Bitch fight on Aisle 9

Oh, those wacky Hoaxteaders! Seems you can’t turn your back on them for five minutes before they’re at one another’s throats.

This time, Charlotte Ward Alton has finally decided to turn against Christine ‘The Voice’ Sands, whose shrieking made the Christ Church protests so very memorable (and distracted from the fact that other protesters were doing things like chasing and terrifying elderly people, pounding on the church doors, and frightening the children).

Here’s commenter ‘Danielle George’ with the lowdown:

There’s a great spat brewing between Angie and Charlotte. They had a little tiff about Abe’s hemp and veganism promotions a few days ago and now they’re bickering over Christine Sands (Angie’s a fan, Charlotte isn’t). The funniest part is that Charlotte can’t cope with the flak and has resorted to washing her hands of the post, passing the buck and blaming Video Man for it!

Angie: “Trusting my gut until proven otherwise…felt bad when she was rounded on by us Brits after Christchurch…we have better things to do with our time?”

Charlotte: “I see your point, Angie but Video Man made this video. I’m rather busy emailing 20 000 education professionals!”

Angie: “Gosh duly silenced ouch”

Bitch fight


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  1. Thanks, EC 🙂

    On a side-note, it’s interesting that she’s just picking up on the Christine Sands debate now, when everyone else covered it in April, then moved on. And the other day she posted an ancient video and called the post ‘Blast From The Past’. And she’s just posted a Rolf Harris article from the Daily Mail (so it must be true)…from June!

    Either she’s a) the worst researcher in history, b) too busy knocking back magic mushrooms to keep up or c) run out of material. I suspect d) all of the above.

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  2. It’s real car crash viewing over there now. Charlotte has put up two posts claiming that she’s sent 5000 emails to school office staff, because she believes they have more time to go through them while they’re in school and the kids aren’t.

    “As I said, lots of schools are on half term so I’m imagining those schools’ office staff coming in to work tomorrow feeling a little more relaxed than usual. Then, as they have their coffee and warm up to a day that is perhaps less hectic than it normally is they will have time to read my email and watch the children’s testimony – and maybe it will spark up a conversation?”

    Trouble is, she’s blissfully unaware of the fact that school office staff have the same holidays as teachers and are not in school this week!

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    • Even if the emails do not land in the junk file & some hapless recipient reads them what does this batshit crazy fool think is going to happen?. A court has ruled in the case and it is now closed.No-one can act upon this wretched cow’s email and if they did so they could find themselves in serious trouble. Defamation, harassment and so on. The only creeps promoting this satanic cult nonsense are either pensioners, unemployed or self employed.

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  3. LOL, AkhaldanSolo’s back and keen to remind everyone why he’s solo:

    “Only a real coward would use a female avatar to verbally abuse another female, talk about a real worm. If you have the fortitude to contact me and start a conversation I will gladly eventually give you my home address so that we can have a REAL gentlemanly visit, it can go any way you like but you will have to pay up for your transgressions toward the lady and others. Make your move”

    I might ask Ricky and Sophie for some acting lessons. I’m struggling to act scared.

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  4. I think I was excluded from here (until the power cut maybe reset my IP) but I am sure this comment from another blog is from an early activist, although I cannot be arsed checking :

    “Very powerful article Aangirfan. Most people have not had the luxury of immersing themselves in the realm of child sexual abuse to have the fortitude to intellectually dissect these very complex issues.”

    I was taken by the opening words of the long winded drivel, left a comment to that effect, but left one here too.

    I am on the side of the “conspiracy theorists”, usually, but rats abound in this matter.

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