Fair comment: A brief typology of troofers

The Hampstead hoax has largely been driven by people who can be loosely categorised as ‘troofers’ (or if you want to get all fancy about it, ‘conspiranoids’). We’ve noticed that by and large, these people are less interested in seeking evidence and drawing conclusions, than they are in drawing conclusions and then trying to find evidence to fit.

One of our regular commenters, Big Earl, came up with a rather clever typology of troofers yesterday, and we think it deserves pride of place:

I keep saying – if you’re all being paid what about me? Nobody’s paid me.

Can I get a job application form from the Illuminati? Where? They apparently control everything and have all the power. They must have a huge secretarial staff and I’m sure I could fit in quite nicely. Cup of baby blood sir? Shaken not stirred?

Seriously, what is she on? I’ve come to the conclusion that an awful lot of troofers are mentally unstable. (Not all, so don’t get upset if you’re seeking the troof and reading this.)

  • We’ve got troofers who spray the sky with vinegar or chant Ohm to get rid of chemtrails.
  • We’ve got troofers who blame the Jewish lizard masonic people for all the world’s ills.
  • We’ve got troofers who’ve been kidnapped by the police and/or aliens.
  • We’ve got troofers who say they’ve arrested judges, when actually they’ve just said a few words and been kicked out of Court.

Some of them are costing the country a fortune by sodding about in the legal system and as long as I’m paying tax I think I’m allowed to say STOP BEING SO BLOODY SILLY!

  • The most reprehensible amongst them though are those that accuse all and sundry of being paedophiles and baby killers when all the evidence points to a non event.

Like the cast of The Crucible they point fingers and name names and I’ve seen some of them say they’d like to ‘string people up on Hampstead Heath’. I’ve got news for those who think that way – we might not like the way the world is being run (I know I don’t) and we might want things to change….but you don’t get positive change from either harassing or murdering people. If you think it’s okay to do either of these things you need to see a psychiatrist and get your bumps felt.

I’m still angry about that video where the vicar of Christ Church was followed home and then that older lady was harassed when she was walking down the street. SHAME on every one of you who did this. Do you EVER consider you might have been wrong, because I believe you were and so does everyone else here.

Right that’s my rant over. Off to the pub.

Thanks, Earl—words to ponder, indeed.



24 thoughts on “Fair comment: A brief typology of troofers

  1. I think the more hysterical ‘truthers’ derail the fact there are some terrible things going on in this world and many of us feel impotent to bring change. By weaving in Satanic Cults financed by the Illuminati Rothschilds they sort of act as ‘disinformation agents’ without realising it. And yes if there’s a bloody application form and we can get regular employment from the Illuminati count me in !

    As for causing havoc in the courts, I’m very impressed that court officials and police seem to now act very calmly when confronted by these nutters. Did they do a course? I loved the last court document I read that involved the legally challenged Neelu Berry where she accused the Judge of dishonour, placed a lien on him (and his descendents) and arrested him to which His Honour responded “thank you” and went off to have afternoon tea.

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  2. That’s a very good point.

    One of the major criticisms of Hoaxtead, aside from the fact that it’s all bollox, is that insanely sensationalistic cases like this draw attention away from the real issue of child sex abuse. ‘Truthism’ does seem to do the same thing, as it induces people to spend their time running around like headless chickens, squawking that the sky is falling (or full of aliens or chemtrails, take your pick).

    In both instances, people displace their very real and important concerns (children are being abused, the earth is being polluted to the point of non-viability, governments and big business lack accountability, etc.) onto nonsense issues.


  3. It always amazes me that the people who regard themselves as truthers are the people most likely to talk about stuff that isn’t true in the slightest. They should step away from their computers for a while and really think about the rubbish they spout.

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  4. The really important stuff is taking place without the ‘troofers’ awareness, because their attention has been diverted, down into fantastic, unending rabbit holes. If someone engineered this state of affairs, they did a pretty good job.

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  5. Here’s an example of what your typical troofer gets up to.

    Saskia Whitfield (seems like a nice girl) recently posted:

    “In the interest of debunking misinformation, I have just seen a post on someones wall saying that the Russian Federation Emblem and the Rothschilds emblem are very similar implying that Russians are infiltrated and work for the Rothschilds. This is totally incorrect. Please don’t just grab a random meme and treat it as PROOF of anything, you stand a good chance of looking like a disinfo source and a poor researcher!
    When Putin took over, his cabinet was indeed 80-85% infiltrated with Ashkenazi Jews, he kicked them all out.
    I’ll put the offending disinfo meme in the first comment, heres 45 seconds of Putin explaining it.”

