Abe v Sarcasm: Can he tell the difference?

If it ever had such a thing, the shine has worn off Abe and Ella’s new-ish blog.

It started with such promise—a place where people could directly question Abe about the many, many inconsistencies and outright lies in his stories—but quickly turned into a caricature of Abe himself: nasty, brutish, and short. Oh, and controlling. Can’t forget that.

So today we were tickled to note that somehow, a commenter seems to have bypassed Abe’s hyper-active delete finger. This comment’s been up a few hours now:

Abe blog-'mahmoudieh'To ‘Deborah’, whoever you might be: well played, sir or madam! Very well played.

And to Abe, here’s some reading material for you to, er, chew on: A Modest Proposal for Preventing the Children of Poor People From Being a Burthen to Their Parents or Country, and for Making Them Beneficial to the Publick. Do let us know what you think!


An alert reader just forwarded this to us: Apparently Abe has taken our criticism of his satire comprehension to heart.

Abe-response to Mahmoudieh-2015-11-1Translation: “I do so understand satire! Look! Here’s me being satirical and understanding satire! Oh, and have I told you that hemp is a miracle food yet? Because it totally is. For sure“.

Swift, Jonathan


16 thoughts on “Abe v Sarcasm: Can he tell the difference?

  1. What do you mean? I told Abe to leave it up there, it IS true.

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  2. I’d love to see Debbie’s face when she sees it (as long as I don’t have to listen to her revolting slurping).

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    • I LOVE her videos. The guys in the pub love them. Leave her alone. Nobody makes a video like Deborah, not even Chatty Cathi. We’re starting a fan club!

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      • sadly in her last video she stayed calm all the way through. Bummer. Love it when she rises to a crescendo. I almost feel her head might explode.


  3. I really enjoyed that, ‘Deborah’, LOL. More please. Let’s use the space for something a little more…entertaining. Abe is such a shit writer.

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  4. It is a shame Jonathan Swift is absent by reason of the inconvenience of death, because I think he would make a wonderful contribution in satire on those loonies such as Abraham Christie.

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  5. Every time I say ‘Deborah Mahmoudieh’ it comes out to the tune of ‘Ta Ra Ra Bum Dee Eh’. I can’t help it.

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    • I thought you were going to say “Every time you say ‘Deborah Mahmoudieh’ out loud a puppy dies”.

      (If you say “Araya Soma” out loud another little piece of sanity dies).

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