ACTION: Please report this video!

Yesterday we discussed the fake diaries that Abraham Christie has written, in which he has Ella’s children describe in lurid detail exactly how their father allegedly abused them.

We are 100% confident that those ‘diaries’ are an invention emanating from Abe’s sick mind.

Now, one of his and Ella’s few remaining allies, Code/Guidance 2222, has released a video containing these diaries, as well as extracts from some of the early videos. It also contains an audio recording of Justice Mumby—which violates the law against recording anything within a courtroom.

We have reported this video to YouTube under the heading of ‘Sexual Content > Content Involving Minors’. In the ‘Additional Details’ section, we have written the following, which you are more than welcome to use or adapt:

This video qualifies as CHILD PORNOGRAPHY. It features a child’s alleged handwritten diary, with a child reading from it about detailed sex acts. It also contains footage of vulnerable children describing intimate sexual acts to a grown man, who encourages them to tell him more. Please remove it ASAP.

If we act quickly, we might be able to nip this thing in the bud.


41 thoughts on “ACTION: Please report this video!

    • Why would you people want this video to be reported? There was nothing on it but the drawings and interview of children explaining abuse? That is very strange! And i have seen the original one that was posted, this one is edited! What is with the clips of RD ? That is really weird! What don’t you want people to see? The fact that these two children are saying that they are afraid sends red flags every time i see it! They are pleading for help! Something has happened to these two kids! The proof would be from the tattoos and markings the children have explained. Why hasn’t anyone insisted on this be done! Then if they are innocent, they can go after Abe and Ella! Wouldn’t that make sense?


  1. Time a crusading MP took on Youtube, Facebook and other social media who allow child porn to be published and then take their time removing it.

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  2. No one’s noticed that the figure labelled “RD” in the drawing has been drawn with what appears to be female breasts just like the two figures either side.

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      • Yes, and I’d be right if I pointed out that the children wouldn’t remember stuff happening to them as babies either.

        The tickling was something Ella brought up in her email/list. She didn’t like it. There wasn’t anything said by her about sexual abuse as far as I can remember, just that it got them overexcited and they said stop. My experience, stop tickling a happily tickled child when they say stop and you’ll immediately be asked to start tickling again! Along with being thrown in the air and being swung about, being tickled is something many children like. Possibly it’s a culturally acceptable thing in the UK that Ella didn’t understand?

        Is that “Mr H” with breasts and something of an up-do?

        I don’t know whether there is an adult hand in the drawings.

        I was struck by the same terms being used by both children in the “diaries”. Even memories of a real event don’t get remembered the same way by two different observers. If there’s too much similarity I would have thought that would be evidence of conferring (contamination) or of coaching, or both.

        Tell Abraham.

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    • Tell Abraham? Would that serve any useful purpose? Can anyone get him to even accept that someone who doesn’t share his view isn’t a child raping, baby eating cannibal?

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  3. I’ve just been studying that picture, and it’s true, the head-dress which Abe reackons are supposed dildo’s have horns? They definitely look like they have been drawn by an adult hand, compare the fingers of the characters.


  4. You are right, Tracy. I have lost all hope of convincing Abraham of anything, I have come to the conclusion he is too far gone, just plain crazy. Still, something drives me on to try, damn.

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  5. I was also struck by the terms in both so called ticking diary entries i.e both children using same terms. The term ‘pee pee’ was never used in any of the videos or police interviews of the children, so that stands out like a sore thumb. And what is an up-do?

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    • You’re right, ‘pee pee’ is a new bit of jargon. I wonder what the hoaxers’ vaunted ‘forensic linguist’ would make of that?


      • He’s already decided by the time honoured research method of picking the facts to fit the theory, discarding everything pointing to the contrary, I thought. That, or his psychic skills told him who dunnit.

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    • Hair put up in a pony tail for example or a hairstyle involving hair up. Also written updo.

      I thought the girl used the fairly common term “front bottom”.

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  6. Thanks, never heard that one before. Just to let you know that I did start also writing about the odd penis’s but it got too yukky so I left it.

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  7. Having just looked at the video again at 5.26 ( things become a bit clearer. As I am not really that au fait with strap-ons I did a bit of searching and found that none of the models displayed had balls. So the kids did not really experience strap on’s (?)(where oh where does any apostrophe go in ‘strap-on’s??) is my deduction from that one.

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    • My guess is they didn’t. The “belt” is all wrong for a functional one too.

      I’m feeling icky having this exchange. This isn’t something children should be drawing.

      Perhaps why they draw childish willy drawings is because, bless them, they have no idea, but are trying to get it right.

      They’re not something I have in my bedside cabinet, but my sources tell me they need to be held on by more than a belt around the waist. Thanks to my gay girl friends there!

      Remember these drawings didn’t go to the police. Abraham was copying them at Sabine’s after the investigation closed. My guess is the written stuff never was passed to the police either.

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      • It is an icky exchange, and even having the kids draw that stuff was a form of child abuse. Unfortunately, it’s hard to ferret out the truth without getting into discussions like this.


  8. My guess is that the written stuff is a complete counterfeit forgery, and that the drawings are composites of some child input that has been steered and ‘enhanced’ by adults.

    There was never any mention of ‘tickle diaries’ before.

    Abe has been invited to respond to this point, and to provide evidence that the so-called tickle diaries were submitted as evidence. This point should be easily verifiable by various agencies who may be inclined to convey this information to us.

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    • No, the whole ‘tickle diary’ thing is clearly a new invention.

      Let’s not forget, too, that one of Abe’s ‘skills’ is in forgery and counterfeiting. He’s not especially good at it, and it wouldn’t make it past any reputable forensic handwriting analyst, but incompetence has never stopped Abe from trying.


      • It’s just a desperately sad situation 😦

        To me, there’s the “brainstorming” sessions, the drawings, the writing (possibly the children’s), the home videos, all showing actual real proven opportunities for the children to get their stories straight before the police interviews.

        And what sort of person wouldn’t hand these writings to the police?

        Abraham’s mentioned not getting sued as evidence that all this is true. But even his solicitor doesn’t know their address to send court papers to. They’re obviously so keen on being taken to court they are in hiding.

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        • The fact that they’ve not been sued proves absolutely nothing–as you say, they’ve conveniently gone off to hide in the south of Spain, making it rather difficult to take them to court.


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