    She then posts this video:

    Now I’m not interested in daft conspiracies about the Rothschilds. I don’t even know much about Russia or what’s going on there. I am interested, however, in racism and anti-semitism so I had a look at the video and googled Putin’s speech.

    It seems that while advising other people not to be idiots and publish misinformation Saskia manages to totally misinterpret what Putin actually said. He was in fact talking about the 1st Soviet Union Government (in the 1920’s) and not the Government he inherited. His criticism was that these hard-line communists ‘guided by false ideological considerations’ had supported the arrest and repression of people from various religions. His talk focused on a library which was being moved and said “Thankfully, those ideological goggles and faulty ideological perceptions collapsed. And today, we are essentially returning these books to the Jewish community with a happy smile.”

    If I’m wrong about any of the above please tell me. I don’t mind. I want to know why, with such little knowledge about what goes on abroad, I’m able to do three minutes research and actually get some real information while Saskia talks bull? Would Saskia like to comment?


    I don’t even want to get into the comments under Saskia’s post that stray into Holocaust denial. It just makes me feel too ill.

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  6. Very good post, Big Earl. I look forward to Saskia’s comments.

    I too want an illuminati online jobbie. I have done my voluntary time on the Hampstead case and now feel I am ready for paid work. I am not using a VPN right now so you lot know where to get hold of me. Thanks.

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    • Me too! I want a job with the Illuminati. It’s so boring in the post office. I’m just a slave here. And at least with the Illuminati there are evening shifts – all those solstices and pagan holidays. The overtime pay must be wonderful and I don’t mind running around with one trouser leg up and wearing an apron. It’s a bit girly but hey…who gives a shit if the money is good.

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  7. Are you a from a Babylonian Sodomite bloodline, Mark? if so, you could stand a good chance. Oh..and please become a Freemason too..that should shoe you in even quicker.
    One last thing.. are you nimble with your fingers? Could you stitch some baby skin shoes for me?

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  8. LOL That whole thing about the babyskin shoes is another one of those things that once you start to think about it, it so ludicrous. How thin would a baby’s skin be? How on earth could it be fashioned into ‘leather’ and, being so thin, it would not be ‘wearable’. Honestly, Abe, you just don’t think things through properly.

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  9. I’m going to repeat the question. Saskia says “When Putin took over, his cabinet was indeed 80-85% infiltrated with Ashkenazi Jews, he kicked them all out.”

    This isn’t true. When Putin talked about the 80-85% of Jews he was talking about the First Soviet Union Government – formed in 1917.

    Saskia – why are you posting misinformation like this?

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  10. I would actually ask that if she came here to explain herself we are polite to her. What she needs to understand is that by what she said we are asking ourselves:

    1. Is she anti-semitic and had been looking for information to confirm her biases? This is a reasonable question given the degree of anti-semitism in the conspiracy world. (p.s. I am NOT pro Israel and think what’s happening to the Palestinians is terrible. I just don’t think people’s ‘Jewishness’, their race or religion, underpins the problem.)

    2 Did she just make a mistake by misreading the information? God knows I do that often enough and it’s no big deal.

    3. If she did make a mistake is she going to put it right? I think it’s right once you put out wrong information to explain it to your friends and apologise for misleading them.

    So Saskia, over to you. 🙂

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  11. I was once a troofer. Hoaxstead was the last straw for me. Two days ago I was blocked by a so called truther, because they didnt like the truth, when I pointed out he sounded like a neo nazi blaming the jews for all the worlds problems. Good riddance, I was getting sick of the hate being spewed by him anyway. Im not jewish, in fact Im very anti religious, galvanised by the sad episode known now as hoaxstead. But I would defend their right to practice their religion. Our rights are being diminished and some of the conspiracies are very real, but it seems there is so much crap in the spoof movement now, that it has lost all credibility for me.

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    • This is really interesting, Dave, thanks for sharing it. I hadn’t considered that perhaps Hoaxtead could push people out of the ‘truther’ mindset, but I’m glad it helped you.

      You’re quite right that our rights are being diminished, and government and big business are doing some very alarming things that wind up hurting and disempowering ordinary folk. I think this creates fertile soil for trutherism, as so many people feel there’s no other way for them to assert themselves.


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