Bronny cannot take a hint.

You’d think that Bronhilda Llewellyn, the Amazonian Kiwi, would have taken the hint: she has officially joined the ranks of such former Abe-allies as ‘Jacqui Farmer’/Charlotte Ward Alton, Belinda McKenzie, Sabine McNeill, Brian Gerrish, Bill Maloney….

Abe has slowly but surely painted himself and Ella into a very tight corner, as he’s systematically alienated everyone who’s ever supported them. You’d think that Bronny would have figured out by now that she’s on the Shit List.

But no, there she was last night, stomping around Abe’s blog in her mud-caked Size 12s, clucking at him about how it was time to clean up his blog:

Bronny to Abe 2015-11-19-1


Sadly, Abe wasn’t around to greet her. That task was left to one of our friends, who was remarkably courteous and welcoming, under the circumstances.

JoJo was soon joined by Emotional Poise:

Emotional Poise to Bronny-2015-11-19

Ouch! Nice shots, EP! Well played!

Undeterred, Bronny snorted, pawed at the ground a few times, and gave it another shot:

Bronwyn to Abe 2015-11-19

Quite so, EP. Abe can delete all the questions he wants, but that won’t stop us from asking them. And we’ll keep asking them, until we get answers. Good luck explaining this to Bronny, though. She’s a bit of a Stalinist herself when it comes to the comments thing.

At last, JoJo decided to break the hard truth to Bronny:

JoJo to Bronny-2015-11-19

Sometimes one must be cruel to be kind. Better that Bronny should know that Abe thinks she’s a walking, talking sack of shit, than that she should keep hovering over his blog, hoping to be asked in, only to be rebuffed again and again.

Sorry, Bronny. We know you desperately wanted to be Abe’s Arse-Licker-in-Chief, but we have to tell you: it ain’t gonna happen.

Don’t feel too badly, though: at the rate he’s going, Abe will have alienated pretty much everyone on earth within the next few weeks. Even his old stalwarts, ToothlessGetRuthless and Code2222, are starting to be a little standoffish. So really, you’re far from alone.

Humpty Bronny



29 thoughts on “Bronny cannot take a hint.

  1. i still have no idea, why my blog is posted all over her newsletter, tho a slight increase in gaslighting attacks, in The Hampstead Group, is she taking me under her wing ? do they all think i’m a mind controlled slave ? sheez….. noticing that video views seem to be dwindling ? anyway whatever i am and do, i obviously can’t help it 🙂 but i have no trust in Bronny, nor her motives.

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  3. this is more evidence that Abe is a psychopath. Anyone who dares to deviate from his demands is dispensed with. Psychopaths have reams of enemies who were former allies.
    Bronhilda?…just a bored Nu Zeelunder who should be mourning Jonah Lomu and not promoting satanic lunacy on the other side of the planet.

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  4. Despite any personal feelings there appears to be a growing concern from hoaxtead’ers regarding Ella, the supposed supporters don’t appear to be bothered by not seeing her though…

    Perhaps the bruises need to disappear before she is let out of the house, sound familiar?

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  6. What Bronny needs to remember is that when it became clear the accusations against the school et al weren’t believed Ella asked that if there’s no case to answer, why couldn’t she just have the kids back?. In other words, she knew she’d failed and tried to desperately backtrack. This was quite early on ( if I get time I will try and find where she said it, think it was in one of the early radio interviews)
    Of course, when she failed at this she had no choice but to go back to the lies of the SRA and thus painted herself into a very unpleasant and dark corner with only Abe for company..

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  7. Actually, might be best to delete all but my congrats on the above post, please. I’m not sure of my facts yet and don’t want to inflame or jeopardise anything. I’ll probably come to a grinding halt with my ‘investigation’ anyway as unless one is willing to go into the 7th circle of hell, (ie the deep net,) it’s hard to find stuff out and the last thing I want is to draw attention to myself by typing certain search words into my computer!!


  8. Can someone give me a lesson in the 7th Circle of Hell please, ie the dark internet please?


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