Sabine as you’ve never seen her!

Hello, and a good Saturday morning to you!

While rummaging around in our old files, we ran across this gem, from the Asha Centre: “a UK charity working for the empowerment of young people, sustainable development and peace & reconciliation worldwide”. (Now, there’s a mission statement for the ages!)

On their list of ‘inspirational women’, you’ll never guess who we ran into!

Sabine-Asha CentreOur favourite part (aside from the fact that Sabine ‘follows her bliss’, by…being an ‘online activist’ as her ‘social life with meaning’) is where her prototype software is called ‘the most important work since relativity theory’.

According to whom? Who did she have to pay to say this?

Did she take them out, get them drunk on schnapps, hand them a pen, and demand, “Sign here”?

Or perhaps she handed them a cue card, and told them, “Please read this out loud. Look straight into the camera. Big smiles, now!”

Honestly, we cannot imagine any other scenario in which someone might say such a thing.

Unless that someone was Abe, and he’d been on another hemp bender. Actually, that sounds exactly like something he’d say.

Mystery solved.


25 thoughts on “Sabine as you’ve never seen her!

  1. “saved her from the bombing in Dresden”. While not underplaying the dreadful events in Dresden presumably her mother ‘saved’ her by not actually standing where a bomb dropped which I would think was basically just good luck. Typical of Sabine, sorry Sabina to mythologise something that had little to do with human endeavorments.

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  2. ‘….she keeps her spirits amused by helping victims of white collar crimes.’ Amused?

    This was written by someone who’s first language isn’t English. Did she write it herself?

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    • It certainly has that Sabine tone to it. She lives in a very different world from most of us.

      By the way, if you check out the other ‘inspirational women’ on that site, you’ll find people like Eve Ensler and Glenda Jackson. Question mark?


      • Wasn’t Glenda Jackson involved with Christchurch Primary School? – I think she is in a photo with RD and the headmistress.


  3. So…..who misled the woman into believing that she was qualified to be a ‘McKenzie Friend’ and child abuse campaigner??

    She over eggs herself time and time again, and after watching her performances in various situations I would say she is quite a sandwich short of a picnic to be honest. Not the type I would feel confident in letting represent me for any reason whatsoever.!

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    • You said it, Hunter! I find it hard to believe she would put herself forward this way, but apparently she gets just enough positive feedback to feed her delusions of grandeur.


    • She’s also very dictatorial and a real foot stamping when she doesn’t get her way (mostly). Then the tears come but go just as quickly.
      Perhaps I should be kinder as the terrible bombing in Dresden may have affected her (although she was a baby). Surely it affected her mother and perhaps she passed on that onto the daughter.

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  4. I’d like to confess, that I belong to a collective of Sabine worshippers. She’s a Goddess, an embodiment of Thoth, Hermes, Aphrodite…well maybe not Aphrodite. You all are just jealous because she discovered astrophysics and invented gravity, and you didn’t.

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  5. Who is funding this woman’s adventures? I mean, presumably all this travelling around, meeting clients and financiers and getting involved in legal cases to keep herself ‘amused’ must cost a wodge. So where is it coming from? Inheritance? Mystery benefactor? MI5?


        • She has a longish history of taking on cases in which children are being abused by their parents…yet she takes the parents’ side. Once she’s got her grubby mitts on a case, she mangles it horribly, shrieks about how it’s ‘all just too much’, and then bounds off to the next cock-up. You might, if you were uncharitable, call her a serial case-mangler.


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