Bronny’s painful exercise in futility

Yesterday we looked at Bronwyn Llewellyn’s attempts to help Abe make his blog just a bit more readable (and a bit less laughable); to our surprise, much of what she said actually made sense!

But then we noticed this, on her ‘rah-rah-let’s-support-Abe-and-Ella’ blog:

Hampstead coverup blog-people's actions

There are 18 weeks to go before The Children’s custody case will be heard again in February 2016. We need to make OPTIMUM USE of EVERY DAY so the children will be returned to their mother. We need people from all over the world to help us with ACTIONS. We NEED you to ENGAGE !! Please help us achieve this goal. Contact us by replying in Comments or message me @ Thank you.

We’re not sure how to break this to Barmy Bronny, but the case coming up in March is not some kind of review of the custody decision. It’s just another ‘leave to appeal’ request from Ella. She tried an appeal back in August, and it was a complete shit show, with her not bothering to attend in person, and making an absolute monkey’s arse of herself over Skype. Now she’s giving it another shot, which is likely to be approximately as effective as the first.

The larger question, and one that none of the Hoaxteaders seem to grasp, is that court judgements are not made, or even remotely influenced, by online petitions or ‘people’s actions’. That’s because the courts frown upon vigilantism, and make their decisions based upon the weight of evidence, not on the strongly held beliefs of a bunch of gullible fruitcakes.

Let’s review, then: wrong court case, wrong plan of attack. So Bronny can ‘ENGAGE !!’ to her little heart’s content…and it will achieve precisely nothing.

On the other hand, perhaps it’s as well that she doesn’t understand this. After all, everyone needs a hobby.

pointless argument

9 thoughts on “Bronny’s painful exercise in futility

  1. ‘…the strongly held beliefs of a bunch of gullible fruitcakes’. That sums up their argument in a, dare Frances say, nutshell.

    Well done, Mr El.

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  2. There are a few ways in which things might move in a more positive direction towards Ella.

    One would be if there was some remarkable new evidence which came to light. That is extremely doubtful so she will still be banging on about the same things which have already been quashed by two separate judges.

    Another would be if she left Abraham; admitted her part in this and engaged with the system. That obviously wouldn’t lead to full custody, but maybe some decent access.

    Instead, she doesn’t turn up at court; can’t accept any responsibility and is co running a blog which breaches court orders put in place to protect the children’s privacy, with the very man who’s violence caused the children to be taken off her in the first place. Maybe even forging and faking ‘evidence’ with the diaries. If they are faked and they lied about giving them to the police and Dr Hodes, they have just set themselves up for a huge fall. Basically, she is doing the exact opposite of what she should be doing and maybe making things even worse for herself.

    Some people are their own worst enemy.


    • And yet Abe, writing as ‘M’ on their blog, says she doing exactly the right thing. I wonder when she’ll wake up and realise he’s led her to ruin her own life?


    • How could they have been given to the police AND Dr Hodes, that’s what I want to know?

      I am sceptical. Say Dr Hodes did see them, handed them back and they were later given to the police, they have not been mentioned before. They don’t appear to have been mentioned by the new solicitor at the appeal. The pictures absolutely weren’t given to the police because Abraham was photocopying them at Sabine’s flat. He accused her of stealing one. He accuses people of stealing a lot.

      Ella messed up by staying with Abraham. Even if some new piece of evidence comes to light, he’s still a risk to children. Ella’s still with him.

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