Abe tries to take credit for TMC take-down

Just when we think we’ve seen the looniest, most egregious lie that Abe could possibly produce, someone points us to another one, and we’re stunned again at his astounding ability to create utter fiction that suits his own twisted agenda.

And so we were impressed but not particularly surprised when a reader pointed us to a YouTube channel for the ‘reborn’ doll community, noting that Abe had posted this message there under his ‘Dicky Rearman’ sock account:

Dicky Rearman-credit for TMC takedown

Yes, you read correctly: Abe is trying to claim that Tiny Magical Creatures was, in fact, an enemy agent, and he’s happy to see the back of her. As if.

(Oh, and Abe: you’re addressing the ‘reborn’ community, not the ‘Newborn’ community. Time to ease up on the hemp, little man.)

Just in case you missed the real story on this, TMC’s hateful videos were removed last week, as a result of quick action on the part of several members of our team, who passed on the relevant information to the police. Here’s the link to that story.

Sadly, Abe seems to think people are as dumb and gullible as he is, and will buy his outright lie that TMC is a ‘Government agent working the Hampstead Cover up case’—as if anyone in any government gives a rat’s arse about him or his nutty fantasy. And if there really were a cover-up at the highest levels, would Abe still be alive to spread his lies? Seems unlikely, if you believe the John LeCarré version.

It’s funny: when TMC’s posts were up, Abe & Ella were more than happy to link to them on their site, and shower her with lurrrve:

TMC video on Hampstead Coverup blog-1

…and when YouTube temporarily removed her videos (due to a flurry of reports by members of our team, among others), Abe & Ella were eager to have them back:TMC videos-Abe & Ella's blog 2.png


Now that TMC is history, though, Abe doesn’t want to know her? Well, we suppose that’s not too different from his usual tactic: love ’em as long as they’re doing something for you, and bin ’em as soon as they’re not.

Just ask Sabine, Belinda, ‘Jacqui Farmer’/Charlotte Ward Alton, Bronwyn Llewellyn…the list goes on.

So nice try, Abe. And thanks for the laugh.






23 thoughts on “Abe tries to take credit for TMC take-down

  1. Cheeky begger! We do the work and he tries to take the credit! The people in the ‘reborn’ community seem like a fairly nice lot too – the last thing they need is the Hampstead nonsense sneaking into their comments.

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  2. For many of Ella and Abe’s supporters it must be like that thing where you meet an idol and realise they are a complete twat. The more he gets involved and speaks out, the more people can realise just how bonkers he is.

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  3. Check out Biddy Baboon’s channel, quite a few videos taken down. 🙂

    She seems to provide links to her identity as a real person living in Paris with a Twitter history of the usual flat earth/illuminati/the world will end on 24/09/2015 stuff.

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  4. I’m not sure where to post this, but you can post it where you wish. Christopher Everard is up to his lying again. This is his recent post on Facebook:
    Christopher Everard
    21 hrs ·

    As a lot of you know, I have been publishing articles exposing a BBC white-wash of a Witch-Cult in Hampstead, in London… The whistleblower kids were threatened that they would be killed if they spoke out. They eventually did do the brave thing and say that babies were being trafficked by major courier-parcel delivery companies and that these would be sacrificed and eaten almost on a daily basis. Well, the courts shushed-up the whole thing by snatching the children and placing them in ‘care’ – even though their mother had never done anything wrong. Anyway, because I am investigating cults in my new documentary film, I have cult weirdos stalking me on social media – they have tried everything to get me to stop making my film. If you have any weird messages, friend requests or mad trolls hassling you, just let me know. They sometimes hassle my FB buddies.

    DXX RXXX Christopher do you know if the children are safe? It’s heart breaking to think after how brave they were that they might still be in danger.
    Like · 19 hrs

    Christopher Everard
    Christopher Everard DXX RXXXHello, no – I do not think they are ‘safe’ in the traditional sense – they are at the moment probably undergoing some kind of deprogramming – which is brainwashing – and they will be made into addicts and eventually dumped on the streets with all the other thousands of victims.
    Like · 2 · 17 hrs

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