This blog post, which deals with the Laird case, explains the issue of court costs, and in particular explains why Belinda and Sabine will be in court next Tuesday. Essentially: they bungled things so badly that they’re now liable for costs. But you already knew that….


I have just read the latest scandal piece about the family justice system by Christoper Booker.  Now, Mr Booker has quite a bit of previous viz a viz accuracy of reporting despite being well-meaning and committed, so I will come back to this once the judgment is published.  [I have read all of the published judgments by Mrs Justice Simler up on Bailii, and it isn’t any of those – so will keep an eye out]

As ever with Mr Booker, if the facts are as he reports them, it would be right to be completely appalled and troubled, and this decision (if it turns out to be precisely as he reports it) would be very worrying for McKenzie Friends up and down the country.

Even the boy who cried wolf was of course, eventually right about the wolf, so Mr Booker may be an accurate reporter of facts here…

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  1. A statement on the case by Belinda’s Association of McKenzie Friends contains lots of anti-Semitic innuendo:

    “For emotional reasons regarding her family roots, she also used other identities. Coming back to the UK as Marilyn Carver, Barnet Social Services were alerted by a Jewish agency and carried out various assessments, claiming that the mother did not have sufficient parenting skills. They recommended care and adoption.”


  2. What a dangerous cabal this lot are- Booker, McKenzie and O’Neil. After reading the court judgement & how badly the child was being treated this trio are a real menace.

    I suppose in other circumstances they would have gone into bat for Fred & Rosemary West if the council had removed their children.

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    • I have no doubt whose side they’d have been on in that case. It’s all about ‘keeping the family together’. If you’ve ever read about Sabine and Belinda’s involvement in the Musa case, and their staunch defense of the parents, it’s very clear where their loyalties lie.


  3. I do so wish the law would throw the book at these two ghastly grifters Sabine McNeil & Belinda McKenzie.

    What liars they are. On their website they claim the McKenzie (Hell’s) Angels have come to the aid of McKenzies Friends. It’s just the same 2 frigging con merchants changing their name

    Their list of ‘whistleblowers” includes 2 convicted peadophiles, Chris Spivey, the revolting thug who harassed the family of a murdered soldier and the vile David Icke and so on.

    They weave the visit of the MEPs into and out of their idiotic little get-together as though they worked in tandem. They infer that their “interim report’ is somehow that of the MEPs.

    They link to a judge with the headline “Laws on ‘forced adoption’ cause controversy in Europe, says leading judge” when a reading of the judge’s statement is that he completely endorses the British system of non-parental agreed adoptions.

    This is deliberate. They are not nutters like poor Neelu, they are a pair of dangerous narcissistic sociopaths who prey on the aggrieved and the none too bright. They are surrounded by acolytes. They are would be Cult Leaders.

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