Abe and Ella, kiddy art forgers not-so-extraordinaire

We were utterly revolted by Abe’s recent allegations about Ella’s kids’ diaries today (no link, sorry, it qualifies as child porn in our book). If you haven’t already seen it, we recommend that you spare yourself: it’s basically alleged ‘excerpts’ from the Ella’s children’s diaries, in which they appear to describe their father abusing them.

Let’s just say that we can easily imagine a paedophile being extremely interested in Abe’s blog today.

Abe's blog-fake diaries 2Abe's blog-comments on fake diariesThe alleged diary excerpts consist of a strange mélange of extremely child-like and very adult terminology (‘pee-pee hole’ in the same sentence with ‘index finger’, for example). As we discussed it, we were reminded of the drawings of tattoos and birthmarks that Abe and Ella claim were also produced by the children (yet were somehow never given to the police as evidence).

These drawings have been shared and re-shared by Hoaxtead hawkers, as they’re one of the only remaining bits of ‘evidence’ that even remotely support the idea that north London has been taken over by ‘satanic death cultists’. But when we look at them, a few things just don’t add up:

Kids don’t draw like that.

Anyone who knows anything about children will tell you that their drawing skills are pretty primitive until they reach their teen years. When they draw women, for example, they don’t include rounded hips and narrow waists.

Tattoo drawing-adult styleGosh, it’s almost as if someone who’d been to art school, like Ella for example, drew a woman’s torso, and then told the kids ‘draw a horned monster thingy right there’.

Children’s drawings are usually much more like this:

Tattoo drawing-kid's styleUnlike the previous drawing, this is more of a child’s caricature. It’s almost like someone said, “Hey, why don’t you draw me the ugliest naked person you can. And don’t forget, all naked adults have pubic hair that resembles bike shorts! And they pee/poop into buckets while standing.”

But let’s go back to another version of that first drawing for a moment, shall we? Do you see those 5-pointed stars (with the giant honking arrows pointing straight at them)? (If you don’t see them, please call your doctor and schedule an eye exam ASAP.)

Tattoo drawing-adult style 2Well, here’s an interesting titbit: When Abe asked the little girl to draw the baby-skin shoes (remember those?), he wanted her to put 5-pointed stars on them. She wasn’t able to do it, so he obligingly drew them in for her.

Abe draws a star 1Abe draws a star 2Abe draws a star 3Here’s Abe drawing stars, because the little girl can’t do it herself.

And yet, somehow, she was miraculously able to reproduce perfect 5-pointed stars on the ‘tattoo drawings’! Astonishing, no?

By the way, a few questions arise about the infamous tattoo drawings, such as: why were the originals never given to the police? Was Abe afraid the police would easily detect an adult hand in the supposedly ‘original’ children’s drawings?

Sadly, Abe is just as crap at forging kiddy art as he is at forging pretend legal letters.

11 thoughts on “Abe and Ella, kiddy art forgers not-so-extraordinaire

  1. Someone’s just posted this on there. Thought I’d grab it before Abe inevitably deletes it:

    “Ella, if you get to read this then please, for your own sake, take heed.

    Abe has just claimed online that these diaries were handed to the police, Dr Hodes and Pauffley. If Abraham is telling the truth then the diaries would have to be scrutinised as evidence in their own right.

    If however Abraham is lying, and these diaries are false, then he has destroyed any possibility of you pleading ignorance. You are now complicit in fraudulent claims against the police, a judge and a medical professional. You will have just handed them irrefutable evidence that you knew the children were never abused by their father, and that you have made false allegations of a very serious nature against him. If you were in trouble before, you are completely fucked now. All due to Abraham, the man who caused your children to be taken into police protection in the first place.

    If for whatever reason you can’t love your children Ella, then I do feel some sorrow for you. However, that is only if you can fix this for them. Even if you can’t love them then surely you recognise what this is doing to them, and what it can do to them in the future. Please, take some time and think long and hard about what you are doing…..and how you can really save your children anymore pain.”

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  2. Brilliant, thanks, DG! We are 100% confident that the diaries are a latter-day invention, another piece of fake evidence cooked up by Abe.


  3. The court (and the media) condemned Ella in no uncertain terms and Abe really escaped close attention. But he is now arrogantly & blatantly exposing himself as a person who invents ‘evidence’ and he & Ella would face very serious charges of perverting the course of justice. I think they could both face long jail terms eventually if they ever returned to the UK.
    Their actions indicate real madness. Is Abe so convinced (aided by creeps like Charlotte & other web ‘truthers”) that he can turn this whole case on it’s head?.
    The pair have now been cast into the wilderness – by their own choice – yet they both seem devoid of emotion. Abe is a seriously ill & dangerous man. Ella has become a victim of Stockholm Syndrome hence her apparent lack of emotion.
    And now I have actually watched these kid’s videos, something I avoided for ages, The sort of excitement and eagerness in which they recount the tales of death & mayhem defy all logic. Children are not emotionless creatures. They truly care about other children. The notion that these 2 kids could stand by and watch babies being murdered in front of them (and take part) is so fantastical. But to then describe this in the manner they have is ridiculous. They would have to be the coldest kids on the planet. So obvious they are parroting, as children will, a script to please a teacher.

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  4. It’s that whole over-egging thing again, isn’t it? It’s one thing to make up lies to keep a father from seeing his kids, but quite another to take it as far as they have. And making up evidence, as you say, could lead to very serious charges at this point.

    I’ve had the same impression about the kids too–no child could be so nonchalant about that degree of violence and assault.


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  6. I think I may have mentioned this before.. Just after Abraham draws the pentagrams for Child “A” , she holds them up to the camera, and then he asks her if they are the wrong way up (he knows how the pentagram should look).. and the child replies “Oh….eh..yes!” and turns the page around.. just to please Abraham.

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