ACTION: Sabine’s Meetup with MEPs

This just in, from a kind reader who happens to subscribe to one of Sabine’s email lists.

If you’re interested in attending, it seems you won’t have to travel all the way to London to do so: see below for details. Oh, and yes, she’s violated her bail conditions. Again. But you knew she would.

From: “Sabine K McNeill” <>
Date: Nov 3, 2015 3:37 AM
Subject: [meetup-group-XyMKXoBe] Thursday November 5th: MEPs visiting London for Fact-Finding
To: <>

Dear Supporters of Child Rights,

THANK YOU for being part of this growing network of adults concerned with’s happening to children, i.e. the future of humanity.

THANK YOU especially for signing up to the event at the Theatro Technis on Thursday that will be a very special ‘cyber premiere’, thanks to my long standing friend David Edmond Efthyvolou who publishes

David arranged for this special venue from where he will ‘web cast’ what will take place live. You will be able to watch this on

I have my ‘mobility issues’, aka chronic pain management for 42 years:

On 04 August 2015 I was arrested: That traumatised me so badly that I can leave home only for important purposes. Thus I will be on skype.

My friend, colleague and co-creator of the event Belinda McKenzie will also be there on skype. She has been ‘gagged’ like I have, i.e. we must not talk about the ‘innocent abusers’ who feel harassed by our campaigning activities. See

And thus we will have a ‘group call’ on skype from 2.30 GMT onwards called ‘Forced Adoption Group’ which will be recorded by video.

It will also be ‘web cast’ as and when it fits into the activities in the theatre where we have space for net-working in the afternoon and a panel in the evening from 6.30 onwards – via

An initial list of contributors is on

The event can also be shared on Facebook:

May the Force be with you, as we keep going – whether with Rudyard Kipling’s ‘Hold On’ 
or Angela Morgan’s ‘Climb or Perish’:
Until we connect again,




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    • No doubt. But she did mention that she cannot be seen to attend anything, or the cops will want her showing up at the station 3 times per week instead of just once as part of her bail requirements.


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