ICYMI: Belinda’s latest newsletter

Many thanks to the kind reader who passed along Belinda’s latest long-winded effort.

In it, she describes her latest ‘case’ (which reads suspiciously like Hoaxtead, if Ella were a short, wheelchair-bound stockbroker with a flair for the dramatic); implores all the Hoaxteaders who are currently busy ripping one another’s throats out to please learn to get along; and offers some interesting info’ on her (and Sabine’s) next court date.

A few points of interest:

  1. Belinda’s found another victim…er, client, in the person of the aforementioned short, wheelchair-bound stockbroker. And hey, guess what? The SWBS’s ex-partner is a satanist! And he’s raped their children! And he’s framed the SWBS for fraud! And the police and courts are in on it!
    Amazing how Belinda can pick ’em, isn’t it?
  2. Belinda and Sabine are due in the High Court/Admin Court next Tuesday, 1st December. This appearance is due to their McKenzie Friend work on behalf of Melissa Laird, yet another mother ‘unjustly separated from her child’ in 2012. B&S face a possible £2,000 fine (possibly compounded) and arrest (oh please, oh please!). Belinda’s arch-enemy, Mrs Justice Anna Pauffley, was involved in the Laird case as well, so of course Belinda is convinced the fix is in. Nonetheless, it should be interesting to see how this one plays out. (Sadly, we’re not allowed to bring popcorn into the court.)
  3. The good-news/bad-news department: Belinda expects that her spurious ‘Association of McKenzie Fiends might be ‘disenfranchised’ on 1 December as a result of their shenanigans…(hurrah!) so she’s taken the liberty of ‘metamorphosing’ into ‘McKenzie Angels’, complete with godawful t-shirts, if their website can be believed. (WTF?)

For those with the patience to slog through it, here’s Belinda’s latest newsletter:

Dear Friends/All

It’s now well over 2 weeks since our part-‘cyber-event’ at Theatro Technis in Camden and I’m still struggling to get the videos of the evening event up on line – many apologies for keeping you waiting and please bear with me.

Why does everything have to be so difficult all at once?! A horrible terrorist attack in Paris (where I part-reside with my hubby, we have many friends there), my schizophrenic daughter remains very ill in hospital (her latest mental episode, the first in 8 years, brought on for very sure by my ‘disappearance’ in the summer) and now I’ve taken under my wing a wounded warrior in the fight against the satanists – a mum whose 2 gorgeous boys 9 and 6 have been taken by the local SS, for very sure at the behest of her paedophile/satanist ex-husband. This evil man sodomised the older boy at age 2-3 and now wants to get custody of both children. Their mum managed to fend him off/prevent contact for 5 years but in 2014 he applied to the court for resumption of contact leading to a Residence Order, proceedings still ongoing. Then as of 2015 he’s helped a former client of hers concoct allegations of fraud against her (she was previously a very successful stockbroker). Totally false and she can disprove them, but thanks to having ‘buddies’ in the local constabulary he got her arrested and locked away in prison while their 2 sons were removed from school by the SS…

However with the help of an amazing barrister this ultra-brave lady has managed to re-emerge, so here she is, encamped in my dining-room in a wheelchair! Whilst in police custody/prison she was roughed up so badly she now cannot walk – she was driven round her town lying on the floor of a metal-sided police van FAST over speed-bumps and pot-holes, the worst torture imaginable for a small-ish lady with an already gammy hip, an injury caused by her violent ex in 2009… To add to her considerable woes, also while she was in prison her nasty landlord prematurely changed the locks of her flat – for sure this landlord is also a buddy of her ex, as are members of the local children’s services, the police, the judge etc. So when she was released on bail last Monday evening (having been kept hanging around all day in the court) she couldn’t get into her flat, had nowhere to go and couldn’t even move so was deposited in a hotel lobby in her wheelchair. Mercifully a kind friend dropped everything to go down to pick her up in the middle of the night and bring her up here to me. Thus she arrived at 1.45 am Tuesday morning with only in the clothes she stood up in, having not eaten properly for days and weeks and suffering not just from chronic pain due to the injuries to her hips but also from high blood-pressure (it had peaked at a life-threatening 198 over 137 in prison) and stomach problems, due to worry about her 2 boys and the conviction she was going to die in prison…

