‘Honey, Sabine stole my video…’

Funny that we were just talking about Sabine’s habit of jumping into cases and making bad situations worse…and now we find that Her Royal Selfness has taken it upon herself to high-jack a video from a parents’ rights campaigner and present it as if it were her own case.

Yesterday on Sabine’s blog, it looked as though she’d found another victim…er, client for her special brand of ‘help’:

Sabine steals Cheryl Corless storyHowever, as it turns out, Cheryl Corless is less than impressed with being lumped in with Sabine and her loony friends, especially when she doesn’t support Hoaxtead and doesn’t wish to be associated with those who do.

We really can’t say we blame her.

Here’s how it went down on Twitter:

Cheryl asked Sabine and Belinda to cease and desist, so they responded like normal, mature adults: they blocked her:

Good going, ladies.

p.s. This just in from Cheryl Corless’ Facebook page:

Sabine steals Cheryl Corless 2

kidding me grumpy cat

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  1. Cheryl Coreless shares many of the same values as Sabine & McKenzie . She claims social workers ‘steal’ children to sell for adoption, defames social workers and Family Court judges, promotes the Hollie Greig hoax, claims family courts are secret courts She promotes loonies like Bill Maloney who has caused so much grief. She is an active supporter of numerous Youtube conspiracists who promote the Hampstead hoax even though she may not, accuses Mumsnet of all manner of things and is a supporter of John Hemming. Serves her right getting involved with these two int he first place.


    • Our problem is with Sabine’s habit of high-jacking others’ cases, not with the merits of those cases per se. For instance, we would never wish to affiliate ourselves in any way with Elizabeth Watson, the woman mentioned in the previous post; however, it’s very clear that Sabine’s intervention in her case made things worse for all concerned.

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    • I have to agree, Sam. She’s well clued up on the Hampstead Hoax and has quite a presence on social media!

      I can’t help but have a chuckle that she’s upset Sabine and Belinda with her comments but I wouldn’t want Corless on our side either. :/

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      • Cheryl has had nothing to do with hampstead hoax, shes been too busy focusing on UKCSAPT, its’ not about her being on your side, it’s about Sabine yet again using anothers’ work to imply credibility, for herself, now that Cheryl has some success underway, ffs !

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        • If Cheryl’s idea of success is defacing Westminster Abbey’s statues then so be it. I don’t admire that. I certainly don’t call being arrested “success”.

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          • oh i’d forgotten that, but actually i didn’t blame her at all at the time, not sure what i might have done, if my son hadn’t returned, tho there are some variations on the theme, i share some things in common. Many condemned her at the time, i say, ‘walk a mile in her shoes, then comment’, and actually it did achieve something important to cheryl, at the time, Judge Jake is it ?


          • I was talking currently, not years ago Jake, have you tried imagining what it is like to lose a child ? wrongly ? and have no redress ? Are people allowed to grow and change and get wiser ?


    • Cheryl has become better informed, if you read the latest community care article, it states that Survivors of CSA are poorly treated. She may have, supported some wronguns, i can’t remember, even, in the past supported the hollie hoax, but so did tens of thousands, and many vulnerable, desperate parents have turned to anyone to try and gain support. On top of that, i have consistantly pointed out, the amount of trolling, bullying that people get if they dare speak against the hoaxers…… Sam, that is really unfair. There is truth in her story, and it is a fact that many survivors of CSA lose children to care, condemned simply for being abused, There are people who now openly condemn the hollie case etc, that previously, and i have worked quite often behind scenes warning them, so i know, some slowly realised the truth of my warnings, some condemned me, but have since realised. John Hemming has done some good in this field, What Cheryl has done, is help set up an independently run tribunal, Apart from that, thankyou to the team, for promptly posting this….. Cheryl is now stronger, more independent, and sincerely wanting for people to not think she supports the hoax, NOW.

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        • i have lost the ability to like, comment on fb, again, happens each time i post anything against the hoax, but i still do, and it returns usually, but i have lost alot of work at their hands in the past, others are scared of that happening to them

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      • That’s a good point about people previously supporting hoaxes (like HG) and turning around on it. Some saw the light more quickly than others, but it’s not surprising that many believed the allegations to begin with.

