No, seriously, Bronny.

Each day, people fill Abe’s blog’s comments section with probing questions about his role in Hoaxtead, Ella’s health and well-being, and so forth. And every few hours, Abe goes on a deleting binge, taking out anything that challenges him.

This is probably emblematic of his life in some way, but whatever.

So last night, Bronwyn Llewellyn posted some reprimands about the state of the place…which Abe duly deleted in one of his mass purges. Nothing deterred, Bronny has come back with this:

Bronwyn to Abe-2015-11-20

No comment.

what part of fuck off


33 thoughts on “No, seriously, Bronny.

  1. An interesting write up on David Shurter, the guy appearing alongside Ella and Abe in their latest interview. Apparently he has also been speaking to them on Skype.

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  2. A version of Hell for the Internet age, they will be locked together for eternity post/delete post/delete, on and on for ever more. They deserve each other.

    A bit sad that she is trying hard to believe it is Ella’s blog.

    Sader still that she her trying to ingratiate her self with Abe by pretending that she believes that every dissenting post is made by RD, just like Abe.

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    • It’s pathetic…especially the part where she claims to pay no attention to the dissenting voices…but somehow our visits from NZ spike when she’s mentioned. 😉


  3. What always gets me about these hoaxters is how utterly delusional they all are! They think that absolutely anyone who speaks out against the hoax is RD using a sock channel.
    They can’t seem to get it into their tiny minds that there are many people (and the number is growing by the day thank to Abe’s pathetic blog) who can see that Abraham and Ella where behind the entire sordid tale.

    Abe, himself, can’t even see that what he is doing is helping our cause.. and not his! 😀

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  4. Bronny: Total Pageviews: 351,085

    Did you known, she once told me that she sits at her computer all day refreshing her browser to get the views up. She said it was a good psychological technique to make people think you’re a popular blogger which in turn, gets more views!


  5. Bronny Bronny sat on the blog wall.
    Bronny Bronny had a big fanbase fall.
    All Bronnys aliases and all Bronnys men.
    Stand absolutely no chance at picking the moomin up ever again!

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