Sounds familiar to some on this list?! I’ve added a few other ‘fighting mums & dads’ who weren’t at Theatro Technis on 5 November but I regard you also as very much as part of the new ‘community’ launched that evening, as you more than any know how this beastly state of ours operates and what they do…. The aim of the TT event was to consolidate our growing anti-CSA movement where victims and survivors have suffered any one or more 5 forms of attacks on them and their family – child-snatching, secret courts & gagging, forced adoption, paedophilia and satanic ritual abuse – and we are combating these issues/the ‘UK disease’ now at state, EU and UN levels. (See below links to videos of the event)

It is essential we do come together as a community and stop falling out, trolling and shilling each other and retreating back into small clusters. No human being is perfect and we all say stupid, harmful things to each other from time-to-time. But if we are to beat this evil and it really is a massive beast or cancer in our country & world by now WE MUST FORGIVE EACH OTHER and BAND TOGETHER – we must become a really strong and mutually supportive community and at last VERY LOUD PUBLIC VOICE. I know we can do it, as look how far we’ve come already!

Back to my beleaguered mum, just to encourage everyone else still struggling with the evil SS and courts, as I said there ARE good barristers out there. On Friday my friend and I went back to the Crown Court to get her bail address varied from her flat to my house. It meant leaving my house in north London at 6 am to be sure to be at the court 40 miles south of London at 9 am to meet up with the solicitor & barrister (the solicitor however was ill). A truly dreadful journey through the early morning congestion as I’d anticipated but we made it. The next hurdle was bundling my friend out of the car and into the court in her wheelchair which I can hardly push as while in prison the vicious Sudexo staff had let down the tyres and I’d been so busy since my friend arrived under my roof I’d omitted to pump them up… The hatchet-faced, mean little judge was again predictably as mean as he could be and at first although he had no option but to vary the bail address he insisted on my friend’s trial on the fraud issue going ahead for the week of 30 November to 4 December. A nightmare scenario at this stage; it would mean 5 days on the trot of our getting up at 6 to struggle down to the southern town and I myself have to be in court with Sabine on 1 December so I’d have had to stump up for a taxi there and back (my friend has no money whatsoever, everything was stolen from her when she was flung into prison…)

The proceedings were extremely stressful for my friend; not just the horrible judge but various other nasties were smirking at her in the court-room. She badly needed the pain-relief medication I’d organised for her via my local GP the previous day but hadn’t been in time to pick that up at the chemist due to having to go to my daughter in hospital so all we had with us was aspirin. It wasn’t enough to prevent my friend suddenly going into spasms from pain and having to lie on the floor of the court-room, of which the judge took a very dim view but he had no option but to halt the proceedings while a paramedic was called. Now, here comes the GOOD BIT in this whole ghastly scenario – the same amazing barrister as got my friend out of prison was with us again on the Friday. While we were out of the courtroom being seen by the paramedic, this big Jamaican lady, very reminiscent of Maureen Obi (for those who know of that excellent family law barrister) took on the judge. Evidently she must have given him one heck of a ticking-off as within the space of 20 minutes flat she’d got him recuse himself and the trial-date postponed till 23 May 2016!

PHEW!!! there are no words to describe our relief. My friend had been convinced she was about to be sent back to prison pending the trial so that she wouldn’t be able to a) prepare her case b) retrieve the contents of her flat due to be chucked on the street on 26 November following the standard 21 days post-eviction grace period. Of course all the vital paperwork is in the flat!