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        • there are reasons that hardly anyone engages with or shares news about this. one is the obvious trolling, reporting etc, by the hoaxers, another is the viciousness shown here at times, and lack of understanding about the ‘care’ system, and how family courts work, just because some cases are highlighted wrongly by wronguns, doesn’t mean that there are not severe injustices and removals, for targets, where any weakness in a parent is used, and the treatment by social services can be extremely triggering, with no compassion, or understanding or support, as the community care article here, is finally addressing, this is something i have banged on about for alongtime, i have been there…. http://www.communitycare.co.uk/2015/10/29/social-services-poor-working-child-sexual-abuse-survivors-survey-finds/

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          • I filled in this survey, and have recieved poor treatment, but it is worse than just being unsupported, many adult survivors of CSA are losing their children to ‘care;, under the ‘at risk of emotional harm’ label. Condemned, and in fact i often found the very treatment recieved was triggering, psych reports condemning, with no compassion and no help offered, instead even tho i sourced support and my child returned, saving hundreds of pounds per week in costs, i could not be funded to get the therapy, i knew i still needed. I too, have been more than disappointed with the lack of a step change, having campaigned in the early 90’s for survivors to be heard and helped, more. There are ‘experts’, like Norma Howes who regularly condemned parents in court, yet also gave therapy to child rapists and also trained social workers through the Survivors Trust, so why was there no improvement, and so many children needlessly taken into care, and if you can imagine how that would feel to a parent, that was abused in care, then obviously they might display alot of anguish, anger, that is then used against them, too.

            Your comment is awaiting moderation.
            Reply my comment left on Community Care, not sure it will go through

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        • I’m not going to name names, but some might surprise you all 🙂 If i held a grudge against all who turned away from working with me, rather than ‘take sides’, as they often put it, well…….. i don’t see the point, i have often said that one of my reasons for stepping into this arena, is because my group massively promoted alot of the wronguns till i wised up, and even then, i didn’t speak out as firmly as i should have, but it has also been a learning curve for me,

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      • I’ve said I was wrong about her supporting the hoax and now see she does not.

        I also think the fact that Sabine does what so many fanatics do and seizes upon any aspect like Cheryl’s video demonstrates what a car crash Sabine is and she should honour Corless’s request to remove it.

        But Cheryl does issue blanket condemnations of social services and social workers and accuses them of ‘kidnapping’ children to ‘sell’ and promotes the notion that Family Courts are ‘secret courts’ which is incorrect. Not sure what value there is in an “independent tribunal” but I can see many pitfalls.

        I’m sure there have been mistakes made in family courts or social workers at times make incorrect decisions especially considering the pressure they are under but to accuse all of being in some plot is going to far.

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        • One reason i bang on about the takeover of the rallies, 2010, is that, since, people have looked at the likes of Bill Maloney, Brian Gerrish, David Icke, Hoax/holle to hampstead, Belinda McKenzie, as role models. Set the tone, and has taken them down the wrong path, no one to hold the mike and keep it real, if someone had ranted too far. Until the last one, Chris Tuck, did a fair job, but then on the open mike, belinda’s team took it up.
          Again, though i would say ease up on Cheryl, it was her first ever interview, These mantras have taken hold. I’m too tired to say much more on this, but to remind that its’ not black & white.
          Family courts are ‘secret’, in terms of reporting, and parents are ‘gagged’, this does leave room for it to go wrong, for many reasons, There is evidence too, of corruption within the system,
          The ‘independent tribunal’, is an option and choice, for people thoroughly disillusioned with the system, remember it is for survivors of abuse within institutions, the inquiry has so far had many hiccups, again. I’m not sure of the value of either, and can only hope that they will create progress, some of us are determined to do our bit to help them to do that, the tribunal will collate evidence, and provide it to the inquiry, in the meantime offering participants legal help. The inquiry has so far cost millions, and not alot has happened, yet. . .
          Remember, too, that on Child Sexual Abuse, we began, the rallies, 1993, from a point of almost absolute taboo and silence, which i sorely wanted to break down, many felt the same, hence, their early success, in terms of turnout.
          Because the issues raised are so contentious, emotive, and people hurt within the system are left with no where to turn, it has left room for those with other agenda’s to swoop in.
          None of this is easy.

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  2. Trouble is Sabine and Belinda …..well all the wannabee saviours of the world never bother to find out the true facts. To be honest some of these children SHOULD be taken away from the parents!! But we do find those to be the cases that Sabine and Belinda will promote.

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    • I think it’s because some parents have exhausted every avenue and Sabine and Belinda are the last resort. When you’ve got nowhere to go and no real lawyer will entertain your case you go where you can. I’m not sure I’d like to be the ‘last resort’ but hey ho. I suppose when you take on a case like this it makes you feel like some kind of heroine and important.

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      • May I put in a word for social workers here? I know several, and they speak of being constantly tossed between intervening and being criticised for their heavy-handedness, and not intervening enough, and having children seriously injured or even killed. Add to that the pressures they face from within their own institutions, as well as those that fund them, and it’s a terrible job, no matter how you look at it.

