Abe officially hates Bronny now.

We noted recently that Abraham Christie and Bronwyn Llewellyn are no longer besties.

Ah, for the good old days, two months ago when Bronny thought Abe and Ella were worth fighting for!

Who remembers this impassioned plea, on the blog that Bronny so thoughtfully set up for the Gruesome Twosome in Exile? Look at all that red and blue ink! Doesn’t that just scream, “I totally love these guys!!!”Hampstead Coverup-Rant-2015-09-07.png

And then….oh sob! it all started to come apart. First there was Bronny’s carping over Abe’s writing style—too verbose, too self-aggrandising, too this, too that…and then little Aby started suggesting that Bronny take her well-meaning suggestions and shove them where the sun don’t shine.

Now, though, he’s gone right over the wall. Bronny is now officially a No-Goodnik, a Masonic Talmudic Sodomite with chocolate sprinkles on top:

Abe vs Bronwyn-2015-11-13

So…Abe is saying he didn’t like Bronny helping him with his little writing project? We don’t know, Abe; if we were you we might think twice about rejecting any help you can get.

(BTW, please excuse the really crappy margin justification. Apparently Ella designed their blog, and no one told her the text isn’t supposed to go flush left with no gap. Oh, whoops, there we go again, offering our opinion where it’s not needed!)

(Gee, maybe we really are Bronny!)

(Just kidding. We’ve checked, and we’re not.)

Here’s another slap in Bronny’s well-padded chops:

Abe vs Bronwyn 2

Ow, zing!! And yet another:

Abe vs Bronwyn 3

Abe’s imagination goes to some very, very bizarre places. Places it’s probably best not to try to follow.

Suffice to say, though, that he’s no longer willing to play in Bronny’s back garden, and he’s asked for the ring back. We’re certain she must be heartbroken.bronwyn-llewellyn


43 thoughts on “Abe officially hates Bronny now.

  1. Does that mean Bronny’s “”Coffee ‘n chat” about CSA and SRA” groups are no longer going to happen ? I had the ladies of the local Probus Club all lined up for a morning of Earl Grey & cakes (please bring a plate, your own string of garlic- hats & gloves optional ) and a bullet point discussion paper on Satanism & You – How to make a stake & silver bullets, dicing & slicing fresh baby meat, Arts’n’Crafts-knit your own shoes from baby skin and How To Spot the Satanist In Your Village ( hiding in plain site- usually the Mayor , the Milk Man, the local Police Commander, basically anyone that’s not you).

    Very disappointing.

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  2. I wondered how long it would take these vile creatures to co-opt the horrible events in Paris to their claims of ‘false flags’, Freemasons etc. I see Abe has jumped right in and maybe trying to emulate that sickening Spivey creep.

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    • He’s actually a bit slow on the uptake–I started seeing references to ‘crisis actors’ on Twitter within hours.

      And the conspiranoids think they’re not sheep-like in their responses!


    • I wonder what they would think of this case, the Freemasons lost to the tax man by the way.

      Click to access 589.pdf

      Hot off the press.

      I’ve seen a few bits and pieces, but it isn’t worth engaging in my experience. If someone believes in frequent “false flags” deliberately set up by western governments that kill scores of people, their own citizens, nothing will change their mind. You can’t even discuss the supposed evidence. They see false flags in the supermarket when someone crashes trollies.

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  3. It would be pleasing to think that people like Bronny might look at the situation and realise Abraham is not a nice man, but they won’t.

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    • I’m not sure – I can’t think Bronny will take this sort of shit from Abe for very long. Abe is doing a very good job of alienating himself from even his closest supporters. Unfortunately it is the ludicrous baby eating hoax that they won’t let go of.

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  4. re Neelu’s crystals that – thank God – you didn’t retrieve from the Thames, Lotus Princess reports : “Epping Forest is up from 20% Light to 60% Light – in just a few weeks since 8th October Parliament crystals”.

    She now controls light & dark. And that’s something.

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      • The crystals started off in the ground; wouldn’t it be easier to leave them there?
        I suppose this is capitalism. Someone digs bits of quartz up, sells them to New Agers at a huge mark up, the New Agers then bury them back in the ground. I am in the wrong business – money for old rock!

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        • Too late. someone got into the rock business befonre you. Neelu is promoting a bloke called “Judge” Steve Duane Curry who has his own Court like Kevin Annett (so fashionable these days) but his last gig was being hauled into a real court for trying to flog fake Meteorites from Ganymede in Ebay for a million $$. For some inexplicable reason no-one fell for it.


  5. I wonder if people have spotted that Abraham thinks he is immortal. He won’t die apparently. This doesn’t seem to be meant in a religious sense, for example “I die physically but my soul lives”, but actually meaning he will not die.

    Frightening. He’s beyond delusional.

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  6. Abe the eighth dwarf is cutting himself off from everyone who has shown him some support, soon he will have nobody fighting his corner for him and he will just be left with Ella and a spliff ranting on about sodomites. What a sad little man

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