Our struggles are not over – this coming week there will have to be further trips to court in the leafy southern town, to secure for a stay of eviction/access to the flat order. Then we have to get into the flat to pack up my friends’ possessions ahead of the bailiffs and drive them to where? To my house, where else? Unless the local Housing department is willing to store them. BUT we need clothes and the all-important paperwork; my friend also has a counter-claim on the go against the evil landlord who had left her flat in a chronic state of disrepair. In 2012? 13? She suffered a broken front tooth due and foot injury due to a cupboard door falling onto her…Then we need to organise proper medical help for her and she needs to start eating properly, she is very picky at the moment…AND there are the family proceedings grinding away in the background, the little boys are in acute danger…

I thought I’d tell you this story in some detail as it illustrates so well what happens when people really stand up to the satanists, like this very clever, ultra-brave lady. They are NOT all-powerful and they CAN be overcome but boy, is it an effort – I’m back to shaking like a leaf all day long, as when my daughter first fell severely ill in September…

OK that’s enough for today, but just to tell you Sabine and I have to be in the High Court/Admin Court on Tuesday 1st December in connection our McKenzie Friend work on behalf Melissa Laird, another fighting mum whose son was seized by Barnet Council in 2012…We face a £2000 fine for incurring excessive legal costs. But we fear those could have been compounded by now, if the hand of a certain other judge is in the case by now. So anything could happen, including our being arrested and carted off at the end of the hearing. It will be an open hearing so if anyone can be with us in the public gallery that will be much appreciated – if you email me I’ll let you know the court and time.


Theatro Technis event Parts 1 & 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tq-A54QBlik&feature=youtu.be and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZH8TGRc276M&feature=youtu.be

David Sturter talking about the Hampstead case http://linkis.com/cancelthecabal.net/p5ocV


Peter Hoefschroer http://www.exposetheestablishment.com/victims-of-the-state/where-is-grandma-b/

ISIS fighters high on amphetamines http://www.makewarshistory.co.uk/?p=1810

McKenzie Friends – in the event of Sabine and my being ‘disenfranchised’ as McKenzie Friends on 1 December we’ve already metamorphosed into McKenzie Angels! https://www.change.org/p/eu-parliament-abolish-adoptions-without-parental-consent/u/14261802

PETITION TO SIGN PLEASE: New petition created by Debbie: https://www.change.org/p/uk-ministry-of-justice-eu-and-un-child-protection-directives-to-be-fully-implemented-across-britain

Best to all

PS for reasons outlined above, no way can I get going on the new campaign CHILDREN’S RIGHTS FIRST at the moment – on 20 November, the anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child when I’d intended to give a speech in front of Parliament to re-launch the campaign I was down in court with my wounded fighting mum! But her story is very much illustrative of what everyone needs to know goes on in our sadistic, ‘sodomic’ state and why we do urgently need a Children’s Bill of Rights…


25 thoughts on “ICYMI: Belinda’s latest newsletter

  1. This is the first barrister I’ve ever heard of who ticks off a judge. It’s more likely that the barrister did her job and used reason to convince the judge that a later trial would be more appropriate. I can’t imagine a barrister ‘ticking off’ a judge – leastways I never saw it in 14 years in Court.

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    • a judge listens to barristers from both sides and if one presents a lawful or reasonable argument he/she can make a decision in their favour. That’s the bloody judge’s job. Obviously the brief for the SWBS (with the satanically flattened wheelchair tyres) was able to convince Hizz Honour their argument had merit.

      I note today there is a report in the Mail of a judge slamming social workers for removing a child from their parents : what happened?. Did this Cult Member not get the memo? Is he a Freemason Illuminati whistleblower? Should he fear for his safety ( I’m thinking The Omen here)- will the Hounds of Hell be unleashed upon him?

      I hope when B/S appear in court in December the court is aware that their new website for the (hell’s?) Angels breaches the Judgement Order in the Hampstead case.

      How thick are these two (apart from being dangerous?). If they are banned from promoting themselves as McKenzie Friends ( I hope) it will be a personal ban.

      Have they ever had a success in a case?. Seems they are the port of last call from every crackpot case or anyone who has breached endless laws. The lady in the matter they will appear in court for broke numerous laws- breaching their visa and working illegally under assumed names. (there’s always an excuse for breaking the law with this crew : it was necessary to escape the Peadophile Satanists etc)

      And an example of how dangerous B/S are : in the Laird case the woman could have very easily applied for Irish citizenship with an Irish born child and she would get it & that would solve many of her problems.