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        • Thats also true, i’m just a bit upset at Sams blistering attack on Cheryl. It’s not always the social workers fault, it is the lack of training, and the policies, which have created this, i have met some really decent social workers, who couldn’t get past the manager to do what was right. In the near future, i will be posting some more, and the psych report on me, is truly disgusting….luckily my sw, had been made manager, and was as horrified as i was, and said it didn’t relate to me at all. It is also the highly paid psych experts, who as i pointed out regarding Norma Howes, who btw wasn’t even registered properly, who wore 2 or 3 hats coming from different angles on CSA, careers, books, courses, treatments, off our backs, but with no solid help or support for survivors. And El Coyote, it’s not everyone here, and thanks for your fairness,, but there is also a stigma if there has been social services involvement and assumptions of guilt of parents, like with other issues, easy to condemn if you havn’t been there. What i found with social services is that unfortunately it becomes a polarised fight, and quite often, the way procedures go, would be condemned if it were a seperated parent acting in sometimes alienating ways, and some of them do also get off on the power, none of this is black n white,

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          • No I don’t make ‘blistering attacks” and that is an exaggeration.

            Everything I have posted about Corless is correct and are the thoughts she posts herself. Unless you are saying she has changed her mind.


  3. I have 30 years of documented proof of what I have suffered an ex director of social services helped me get all my paperwork back last year and said my case was the biggest miscarriage of justice he’d seen in his whole career
    I don’t support John hemming I went to him desperate for help 2012 only thing I got was gagged with a penal notice attached my children were removed for the future risk of emotional harm due to not receiving support about being abused in care ss had a choice to fund my therapy or send my children for adoption they chose the latter
    What I did at Westminster I was in the midst of a huge mental breakdown I was manipulated off somebody who told me if I hit the papers my case would have to be heard in open court
    It didn’t happen
    I got a fine what I paid for myself
    In my early days I did believe Hollie Grieg I was a broken woman I was treated abysmally desperate for answers nobody helped or taught me I had to learn it all myself from rock bottom
    2 weeks after Westminster I was diagnosed with severe PTSD and am still heavily medicated for it now
    I’m not saying all ss are bad and some children do need removing but in my case because I’m ex care and my mother before me ex care I was an easy target vulnerable from abuse suffered and told to forget it I don’t matter by authorities for 20 plus years forced adoption does happen and family courts are secret try and go to your local family court and ask if you can sit in a case and you will be refused I used to support bill Maloney I believed he really wanted to help ppl like me but Iv learnt different since I have never supported belinda or Sabine but I can confirm many parents go to them for help out of desperation and I didn’t want my video to encourage desperate vulnerable ppl to go to them as Iv seen many parents let down by them I’m not a conspiracy theorist I’m a woman who was wronged and who has never stopped fighting the system since I ran from care in 89 and lived on the streets rather than go back there

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  4. Thanks for coming by, Cheryl.

    I certainly take your point about people who’ve been in care being re-victimised by the social services system. And like you, I think none of us here wants anyone seeing your video on Sabine’s site and thinking that she could be a resource for them. That’s why I wrote this post: it’s vitally important that no one believe that Sabine could be anything but trouble for them.

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  6. Thank you for sharing it so ppl can see I am friends with vulnerable survivors and vulnerable parents who all no I refused to even watch the Hampstead videos I saw the comments and that was enough for me my personal view is making children talk off such things and sending them viral is abuse In itself it took me over 20 years to stand up and speak out and that took all I had it’s wrong to put things like that in kids heads they will be damaged for life now
    Iv read this blog since you first started and think it’s a brilliant place for activists old and new to come and see that just because someone’s nice to you on the net doesn’t mean they are good people that was my hardest lesson in activism and these days I trust few and question all
    Iv never been on mums net and rarely comment on you tube videos as every time I get a laptop they break in weeks so I mostly use my phone what doesn’t let me see or make comments on you tube
    For over a year Iv been working for nothing helping to create the uk child sex abuse ppls tribunal to try and get the many survivors in this country a platform to be heard Iv never done anything like it and it’s been a struggle but also a healing process for me Iv gone hungry many times to fund my travel to meetings etc and wouldn’t have it any other way I was offered the chance to help people and I did it because that’s who I am up until then I have done everything alone and it’s been a long hard lonely fight not everybody’s case is like mine when I first started I believed everybody because no one had ever believed or helped me belinda and co have never bothered with me until this last couple weeks trying to add me on LinkedIn and on Facebook I refused them all then see this I did this interview for ppl to see my abuse led on to more bad things not for con women to use for their own agendas I don’t no who Sam is who commented but she obv knows nothing off me I have friends Iv had in my life 30+ years I’m a good honest decent person despite what Iv suffered and my only aim is helping people and hopefully one day being able to show my children I never ever gave up I am at the moment waiting for court to start and assessments with a view to my ten and 11 year olds coming home all backed up by chief executive and mp as Iv proved I am more than capable with the work Iv done with ukcsapt my adopted children I can’t have unless the law changes but I fought and fought and nearly won 2 back so I’d say my credibility speaks for itself
    I try and tell others to help themselves and not listen to ppl on the Internet as there are so many horrid ppl waiting to take advantage some for the ego boost others for donations it’s a seedy world in activism I don’t join the groups or follow the sheep anymore was chewed up and spat out which is when I went it alone

