Jeremy Corbyn disses Abe…sort of.

One of our team was browsing through Twitter last night, and came across a particularly entertaining exchange of tweets between @Drifloud, Abe’s sock that sounds like a feminine hygiene product, and @Gods_Spy, as ex-MI5 cross-dressing self-styled messiah David Shayler now calls himself.

Really, it was too good to pass up.

Drifloud + Shayler on Twitter-1Awwwww….poor, poor Abe…er, we mean Drippy.

All that tweet-bombing of Mr Corbyn’s account, and not a word of support! Why, how dare he!

Drippy obviously has no clue that politicians’ accounts are not generally run by the politicians themselves, but by hired underlings whose main job is to keep up an internet ‘presence’. Tweets from the clearly deranged—like Drippy—go straight to the circular file.

Apparently someone else tried to talk sense to Drippy, and got the usual tired response:

Drifloud on Twitter-2Welcome to the RD Club, Terry.

We’re all RD around here, every last bleedin’ one of us. In fact, it’s a bit like The Matrix, where there are thousands upon thousands of us, all perfect clones of one another.

At least, that’s what Drippy says.

And who are we to disbelieve him?


p.s. Drippy, in case you’re reading this: satire alert. You do know what satire is, don’t you? Oh, never mind.


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