How Abe’s over-egging ended in disaster

One of Abraham Christie’s recent ‘proofs’ that Ella’s children were indeed in the grip of a ‘cult’ (whether ‘satanic’, ‘masonic’, ‘talmudic’, or ‘masodomitic’ we’re no longer sure, as his stories keep shifting) is his allegation that the children planned to kill Ella. Or him. Or something, he’s not too sure now.

Here’s his latest version of the story:

The children disclosed that Dearman had been telling the children to kill their mother for two years, but the children, loving their mother dearly of course wouldn’t. When Abraham (Must he always refer to himself in the third person? Self-important little man ~ Editor) materialised, (‘materialised’? What, out of thin air? ~ Ed.) Dearman fealt (sic) threatened and told the children to kill Abraham. His police associates would have covered up, implicating Ella, and Dearman would have what he wanted, namely the children, and Ella incarcerated for a crime she didn’t commit and  at Dearman’s mercy. (My god, where does he get this stuff? It’s like the Perils of Pauline, only worse! ~ Ed.) When asked if they were still considering killing Ella and or Abraham the children said that “Mama is easy to kill, but you uncle hemp wouldn’t be so easy to kill.”

Sorry, our Editor gets a bit tetchy around this kind of arrant nonsense.

Both M.E. and “Abraham is the whole problem” have a thing or two to say about Abe’s latest bizarre revisionist history:

Abraham Christie-lies about kids' plan to kill him

1. If Ella was fearful that her children were going to try to kill her, why did she not disclose this to the police during her interview?

2. In the CRIS report, the police noted that Abraham had contacted Jean Clement saying the children were threatening him. If the police planned to cover this up, why would they have put it in the CRIS report?

3. Children aren’t exactly seasoned professionals in the killing biz. If the ‘international murder cult’ had planned to kill Abe, wouldn’t they have just sent someone to have him bumped off? No muss, no fuss.

Dave, a commenter on this blog, notes the following:

On page 26 of the CRIS report is an entry on the 9th Sept 2014 at 15:50. It is Jean Clement calling the police to say that he had received a call from Abraham, with Abraham saying the children have threatened to kill him.

Strangely, when Finbar is in the garden with A, he says it is the 9th Sept and 15:58. They are then in the house when Abe, Ella and G appear to return home. Abraham is then heard calling Jean Clement.

The children’s and Abraham’s behaviour in that video does not tally with the children having threatened to kill him. It would appear the police got Ella in trouble for doing their own drive-around, and Abraham has phoned Jean Clement claiming the kids were threatening to kill him. Probably because the police were taking about Abraham (‘me me me’) and he wanted them to focus back on the “cult”. Total scum!

Another commenter, The Watcher, expands on this:

Indeed Dave, 9th September 2014 was a very busy day …

8.58 am – DC Steve speaks to Ella, reinforces that she mustn’t speak to her children about the case as it may ‘frustrate the investigation’. He tells her that the drive round she and AC did on 7th Sept with the children has damaged the reliability of the one done by the police (source CRIS report p25)

?time – Strategy meeting between Child Protection Officer, Camden Social Services, Police, School’s representative, Dr Hodes. ‘All persons present were very concerned as to the nature of the disclosures and ED’s reaction to’ them. Concern was also raised over how long ED has known AC and the influence he appears to have over her and the children. Several referrals were made to CAMHS and Tavistock in the past that ED did not attend. Dr Hodes ‘was particularly concerned as she felt that the children were at risk being left in the home environment with ED and AC, as ED has not appeared to protect her children’. Dr Hodes opinion was that the children should be placed in foster care to enable them to ‘speak freely and possibly make further disclosures’. It was decided that the children should be taken into Police Protection and Social Services would obtain an Emergency Protection Order. (source CRIS report p26-28)

?time – Child psychiatrist SK contacts DI JC to say that JCY (Jean Clement Yaohirou) contacted her for advice regarding therapeutic input for the children. SK says JCY felt the detail in the allegations meant they had a likelihood of being true. He stated the children had threatened to kill AC and possibly also their mother. SK advised JCY to contact DI JC to inform him of the risk. JCY forwarded her ED’s email detailing the abuse. SK states that she and her team believe that the mother may have some ‘mental health problems which should be considered when thinking of how best to safeguard the children. (source CRIS report p33)

