Abe tries to slither away, Part 2: The Clincher

Funnily enough, while we were putting together our previous post on Abe’s attempts to get out from under his own ‘Dicky Rearman’ sock account, a watchful reader sent us a couple of screenshots from Abe’s blog.

In the first shot, ‘White Swan’ notes, “Dicky Rearman is still posting on YT, and is in fact one of Abraham’s accounts. The videos of little girls dancing is reminiscent of the video of little girls dancing on the home page of this blog site. It would appear that Abraham most definitely has an attraction to young children. Love willing, he maybe able to forgive himself, but i’m not sure anyone else will”.

Disappearing comment 1Within minutes, however, that comment—and only that comment—was removed.

Abe disappearing comment-2How very telling.

Ah, Abe now seems to have decided that the best defense is a good…all right, a mediocre…er, really really crappy offense: he’s now trying to claim that he’ll ‘prove’ that the ‘Dicky Rearman’ account wasn’t his:

Abe deleted comments-3See previous references re Abe’s many sock accounts…including ‘Dicky Rearman‘. Of course he’ll keep screaming that it wasn’t him, he didn’t do it, and no one saw him, but it was, he did, and we did.

And furthermore….

Dicky Rearman-girls-blurred

And this, from Abe’s own blog:

Dancing girls-blurred

Any questions?

Abe likes little girls-blurred

16 thoughts on “Abe tries to slither away, Part 2: The Clincher

  1. I really cannot see what Abe is trying doing with his web ramblings apart from exposing himself as a right prat but quite the lunatic as well.

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    • Abe’s newest Youtube sock account.
      Al Mahdi 8 hours ago
      Dearman and the Masodomite Death Cult were blinded, both collectively and individually by cognitive dissonance/psychological bias to the increasing fragility of maintaining the secret of the Masonic Sodomite Death Cult.They could not possibly legislate for the non computability of two brave indigo children and their emotionally poised mother attracting a Spiritual Nutritionist who would present the means for them to delete the Sodomite Death Cult programming and fearlessly reveal the secrets of the cult’s degenerate, deluded, depravity.
      Death is neither necessary nor inevitable

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  2. He removed one of my comments from that thread too. Inspired by Pookster, I asked Abe why he never reported the alleged abuse to the Police. The question must have made him uncomfortable. Let’s see if he can delete it from here, haha.

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  3. A psychopath and a woman with no emotions. Why does this remind me of somebody?

    I can’t think who, so I will just put a random photo at the end of this post.

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  4. I imagine Abe thought everyone would believe him and look towards him as some sort of guru but he didn’t expect good citizens to see through his crap and call him out on it every step of the way.

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