Brollies up, everyone!

While Abe celebrates his 58th birthday with a trip across the strait of Gibralter to Morocco, his drippy Twitter sock, ‘Drifloud’ has been issuing not-so-veiled threats to Sheva, one of our dedicated supporters:

Drifloud-to Sheva-2015-11-13Based on this, we’re issuing the following advisory: keep your eyes on the skies!



29 thoughts on “Brollies up, everyone!

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  3. I have put myself in the firing line, so that any with doubts can see, their dynamics, mode operandi, lies, manipulations, bullying, stalking, gaslighting, smears, and damage, as clearly as possible. Because, as i have said before, most major networks have nothing to do with these campaigns, either the hollie one, or this replacement, promoted by Belinda, who mentioned she had this new exciting real time case, way before it hit our screens…. The networks have woken up, because my work with them over the years, stands, i don’t need to say much…. Angela Power Disney keeps making the mistake of gaslighting me, today saying i had been conned into doing PR for a paedophile group. Well the massive groups, that are strong, and used to the tricks employed by paedophiles, to distract, divide and denigrate us, are not impressed, and the warning i put out last week, stands with them.
    The wanted the world to see this, and now they have their wish, just i have woken up the world, that will not tolerate their bullshit, nor allow me or others to be bullied.
    Mainly tho, the videos of themselves child abuse, is something none of us would dream of allowing, or perpetuating, and that they do so, in the name of protecting children, is appalling, shocking, disgusting, and the confusion they have generated, is clearing.

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  4. Sabine’s new blog : have you noticed how these fanatics purloin so many phrases or words and corrupt them for their own nefarious purposes.

    “Whistleblower” is one and they are rapidly diminishing it’s value by applying it to every nutcase who comes along.

    A genuine Whistleblower is someone who reveals secret activities with real evidence, not someone who makes outlandish claims that have absolutely nil proof or fact to back them up.

    I thought it highly ironic that Christine Sands (or whatever her name is these days) and Neelu Berry were arrested outside the Eucador Embassy at a Julian Assange protest. Without demeaning an accusation of rape, Assange would have to be one of the most famous victims of what appears to be Sweden’s shocking manipulations of rape claims (having now been in the Embassy for far more time than he would have received in Sweden if convicted).

    Probably why as Sands screeched to the other protesters that she was being arrested, the looks on their faces said “thank God fir that”.

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    • I actually met a real whistleblower once, who was not a very nice person incidentally. Their personality was unrelated to the genuineness of the whistleblowing stuff, but possibly not unrelated to their motives or the way they went about things.

      It’s a difficult thing to do, blow the whistle. Whistleblowers risk a lot, and sometimes sadly lose a lot.

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      • In the usual twist that occur with this lot, whistleblowing about them has cost me dear, for years, now it finally looks as though enough people have been hurt or burnt, or caught them out lying, or revealling their horrendous lack of real skill, that many who didn’t believe me, and bought their bs about me, now do, and those too scared, because of the onslaught it can bring, will feel more able to share this work, that is laid out now.
        I’m not holding grudges, to anyone, who fell into their traps. Remember i did, originally too, and gave them a gateway to abuse people and groups.
        I hope we can shut them out now, so that i and other genuine people, can do our work without sabotage, interference and infighting caused by their trolls.
        But let’s get those videos offline, for the children’s sake.

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  5. More on Sabine’s new website : she clearly breaches the High Court order and probably her bail conditions by linking to and promoting the videos of the children.
    I hope Hoaxted does have a contact with police to forward this to. This dangerous nutcase needs a spell in jail as she mocks the law and is no friend of genuine victims. Rather she helps create victims who may suffer all their lives.

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  6. I’ve closed the poll to further questions able to be added, but please help me add more that need to be there, also i’m trying to think whether i should also put a question, like do you believe these named are geinuine or something, my brains’ a bit mashed, help ? suggestions ?

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