Just after 2pm – Irish male films A inside the house (for just under 15 mins). AC states that the police investigation is ‘what we expected’, says ‘I wonder why they want to talk to me’, and of DC SM states ‘It’s him, we know it’s him, he came for xxx (AC’s son) and he didn’t get him because of me’, AC leaves house with G. E complains that the police are really pressurising her. E decides to start packing in preparation to leave the country (source Video recording)

2.20pm – DI JC receives a phone call from JCY saying AC has called him stating that the children were going to kill him. JCY is worried for the children and their current state. (source Sabine McNeill)

4pm – Irish male films A in the garden (source Video recording)

(I cannot take credit for the compilation of the above material, I have lifted it from another forum. Thanks to O’really)

Many thanks to both Dave and The Watcher for this additional info’. It does seem to bear out our belief that Abe’s goal was to have the children recite his own mad belief that North London was in the grip of a murderous (fill in descriptor here) cult. However, he failed to consider that telling the cops that the kids planned to murder him and/or Ella, or any of the other loony shite he tried to foist off on them, would result in the children being taken away from Ella for their own safety.

Whoops!Abe outside RCJ 1

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  1. LOL, this really is the best soap in town!

    Has anyone noticed Abe speaking to himself? Check it out – he’s getting confused over his own socks now. There’s a comment from ‘M’ on there, followed by a reply, also from ‘M’, which ends with:

    “Thank you M
    E & A”

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    • Yes, he’s been cutting and pasting the comments he gets so it looks like he has loads of fans. Instead it looks like he’s off his rocker.


  2. I’m trying to get my head round why a cult with members in high places and lots of power and money would try and get two kids to kill the mum and step-dad. As usual there’s no logic in any of this.

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  3. CRIS report:’Several referrals were made to CAMHS and Tavistock in the past that ED did not attend.

    Dr Hodes ‘was particularly concerned as she felt that the children were at risk being left in the home environment with ED and AC, as ED has not appeared to protect her children’.

    So it beginning to emerge that Ella has NOT pursued/attended/engaged with referrals regarding concerns relating to the children’s psychological welfare (CAMHS/Tavistock). This is irresponsible and an indication of her true care of the children’s emotional life. The problems, if they were present, may have stemmed from Ella’s parenting style. Maybe that’s what all those tantrums were about – not enough love. Ella’s lost emotions. This may be something which she is not responsible for. Her own experiences in childhood may be the cause of her own coldness, and lack of affect, something very evident in her interviews. She never shows any emotion towards the children, no handwringing, no tears, no NOTHING. Just words. Words without passion. No ‘I MISS them, for example. No ‘I cry at night’.So many mothers have commented on yt pages under Hampstead interviews: ‘If that was me, I would be fighting, present, to the death.’ But somehow this maternal feeling is absent in Ella. I am not saying she does not care for or love her children, at some level, in a kind of detached way. Of course she feels much much guilt. But being with chameleon seducer psychopath Abe is priority for her, her own needs come first. Separation from HIM would be more troubling to Ella than the loss of her children.

    Thankfully the children do have a loving father to step in and pick up the pieces of the chaos Ella has created. One day the ‘in love with Abe’ will turn into disgust when her rosy specs fall off. What parts of her relationship with her children will she be able to salvage then?

    From the limited information presently available, Ella’s behaviour suggests a lack of warmth from her own mother as a child, resulting in her own inability to show warmth or empathise with her children – as we have seen in her behaviour and in many interviews. Generationally handed down attachment styles. Her lack of normal mothering instincts: Not protecting her offspring, walking away from them.

    Ella’s preference – and clinging to – a man’s love over her children may suggest she had a warmer relationship with her father than mother during childhood, and that she clung to this in the absence of anything else, perhaps. This may have been her method of emotional survival, which is still being played out today. A better ‘fed’ child Ella would have grown up to have the resources to handle the stress of single parenthood with her children who she found difficult. She had to brace herself against the arduous task of picking them up from school’ due to the difficult drive home, by her own admission.

    In steps Abe, a controlling man, her saviour. ‘He will instill compliance in them where my love has failed’.

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  4. I had always assumed that they moved from the garden into the house, but of course it could be the opposite way around. That makes even more sense for the idea that Abe phoned JC with claims of threats, because he was freaking out that the police were onto him.

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