VIDEO SHARE: The Real Monsters Amongst Us

Looks like that master of video mayhem, MK Ultra 666, has done it again!

He’s put together another visually and aurally stunning work of art, which we’re proud to present here for your Sunday afternoon viewing pleasure:



19 thoughts on “VIDEO SHARE: The Real Monsters Amongst Us

  1. Very interesting. I was looking at ‘Tiny Magical Creatures’ profile the other night and can’t figure her/him out. There is audio where she sounds like a female from London but there’s much speculation online that this isn’t her real voice. Her obsession with ‘reborn’ dolls is odd although there’s an entire online community that buys these vinyl kits and then remakes the dolls as zombies and vampires. It’s all fairly harmless and seems to be part of a general alternative ‘horror’ fan vibe. But TMC has made many enemies within that community. Certainly one to watch!

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    • Oh, should make it clear that I came across Tiny as she is one of the current crop that’s supporting the Hampstead case and has uploaded her own videos about it, complete with vile and disturbing imagery of course!

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      • That video backfires! What a nice bunch of people in Hampstead. Fancy giving all that money to charity. Makes what we’re doing here seem all the more worthwhile.

        I wonder how long it will take for TMC to realise she’s not coming up against nice ladies who like dolls now. I almost feel sorry for her. 🙂

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    • I had the same reaction. S/he seems to revel in creating enemies, then daring them to take her/him on. And his/her interest in Hoaxtead looks quite recent.


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