You have challenged Abe, the great and wonderful. Prepare to die.

Q. How can you tell when you’ve hit a nerve with a Hoaxteader (or in this case, the Hoaxteader-in-Chief)?

A. He starts issuing death threats. Oh, and calling you a Sodomite (Babylonian or Masonic, take your pick).

Our email in-box has been flooded the last couple of days, as would-be commenters on Abe and Ella’s blog send us screen-grabs of their about-to-be-deleted comments…none of them death-worthy in our estimation, but then we’re not Abe. For which we profoundly thank whoever is in charge of that sort of thing.

We’ve been frantically cutting and arranging them in some sort of order, for your reading pleasure, and where possible, we’ve added numbers to help you follow the thread of conversation. If you can call it a conversation, when some coward with a delete button keeps removing it, but that’s a Hoaxteader for you.

Here we see Abe/Nemesis expounding on his loopy and completely unscientific theory that hemp juice can be used as a ‘blood transfusion liquid’ (#1). JoJo has the utter temerity to contradict him (#5).

Jojo feels sad#1 and #2: More ridiculous pseudo-science from Abe. #3: JoJo tells him he’s full of shite.

00-31-CVID-JoJoJoJo’s earlier comments get deleted, but she takes another run at it.

01-17-JoJo-IV deliveryWhoops! Bad move, JoJo!Nemesis threat to JojoIs it just us, or does this seem like an over-the-top reaction to someone taking issue with your made-up science-y stuff? Looks like Abe really hates it when people contradict him.

But is JoJo bovvered? She is not. Besides, ‘Abe threatens people’ and ‘Soosie’ have her back.

6-30-death threatsAnd ‘Abe threatens people’ slips back in with a little jab:

6-31-abe threatens peopleATP and JoJo do a one-two punch:

9-29-JoJo & ATPAnd this provokes Abe into an admission…sort of:

9-31-Nemesis & ATPCompletely plausible, like all Abe’s fabrications, and ending on a note of false bravado.

A new challenger takes him up on it:

9-34-Mafdet(Mafdet? We looked it up: apparently she’s an Egyptian cat-god of judgement, justice, and execution. There, never say you don’t learn anything new here.)

9-36-Mafdet + ATP

Apparently Mafdet is also the goddess of spelling and grammar, and she’s got Abe in her sights. Meanwhile, ATP asks about another uncomfortable subject:

9-38-Abe + ATP + Mafdet9-43-ATP + Mafdet…and so on.

By press time early this morning (yes, we have a press time, don’t laugh), Abe had either ceded the field or passed out from the exertion of jamming his finger into that delete button. Here’s how things looked last time we checked:

2015-10-18-last posts 12015-10-18-last posts 22015-10-18-last posts 3And th-th-th-that’s all for now, folks.

Of course, if you go to look this morning you’ll discover that it’s all been wiped clean again…because the last thing Abe wants is inconvenient questions.


14 thoughts on “You have challenged Abe, the great and wonderful. Prepare to die.

  1. I made a comment on Abe’s blog yesterday but it was deleted. I did take a screen shot. I commented as midicon, I also have a Facebook under that name. Anyway a short time later I received an odd friend request on Facebook. It crossed my mind that Abe might be using this account to find information about his detractors. The friend request came from a Collin Adams from Ghana, I mention this as I wonder if the person behind that account has contacted anyone else.

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      • lot of con-men in Ghana,
        As someone with leukemia quacks like the criminal child abuser Abraham Cristie piss me right off. I’ve studied every form of claimed cancer cure over the past 3 years and spoken to numerous professionals. I’m very lucky my doctor is a world acclaimed cancer specialist and although he is just about to oversee a 2 year government sponsored medical marijuana trial in Australia he is alarmed how many are treating marijuana is some sort of miracle cure-all which it most definitely is not. Smoking pot may aid those in pain. Marijuana oil may aid those with blood cancers but these are not cures, just aids,

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        • I’m sorry you’ve been forced to become an expert in that illness, Sam. And I agree that when people like Abe promote ‘cures’ like hemp juice or whatever, it only clouds the issue and creates false hope; in the worst cases, it can stop people from seeking treatments that may aid them. Glad you’re getting excellent treatment. All the best to you!


  2. Something I have always liked about the public is our ability to make fun of the darkest and most evil people, reducing them to characters of comedy. I had a good laugh reading the comments directed at Abe last night. Especially when I know that Abraham is sitting somewhere frantically trying to delete them. The big question is what role is Ella taking, if any?

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    • I agree, Dave. Abe has tried to portray himself as a kind of Rasputin figure (to Ella’s Tsarina?) and it’s good to see that image flipped round.


  3. I for one, am glad the kids took back a bit of power and put shit on his food for what he did. The kids ‘treated him to shit’ LOL


    • If that story is indeed true, and not just another imagining from the depths of Abe’s demented psyche. I find it hard to imagine that children would know that running a toothbrush under the rim of a toilet would pick up fecal matter without being detectable to the naked eye. Perhaps they did, perhaps they didn’t…but in any case it raises the issue of WHY.


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