Abe tries to slither away…unsuccessfully.

Some readers might remember that in September we established that Abraham Christie was in fact the owner of the ‘Dicky Rearman’ YouTube account.

Of course, at that time Charlotte Alton Ward and her band of intellectually ungifted ‘tunnellers’ were putting about another story, in which all roads led to Ricky Dearman. Of course.

In fact, the geniuses at HR went to the trouble of making two side-splittingly awful videos on the topic, in which Charlotte showed off her abysmal ‘research’ skills to hilarious effect.

Now, it appears that Charlotte has tried to share her masterwork with Abe, and been rebuffed:

Abe is clueless 2015-11-09Let’s see if we can untangle Abe’s paranoid ramblings here: he seems to be saying that the person who shared the post with him is (surprise!) Ricky Dearman, because he mentions not ‘seeing eye to eye’ with HR (Hampstead Research).

Then he tries to claim that the scantily clad little girls on Dicky Rearman’s YouTube account were actually put there by RD. Um, no. Here’s what we had to say about that, nearly two months ago:

Hoaxtead Research-2015-09-19So, yeah.

Dicky Rearman = Nemesis Green = Abe.

Nice try, Abe. Thanks for playing.

Game set match

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  2. Abe’s been practically boasting about that Dicky Rearman account being his. Yet the second it’s pointed out to him that Charlotte has exposed him as a perv, it’s “Oh no no no, that’s not me, that’s…er….an impostor pretending to be me”. LOL

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