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    • i would like to get together with people, able to portray the real picture, with all the failings, and successes, mostly child protection, is energised by the will of people to really help. The system has many failings, and i would rather be shedding light on those, to aid improvement, than for spurious purpose. The kids right now, need us, many teens are being failed, right now, as are many children, and parents, there are some good projects too, and i just can’t stand, the way these charlatans, have misteered so many, to their doom , in so many ways


  2. These fanatics also sicken me with their endless claims that somehow all children are stolen when they are removed from dangerous parents. They are obviously completely ignorant as to how bad some parents really are. Especially with a case in Oz today of a father leaving his tiny boy in a scalding shower while he wandered of to charge his frigging mobile phone. The boy has 40% burns and is in a coma.

    I listened this week to a notable Aboriginal writer speaking about his childhood & being brought up in a tribal atmosphere in the far north of Australia. Any available woman would look after him when his mother had to work. Rather than this being some terrible thing he explained that at times he actually forgot who his birth mother was because all the women in the tribe became like loving ‘aunties”.

    The point he was making was that love & protection were all that mattered to children and it can come from foster parents, real parents or ‘aunties’.

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    • Absolutely true, Sam. And I think of the Musa case, in which the children were being horribly abused because the parents believed they were ‘possessed by demons’…take a wild guess who took that case on as a McKenzie Friend, and insisted that the children be returned to their ‘loving parents’? Three guesses, the first two don’t count.

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    • This is what happens when you are so far on the side of the fence that says social services are always evil child snatchers. It is possible to go the other way too and refuse to accept that social workers make mistakes or are ever malicious.


      Incidentally, I saw one of the convicted women’s Facebook profiles on a public campaigner’s page who has been pushing the satanic cult claims in the Hampstead case, Brian Gerrish if I remember rightly.

      There’s this case too. Can never remember the case title, luckily it can easily be found on Bailii using the search terms ‘fucking’ and ‘Cyprus’. The father in this case was reported in the papers, the Mail I think was one, as being a law abiding citizen and in no way ever a perpetrator of domestic violence, heavens no. Then the judgement came out. The exchange with the Judge beats Neelu’s efforts IMO.


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    • For alongtime, i tried to bridge this argument, 2009, when i came online, massive groups driven by the baby P campaign, were calling for tougher measures, and yet, i knew too, that survivors of abuse, were losing children, for being ‘over protective’, other spurious potential risks, and it has never been easy to bridge this, hence, my lack of much real engagement, of late, although there are other resonon for that too, the fact that these people that got me back involved, all link up, all took credibility from the 2010 rally, yet have continued to smear me, and others, or ignore us, that have a wealth of knowledge, is about to be made clearer, but for some years, i did, argue in both ends of this, for reality checks, balance,
      Of course many of us, that know the reality of abuse, or listen to victims/survivors of it, want children protected, and the abusers punished/?
      But, that is not what is happening, in reality, an awful lot of abused parents, unable t recieve the help needed, are losing children, based on the ‘risk of emotional harm;, label. I have reports that show lies.I have been helped in amazing ways too,
      I take a big personal leap to reveal it all.
      I only do it, to help people see the range, the wrongness, in the hope we can find new and better ways. And it still is not easy.
      Btw, if anyone travelling to london next week from a leafy south of london area with a spare wheelchair, and i might go into spontaneous back spasms, re the dv, and being thrown in a police van at the behest of belinda’s cohorts, pre 2010 rally, can help me get to the court next week, i would love to be there. !!!


  3. Obviously hidden forces have allowed Neely time to go to help them on Dec 1st before her Crown Court appearance for perverting the course of justice on Dec 2nd.

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  4. So pleased to see that Sabine’s back problem is no longer keeping her house-bound. Funny how the pain comes and goes when it suits her.

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