Has Sabine completely lost touch with reality?

On Saturday we reported on the video summary of Sabine and Belinda’s ‘Forced Adoptions Event’, which was basically a rehash of the lies, half-truths, and fantasy that they push on an unsuspecting public in the name of ‘child protection’. We won’t say it was boring, but we’ll just note that even some of the panelists had trouble keeping their eyes open.

Panellists-Forced Adoptions EventLast evening, one of our crew received this glowing report from Sabine, who obviously attended something completely different:

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From: Sabine K McNeill <sabine@3d-metrics.com>
Date: Sunday, 15 November 2015
Subject: [meetup-group-XyMKXoBe] Report by Chair of Petitions Committee about London Visit
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Dear Supporters,

We did it! We were not only believed in Brussels, we were also taken seriously!

We made three presentations in March 2014, November 2014 and January 2015. On the McKenzie Friends site you’ll see thumbnails on your right that take you to those video links.

On 05/06 November this year, 8 MEPs travelled to London with their assistants, a policy advisor and the organiser and the Chair reported back to the Petitions Committee on this video on 12 November: http://bit.ly/1OLSSCV

I was told that their visit CONFIRMED what I had told them.

As a result of too many petitions coming in from the UK, Germany and Spain, a working group has now been set up to deal with the problem across the EU.

Remember that the UK sticks out like a big sore thumb in many respects. Please do sign and share our petition, if you have not yet done so:


For further updates, please visit


With many thanks for your support,


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We hate to burst Sabine’s bubble (no, we don’t), but we watched the following video of the actual report back to the European Parliamentary Committee, and, um, well. While they did discuss the contentious issue of forced adoptions (and agreed that there were many sides to the issue, which is a complex one), we didn’t hear them mention anything about ‘child stealing’, ‘satanic ritual abuse’, ‘elephants made out of chairs covered with a blanket’, ‘secret family courts’, or ‘international agendas’ that seemed to preoccupy those at Sabine and Belinda’s event.

Does anyone else find it amusing that Sabine sounds positively shocked that the MEPs might have taken her and her band of shysters seriously? Listening to the video, we hear absolutely no evidence that they did, so we wonder where Sabine is getting this info? Perhaps Neelu is channelling for her via Lord Ashtray?

Lord Ashtar

27 thoughts on “Has Sabine completely lost touch with reality?

  1. In a nutshell, the answer to your question is YES.

    All of these “leaders” have something Mentally wrong with them and most of the followers too.

    I’m sure there are a few desperate people that aren’t NUTS.

    I give up on them all….

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    • We’d give up on them too, if they weren’t spreading misinformation so widely, and affecting real people’s lives.

      If we thought they were just mumbling to themselves in a corner somewhere, we’d smile and walk past them. As it is…not so much.


  2. The mainstream authorities do realise that the system needs a ‘shake up’ but it’s not necessarily in the way that the Hoaxers want. Nobody in the mainstream believes children are being stolen for a paedophile elite for example. Nobody believes children are being taken so that social workers can get bonuses (because it’s not true) and nobody believes the Family Courts should be completely open, although from what I’ve read some people think that parents should have more leeway in terms of who they bring in with them. The only body I’ve seen that thinks the Family Courts should be totally open is UKIP. The less said about that the better.

    Let me know if I’m wrong. I don’t mind being corrected.

    The woman speaking above says “This is only the UK and two more EU countries that would even allow for non consensual adoptions.” From what I’ve been reading this isn’t true.

    Check https://fullfact.org/factcheck/law/england_wales_unusual_forced_adoption-49310

    There are apparently many countries who could use forced adoption in theory.

    However, it’s a fact that the UK is unusual in the degree to which it pursues non-consensual adoption. This clearly needs looking at and I suspect the reason for it has more to do with funding than with anything else. For example there’s been so many financial cuts to services that families who need support don’t always get it or they don’t get it for long enough, so their parenting problems don’t always get addressed. After a period of time the risk to the children in a family is considered ongoing and Case Conferences (which consist of all the professionals who know the family, not just social workers) then make the decision that the children should be removed and they take the case to Family Court. This is clearly very wrong but until we get a Government who isn’t cutting funding to services I can’t see that things are going to improve.

    In my opinion the Hoaxers would do well to start talking to M.P.’s about funding cuts, rather than promoting the Satan nonsense. I doubt they will though because that’s tedious and rather boring. Satan,aliens and mind-control are much more exciting.

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    • “However, it’s a fact that the UK is unusual in the degree to which it pursues non-consensual adoption. This clearly needs looking at and I suspect the reason for it has more to do with funding than with anything else.”