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    • Hi Cheryl, I watched the above You Tube video this afternoon and while I don’t agree with your analysis of how the ‘system’ works or what motivates social workers etc, you make some good points and I’m glad you’re not hanging out with Sabine and Belinda. (I think the system needs a big shake-up by the way – I’m not defending it.)
      I’m also glad you’re helping vulnerable people. If you ask me there aren’t enough people about who are ‘community’ minded these days – wish there were more. I do some support work in my own community with Care leavers as there aren’t the resources to help them properly, especially if they’ve had a crap time. Like I said the system needs an overhaul.

      I got involved in this site because of the following:

      1. the lies being told about innocent people (including parents, teachers, clergy and social workers). I’m all for bringing justice down on those who deserve it but I don’t believe there’s a case to answer in Hampstead.

      2. the fact that innocent peoples’ details have been published online resulting in their real-life harassment

      3. the lies being told about what actually happened, including reports being misinterpreted

      4. the fact that people who purport to ‘care’ about the Hampstead kids plaster their images all over the internet, thereby violating their right to privacy. I see this as a form of abuse in itself and

      5. the whack-job conspiracy theories that are being promoted. I just don’t believe that Satanic lizard people are behind everything that happens and I hate the anti-semitism that is connected with that ‘world’. I think people are being led up the garden path with this and that it promotes fear.

      There seems to be several people behind the Hampstead scam who need a kick up the arse and it’s them who this site mainly focuses on.

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      • Thanks, Earl. I think you speak for most of us here.

        The system absolutely does need an overhaul, and I think we need to be careful about providing support and compassion wherever we possibly can. When people feel rejected and powerless, they’re more likely to seek help from unscrupulous types like Sabine and Belinda…and that’s how travesties like Hoaxtead happen.

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    • I can see the petition discussion again, but not comment, Sabine shows herself up, so arrogant, purposefully avoiding and ignoring your request, but the points are made very clear, it might be worth screenshotting, the whole convo, ? I had wondered if she might have removed the video, but i think she can’t post any hampstead ones, she set up a site, which looks as tho they are involved in the other inquiry, and now is going to try and use the tribunal in the same way, recently she also tried to look as tho she was on a serious panel on internet safety. All illusion, and delusion of grandeur.


    • @ cherylcorless80

      I’ve seen the petition. The way your request to have the video unlinked was responded to so dismissively speaks volumes.

      The previous petition of theirs solicits donations to the Knight Foundation! Lol

      There’s possibly not much you can do about it though.

      You only have to read cases on bailii to see failings in the care system and injustices, and also unfortunately to see people responsible for extreme abuse towards children.

      I’m not so sure I’m with you on John Hemming. He associated with Belinda and Sabine way beyond the point that there could have been any doubt about what sort of people they are. He also has a history of his own. I don’t have a high opinion of him. Undoubtedly issues he raises such as transparency and parent’s rights to speak out are actually being taken more seriously in the care system. But he’s not the only one to raise them. He certainly supported a mother in very publicly naming her young child (wrongly) as a victim of sexual abuse. The parallels are there with this case. I’m also not convinced of his probity.

      That you saw the light with some things in your own time is good enough for me. I don’t know if I’d be so ready to disavow something I previously believed.

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  7. Got a disclaimer on my video now happy now

    NOTE: this video has been circulated by and embedded in websites which link to the so-called ‘Hampstead scandal’ in North London which many believe to be a deliberate paedophile hoax.
    Cheryl Corless kindly requests that NOBODY treating the Hampstead case and related cases as fact circulates or uses this video IN ANY WAY. Cheryly wishes to make it clear that she distances herself utterly from anyone dealing with that case and asks that anyone and everyone involved in contentions court cases or similar scandals gets her express permission before embedding or circulating this interview..
    Cheryl can be contacted via her Twitter account on @CherylCorless41 Posted here, with Cheryls; permission.

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