must already be used to slime balls & odious creatures

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