      Not disagreeing with your good summary, but another reason could be that the UK gives more of a shit about children than many European countries!


    • Earl I think you have been brain washed. I Melissa laird never need SS to stick their nose in my business in fact my neighbours were quite jealousy of the fact I had a life and didn’t rely on handouts. In fact they threaten to take my son if I went to work so instead my son and I left the country so I could work and teach my son that work was a good thing

      Secondly you go on about funding cuts. What you don’t get is they waste money on things that are not needed. I was in prison with Gloria Musa and I can tell you that those with drug problems got to kept their children. When people like me had lies told to steal my child. Unless you have been there and lived thru the torture then don’t assume things.

      One thing I would like to add. What right does SS have of denying children of the religious and cultural freedoms? My sons last vision of his mother was being beaten by the police and then never allowed any contact nor allow to practice his religion. We were mocked by the SS saying we now fed him pork. We are Jewish! Not to mention he has no idea of where I am and nor does he ask as he is too afraid. Furthermore there is evidence that my son now is being sexual abused and that is written in court documents and SS does nothing!


  3. Neelu is facebooking these claims as truth and claiming the MEPs endorsed Sabine & Belinda’s talk fest at that strange theatre and reporting that a ‘report’ is soon to be published by them. She has nicely woven the MEPs get together with the FruitLoop Brigade’s weekend.

    Then again poor Neelu is claiming buried crystals will kill Satanists, Christine Sands can control storm clouds and some odd conman is giving the world free perpetual motion energy.

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    • We dug the crystals up and sold them on Ebay. We have to raise funds for our ‘work’ somehow and I’m not keen on the dodgy charity idea.

      El Coyote offered to dive in the Thames to look for the sunken ones but I didn’t think it was worth the risk and stopped him. He’d forgotten his snorkel and flippers.

      Anyway selling crystals provides complete transparency and if they’re cloudy you can always clean them with vinegar.

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  4. Also someone has posted Hoaxted’s latest video on Neelu’s facebook page, twice. Not sure of they are sending up the Lotus Princess or have misunderstood the sentiments.

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  6. From coverup

    Abraham, I find the line ‘Abraham does not touch them sexually’ in the supposed foster carers handwritten notes to be highly suspect here: http://www.hampsteadcoverup.com/#!Hampstead-Cover-Up-Perverting-the-Course-of-Justice-The-Royal-Courts-of-Justice-sets-a-precedent-that-Court-Orders-do-not-need-to-be-followed/c9i2/5647965d0cf2e1ca27988ecd. Why would a foster carer write down who DIDN’T touch, when half of Hampstead WAS supposed to be touching?
    I didn’t touch, gov, honest. 23 minutes ago Reply

    And, while we’re at it, why have you left this text: ‘Notes made by the foster carer Carol on the 30th September 2014 provide a record ofAlisa and Gabriel’s continued repetition of their allegations two weeksafter the coherced “retraction” interviews on the 17th September 2014’
    above the so called handwritten foster-carers notes, see comment below, when you have already conceded (‘stop splitting hairs’) that they were already contained in the medical notes by Dr Hodes written TWO WHOLE DAYS before the retractions.
    This is YET MORE proof of your willingness to
    a) delete comments that show you up to be a liar
    b) to LIE.
    I suppose you will delete this comment, more evidence of your DECEPTION.
    The electrons ain’t making you any more enlightened, Abe.
    I didn’t touch, gov, honest. 13 minutes ago Reply

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  7. I totally agree. That line jumped out at me too. Something odd about it.
    Abraham the immortal hemp god an hour ago

    It’s like, SOOOO obvious.
    I didn’t touch, gov, honest. an hour ago

    Furthermore, why would a child tell a foster carer who didn’t touch them? Isn’t that normal, not warranting a comment at all? IF this document is even real, which is improbable, and the childREN (since it does not specify one or the other, as in other passages) did say this, it would be very very suspicious. And they ask why the investigation was so fast, so ‘incomplete’. With brains like these, well, it does not take very long to put the few jarring pieces together to get a very clear picture of events
    another failure from abraham

    he or ella are not even able to know who the foster carer is/was.
    the law prohibits this in order to protect the children. so the fact
    that abraturd is claiming that he has these documents means that
    he has broken the law somehow and obtained them illegally.

    therefore, all indications are to me that this is just a bad forgery.
    abratard is so very bad at all of this. ella, what is you malfunction?
    another failure from abraham 7 minutes ago


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