Abe needs to learn to keep his lies straight

One problem with telling a string of lies is that after a while, one tends to forget the story that’s been spun. This can lead to awkward situations, where lies piled on lies begin to contradict one another, or contradict previously established fact.

Such was the case when Abe had the brilliant idea of cooking up a couple of ‘diaries’, which he claimed had been penned by Ella’s children.

We can just imagine him, cackling to himself as he used his amazing counterfeiting skills (well, perhaps not so amazing, as the he wound up being convicted) to pen out something that sounded like a child had written it. Sadly for Abe, he tripped up.

First prize goes to ‘Jojo knows the truth cannot be deleted’ who commented on Abe’s blog:


Tickle diaries forged 2015-11-08D’oh!

Looks like Abe forgot: the medical exam actually established that the little girl’s hymen was intact, and that there was no sign of trauma. Whoopsies! Bad Abe, back of the class for you.

Meanwhile, ‘Aby Christie is a risk to children. Beware‘ points out that Abe has also been releasing court transcripts. We looked into this, and it’s quite true: under his @Drifloud account on Twitter, he’s been doing just that.


Drifloud on Twitter-court transcripts 1Quite aside from his willingness to describe horrific sex scenes into which he’s inserted his girlfriend’s children, which does bear out our hypothesis that he is a paedophile, does Abe realise that publishing confidential court transcripts like this is a serious no-no?

Actually, forget that question. ‘Abe realising’ would imply that his cognitive function is normal. Never mind.

Abe outside RCJ 1

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  1. If Abraham Christie is reading this, you know you can never return to UK without being arrested and going to jail? You are now in permanent exile. The Hampstead hoax you created has been discredited. I dedicate this song to you:

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  2. What an apt choice of song for Abe and Ella, I particularly like the eyes of the woman on the left, while I listen and hum along to the melody. A lot. LOL.

    JoJo makes an excellent point, and one which often gets forgotten, namely the ‘other part’ of the medical examination, the one that Abe and Ella conveniently negate, which they need to be reminded of each time they quote the other bit. I am choosing my words – or lack of certain words – carefully here as this is dangerous territory I don’t really want to fall into.

    Although *sometimes* you justifiably have to fight fire with fire, and in such instances as the above example it is appropriate and warranted. Something like in for a penny in for a pound only different. It is very sad really that we are indeed resigned to describe the intimate parts of victims who have already suffered enough exposure. But Abe and Ella continue to bang this particular drum, and it does call for a response which is an attempt to put them right, to silence them, and hopefully alert those people that are new to the story, who are freshly and continue to be exposed to the ever-present material still circulating – and being added to online.

    So, for those that are not that familiar with the results of that medical examination, a part that gets left out is the most damning in terms of CONCLUSIVELY proving that the abuse could not have taken place as described. It is inconceivable that sadistic paedophilic cannibalistic satanists in the order of hundreds a week over years would avoid this area, that this could be so, is all I am saying, and hope people can read between the lines.

    Has Ella got no conscience at all? How does she explain this anomaly in the medical outcome, given her assertions and belief in the large scale abuse of her children by ‘the cult’? We shall hear nothing on this matter, that is guaranteed, because anything that is troublesome or does not fit hers and Abe’s narrative gets deleted or ignored, conveniently, by the cowards. They like to describe scurrying cockroaches, but they are the ones that hide from the light, that run away with the delete button and a flight to Spain.

    The characteristics of cockroach Abe
    Beats children
    Forces children to tickle his own fantasies by infusing them with his own material and demanding further embellishments to it, to further titillate himself. Keeps records ie videos, drawings, texts as trophies of his ‘work’ although these are often made by himself in order to stimulate and help his fantasies along.
    Two arms and two legs. The arms have hands that are dexterous and capable of holding spoons which he uses to hit children with in mostly non visible areas, e.g beneath hair. Except when he loses the plot completely and is out of control, foaming at the mouth. Legs are utilized to kick children in front privates. Can wear boots to reinforce strength when he feels like it.
    Small body, midget, inferiority complex.
    Compulisive liar, manipulative, aggressive, devious. Thief, sexual predator.
    When under attack, retreats like a coward into his hole, spouts garbage.

    Looking for the equivalent organism for Ella, suggestions please:

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  3. I think the truth may be worse than that those diaries are forged, but that the children were coerced or led somehow to write them. Everything leads back to Abraham’s belief in himself. He believes he has the answer and just by pure coincidence he stumbled across the problem. This is him last night. He’s probably not aware how much this statement shows him for what he is. I have had a particularly gory scene replaying in my head for months. The film Red Dragon, scene “Do you see?”, and Abraham is of course the Tooth Fairy.

