Sabine’s Forced Adoptions Event: A good time was had by all

Yesterday was the day Sabine’s been bleating about for weeks now…no, not the day she gets to act as the guy in her own personal Bonfire Night, though that would suit her implacable sense of martyrdom quite well, don’t you think?

Rather, you might recall that a group of visiting members of the European Parliament were to meet with UK authorities to discuss child welfare issues. Sabine and her pals set up a ‘parallel event’ in the Theatro Technis in Camden, titled ‘The UK and EU Dimensions of Forced Adoptions’. They broadcast this via Skype, enabling some of our friends to pop in and take a peek. If you click this link, you’ll get a quick shaky-cam tour of the venue, which is remarkable mainly for its shabbiness.

But look who showed up for the online discussion part!

Name those monkeys-Belinda - 5 No discussion of terrible things happening to parents who richly deserve terrible things would be complete without Belinda, who actually looks as though she might have had her hair done for the occasion! Or else there was Vaseline on the camera lens. Hard to tell, really.

Name those monkeys - Sabine-2And look who’s checking in via Skype (because she daren’t show up in person, for fear that the police will catch on and realise she is actually quite fit to be out and about. If they knew, they might expect her to show up at the police station three times per week rather than just once for her bail check-ins.

Hope you didn’t violate your bail conditions by discussing Hoaxtead again, Sabine! (Oh, what the hell, we know she did. The only question is for how long, and how many people were driven to suicide in the process.)

Munchkin%20Man%20from%20bench%20(minus%20hat!)-3And would you look here! It’s Munchkin Man, also known as Rumpelstiltskin! Sans his usual hat, but we’d know that little face anywhere. He’s rarely far from Belinda’s side, as we understand that whenever he goes out to do her bidding, she springs for a McDonald’s hamburger afterward. That’s more than enough to buy this little fellow’s loyalty.

Name those monkeys 1We’re not sure who the disgruntled-looking gentleman in the centre is, but my goodness, isn’t that Deborah ‘I am not an EU legal expert’ Mahmoudieh on the left? Why, we think it is! And the camera has caught her in a rare moment of calm, with her lips actually touching one another. Astonishing.

Name%20the%20MonkeysAnyone recognise Mr Blond Dracula here? He’s not familiar to us, but he certainly has the intense, wild-eyed thing down. Or maybe he’s auditioning for a role in a community theatre version of the Rocky Horror Show. Hard to say.

We look forward to the video version of the entire shindig, which we’re sure either Belinda or Sabine will post in short order. We’ll keep you posted!

p.s. Sorry, missed one:

Name those monkeys - Neelu - 6Neelu, as we live and breathe. Now we’re getting really excited to see the video version of this event. It was a regular Old Home Week!

38 thoughts on “Sabine’s Forced Adoptions Event: A good time was had by all

  1. What a shame you didn’t get Neelu to film as she’s pretty good with the camera. Still I’d be wary of venturing into that nest of vipers.


  2. Looks a right dive. A couple of my friends were meant to be going, will give you their verdict if i hear that they went. Does your camera man have any details of the discussion?


  3. Honestly, I think bashing people for poor video quality via skype (notoriously problematic platform) is a bit low. You would have been better off waiting to hear what these people actually said, and then criticised that.

    I’ve asked before and I’m asking again – what is the purpose of this? If it’s just for fun then fine, do what you like, but this does seem to be descending into a tit-for-tat scenario where, if these fucking idiots didn’t actually do these stupid things, then you’d have nothing to write about.


    • @ spyculture:
      It is an objective observation to make about quality of an event, nothing wrong with making such comments.

      This blog serves the purpose (a rather good one) of exchanging information in an ongoing information war against some notorious parasites who seek to ruin the lives of innocent people with fictions. satire (humour) is a powerful tool against these witchfinders.

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    • You may not realise the harm, division caused within what was becoming a united and strong, sane movement on CSA. But the videos are still being re uploaded, and it needs challenging. Sometimes i cringe a bit here, but i often have a good deep belly laugh, which does wonders. There is a need to shed light on this, the previous hoax was left to multiply and grow, and still infects the web. Lately tho, i sense a wide awakening and alot of people realising their error in repeating the mantra’s they have been supplied with……. by belinda, sabine & co. I’m mindful of the phrase ‘what you resist, persists’, but at the moment, this is coming to a head, i think, and hopefully an end.


  4. @spyculture It seems to me that this piece is part of an ongoing process, and may fit into the larger jigsaw of continually developing information and knowledge, enabling what happened in the Hampstead case – and others – to be better analysed.

    And if there can be some laughs along the way, then all the better. How can you know now whether this piece of the puzzle will come in handy later?

    Sabine and Belinda have already negatively affected other cases involving children, and were at the forefront of much of the exposure of G and A in the Hampstead case. This particular item shows that they are still very much trying to front themselves as genuine child abuse activists, this is important to those who are trying to influence change in legislation or trying to highlight real abuse cases. We have heard from such people as Sheva and C Corless here in the last few days.

    From my observation of this blog, stories develop with contributions from commenters and further contributions from the writer. I expect this to happen here too.

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  5. I was going to say ‘stop being snobby’ about the venue. I’ve played worse gaffs than that. Then I had a proper look and saw the masonic symbolism over the door and the locks on the doors, presumably to keep people in. I wonder if there was blood on the toilet floor.

    You don’t think more prams went in than came out do you?

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