‘Here, kiddies, have some hemp!’

Since Abe (and possibly Ella, though no one’s seen hide nor hair of her recently) started their sad excuse for a blog last month, they’ve addressed many issues of acute and pressing importance to them: hemp, blood-soaked horror movies, hemp, cannabis, more hemp, sodomy, sodomites, Masonic sodomites, Masodomites, hemp, and dead babies. With hemp on the side.

Until yesterday, though, they utterly failed to address Ella’s children.

However, yesterday they made up for this glaring oversight by posting this adorable picture:

Abe & Ella blog-desert is waitingAwwww….their desert is waiting! Isn’t that sweet?

Is that the same Moroccan desert in which Abe threatened to bury the little girl, that time he told her he was going to leave her there to die? We’re sure that has so many happy associations for both children.

As for these meagre, if prettily arranged, portions of fruit—just the thing for a hungry child, don’t you think? That and a couple of vegan jellybeans should keep their little tummies from grumbling for a day or two.

Wait, didn’t we hear that Abe and Ella used to beat the children when they’d complain of being hungry? In fact, one of the reasons Social Services became involved with the family was that the kids’ teachers noticed that they were scrounging in bins for scraps, as they weren’t being fed properly.

But clearly, this photo shows that Ella and Abe are keen to turn over a new leaf. Why, just look at the artful placement of the hemp leaves on the plates!

We suppose it’s nice to know that some things never change.

32 thoughts on “‘Here, kiddies, have some hemp!’

  1. The children do not look well, clean or well fed in those videos. They look skinny, scrawny, sickly and dirty. And at that time they had been in Ella (and Abe)’s care for some time. There’s no getting away from it – those children were neglected, no matter how many vegan jellybeans Abe says he gave them.

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  2. The photo of them with the horses looks recent in my opinion. I wonder if Ella was sent that by the foster family, or got it via her parents who may have got it from the foster family. Either way, i’m not sure posting it on a blog where they continue to claim the existence of a cult, and banging on about masodomites, is a very bright idea.

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    • I don’t look at Abe’s blog. As I’m sure Debs Mahmoudieh would tell you, if he’s posted pictures of the children it’s in contravention of Article 16 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child which states that children have a right to privacy. Strange how some people don’t see the privacy of these children to be important at all.

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    • I had a quick look at there blob and just got photos of dead babies. Or rather they were fake photos from a conceptual art exhibit that have been knocking around for years and keep being republished with lies about Chinese people.

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    • Yes, the photo does look recent, I thought that too. The children look a lot older. I’m pretty sure the foster carers would be livid if they knew that picture had ended up in an article offering them desserts with cannabis leaves in them. Abraham and Ella make me sick.

      I must say, though, the children also look much healthier and MUCH happier now that they are out of Ella and Abe’s “care”. They should NOT, however, be putting these pictures on the internet.

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    • I’m not sure where they might have got a recent picture, given they haven’t been in touch with the children in so long…but either way, publishing pictures of those children alongside their bizarre accusations is just plain wrong.


  3. Five! Five blackberries – these are clearly the points of a pentagram!

    And on the other plate an inner black heart!

    Abe & Ella are clearly members of a satanic Illuminati cult! Like all secret organisations they deliberately put clues in plain sight!


    Nurse says I should calm down now. No more YouTube videos for at least a week.

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  4. I remember when i first watched the childrens police interview videos how much they talked about food and what was good and what was bad for them. It struck me as strange that kids of that age were so concerned about sweets being bad for them etc.

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    • I think it’s Abraham’s thing, obsessing over diet, as if he could stave off death itself.

      He turned up at the school and shouted enough for the school to either record it or contact social services straight away. That was over something the children are supposed to have eaten.

      The children reported being hungry, in fact even before Abraham was on the scene, and said they would be hit if they wanted sweets or bananas.

      He fed them cannabis or hemp smoothies that they said made their stomachs hurt.

      There seems to have been a move from a the children having a vegetarian diet, to vegan, to raw food vegan, to dabbling with fruitarianism even.

      Abraham said some of the so called cult members had dark circles under their eyes because of consuming a lot of sugar (fructose and juicing fruit Abraham?), now of course it’s caused by adrenochrome or whatever.

      Food looms large.

      Think of all the food places named, the supposed rewards and bribes the children claimed at one stage to have received. Their father giving them banned hula hoops. The eating food from the bins. The size of the children relative to their peers (small). The children accused of putting excrement on Abraham’s food.

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    • I’ll add, I know people who observe religious prohibitions on food, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, as well as vegetarians, vegans, and none of them would freak to the extent Abraham is supposed to have done if their child are some food that they wouldn’t be allowed to eat at home.

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