    Dearman and the Masodomite Death Cult were blinded, both collectively and individually by cognitive dissonance/psychological bias to the increasing fragility of maintaining the secret of the Masonic Sodomite Death Cult.They could not possibly legislate for the non computability of two brave indigo children and their emotionally poised mother attracting a Spiritual Nutritionist who would present the means for them to delete the Sodomite Death Cult programming and fearlessly reveal the secrets of the cult’s degenerate, deluded, depravity.
    Death is neither necessary nor inevitable. Nemesis a.k.a Abraham Jemal Christie

    When Abraham shows his stuff, I recoil in horror, I see, but it is not what he sees. I am not amazed by Abraham, he is not a visionary, he is quite mad.

    He’s since deleted his comment.

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    • The scene is on YT – it’s NSFW

      Dolarhyde/The Red Dragon/the Toothfairy kidnaps a journalist and forces him to watch a slideshow of his “becoming”. He asks the journalist “Do you see?”. I’m not suggesting I’m a journalist, just that it’s like I’m strapped in a chair being forced to watch the evidence of a man who is so deluded that he thinks he’s providing evidence of his wondrous becoming, but in reality it’s pictures of torture and murder.


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      • Ultimately, I think that’s what this entire thing comes down to: Abe’s fantasies of torture and murder. He is both the author of the ‘sodomite death cult programming’, and the ‘saviour’ from it, via (guess what!?) hemp.

        Of course.

        Because that makes perfect sense.


  4. Thanx for trigger warning…..that sex xcene with the kids is just what Abe done to me. He wrote that thing his self, I know it. It sounds just like him. He is an evil man, he don’t care for kids, he care for himself only. I hope you can stop him.

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    • I’m so sorry to hear this. 😦 You’re right, he is a truly evil person, and I’m sorry he hurt you.

      May I ask whether this was ever reported to the authorities?

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      • probs not at a guess, or it would have been known, but eech, that’s a bit quick for that question, go gently, on this when someone opens this up, and has the courage to tell, it is like sacred. It has been through learning by experiencing that, that i am able to sometimes pass it on, and it makes profound difference, both in the telling and the hearing. Anyway, let me know if the solution is tenable 🙂


    • it’s ok, to leave it there for now. be safe, and all in your own time. A good safe as possible site is havoca online. you may need more support, not gonna say more. except sending a virtual hug. big stuff


  5. i can’t read this fully, had to skim, fast, dunno if i’m just tired, but it is usually quite a strict no no, to go into details, like this openly, most survivor groups, i’ve been involved in, either realtime, 20yrs ago, or online, nowadays, recommend, that intimate details are never shared, except in private with a trusted person, often a counsellor/therapist or someone experienced and able to follow though with the right support,
    This cases shares yet another common theme with hollie. But also a fair few loud mouthed activists have also overstepped, according to how i was brought up, i had a chat with a good friend, who knows his stuff, he says if you have enough evidence, google and bing can be expected to block the videos, postings etc, and after yesterday, i realised that either a collosal effort, such as teams of reporters, or petitions, but, that would be alot of effort to extend, which, i would be willing to, if necessary, but if the evidence can be collated and presented, it’s gotta be worth a try ? i havn’t read everything, so don’t know if you’ve already done this, and even if you have, another try ? i’m sure my friend would help, if needsbe, but you have some really capable people here. Swifter solution, then the children can have peace, wounds can begin to heal, and people can get on with the real work, eh ? and those who dont ever want to, can go back to whatever they would rather be doing, but i hope this won’t mean, that our efforts, are thwarted, because of the damage. I kicked around abit, and the main people are not being engaged with, but it’s the videos, where convo’s were ongoing, i just supported a couple in there, cos the sense was shining, Also some that had bought the bs, that i was causing bickering, have relooked, and are showing me signs, that they see it now More people are feeling able to interact openly, and a very longterm friend, told me i sounded like me again, last night, so thankyou for what this has done for me personally, Certainly reminded me, that i can still play a role,


    • You can certainly play a role, Sheva! We’re in touch with the police about this, but I don’t know for sure whether the Google/Bing/etc. blocking idea has been fully explored. I’ll check with other members of the team and find out though. It’s a good suggestion.


      • So much stuff has been reported. I’ve reported quite a few things. Getting the petitions down was successful in the end.

        Google does show a court order in respect of some things when a Google search is done (via chilling effects) but the court order itself is private. It seems perhaps each and every link or video has to be tackled individually. There’s also a blog, hosted in Iceland apparently, that has private stuff posted on there. Iceland has very strong free speech and Internet freedom laws. I looked in to this a while ago. They would want someone to get an Icelandic injunction. Which is virtually impossible for me, particularly as I’m not someone who has been defamed. However, and I looked in to this too, Iceland also has the same attitude to children’s privacy as the UK, they’ve signed up to much of the same stuff as the UK. The family courts and care system are private like in the UK. They also are quick to get rid of people hosting illegal content. Iceland being such a small country, it was possible to find the head of child protection quite easily. Just a thought.


          • And as you know, I contacted the police in Suriname.

            I don’t want people to be under the mistaken impression that this is all about being mean about Ella and Abraham.

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  6. This video is still up on Youtube along with Abraham’s demented comments.
    Why won’t they remove it?!


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