Abe and Ella can’t keep their stories straight

With their new blog barely hatched, Ella and Abe may have opened themselves up to a whole lot more public scrutiny than they ever intended…especially for those of us with long memories.

For example, take the infamous “they do sex to us” video, presented on the blog’s front page. Pookster78, who has long questioned Abe and Ella about aspects of their stories that just don’t add up, notes that at the 39-second mark in that video, Abe prompts G to talk about Richie from social services. G talks about Richie.

Pookster-comment-inconsistencies-2015-10-13However, in the original, unedited YouTube video (which we will not link to for ethical reasons), the same conversation occurs at 35.50. In this version, G says that Richie comes to the school. Then he pauses and asks, “Is that true?”

Surely, if G were simply recalling a real event, he wouldn’t need to check with Abe whether this or that detail was true. This has been pointed out in the past, and so in true Abe fashion, that inconvenient piece of video is simply ‘disappeared’.

As Pookster asks, “Why the deception?”

We’d venture to guess that it would be unwise to hold our breaths waiting for a response from slippery Abe.

In another, longer post, Pookster takes the Hoaxtead hawkers (in this case Guidance 2222) to task on the multiple inconsistencies in the Court of Appeal Judgement.

Extracts from the Court of Appeal Judgement:

51…”A series of communications from the local authority’s solicitor went unanswered”.

This is speaking about Abraham, who it would seem ignored several attempts to contact him to give evidence at the Fact Finding Hearing.

52.   “DS Paul Speer from Colindale police station described in evidence what happened firstly on morning of 10th February when he spoke with Ms D over the telephone to discuss the material on the internet. Ms D told DS Speer that it was nothing to do with her, she did not want to speak to him and did not trust the police”.

So, the police had spoken to Ella about the internet material just 2 days before they went to her home, and she pushed them off the phone. It Is therefore her fault the police came around on the 12th. Again, she refused to speak to them and let them in, fleeing the country instead. The idea then that she was forced to leave or that the police were going to lock her up to shut her up, is utter nonsense.

iX 56…”As it is, Ms D has not communicated either with the local authority or with my clerk at any time since 17th Feb. Nor has she had contact with or made any inquiry about the children”.

So it appears that Ella has made no effort to find out about her children as the appeal was in August. Which fits perfectly with her complete lack of emotion towards them in any interview or video, and that she appears to have forgotten about her third child. She only mentions them to put forward her and Abe’s conspiracy, or to defend Abrahams abuse of them.

Ella’s other son is again ignored on their new blog. Yet, this is a son who has apparently been under the care of her ex husband for numerous years. An ex husband she accuses of being in a satanic paedophile sodomite death cult.

Well, should I say masonic, as Abe has now changed to that. It would appear he has figured out that masonic conspiracies have a large target audience. The guy is as transparent as a fart at 40yrds.

“The case was never intended to reach the CPS, much less the glaring light of public scrutiny”. Well, I am part of the public and I am scrutinising. While Ella and Abe refuse to answer my perfectly appropriate questions regarding their case. Now we are told it wasn’t meant to reach the CPS….eh……so they didn’t want the CPS involved in a case of murder, rape and cannibalism???? WTF? Who did they want involved?

I act surprised but I am not. During the Jean Clement recording Abraham and the children filter off into the background. Ella is left talking with Jean Clement. It is then that Ella reveals that RD has turned back up after a year, wanting and gaining access to the children. That he had been aggressive to Ella and her mother in the past, and that Ella didn’t really want him getting more access.

Think about it. If Ella has audience with Jean Clement, why is she talking about past misdemeanours when she is supposed to be discussing murder, rape and cannibalism?

Further, we find out from the CRIS report that when the police first went around, Ella was reluctant to speak to them, as if she didn’t want them involved. It would appear Ella didn’t want the CPS or the police involved….so who did she expect to be involved?

This part is my opinion. Ella had on previous occasion made reports against RD to the court and had been granted a NMO, stopping RD gaining access to the kids. All without arrest, charge or prosecution. I believe that Ella thought she could do the same again, and stop RD getting access again.

That it would be a simple case of incriminating RD and she would again get what she wants. Unfortunately for her, crazy Christie made the story too elaborate and too criminal, getting the actual police involved. Since then, this convicted child abuser and controlling – aggressive man (according to Araya Soma based on his previous relationship with her friend) has made the decisions and written the agenda (Satanic/masonic cult which can only be cured by his hemp juice blood transfusion).

Abraham’s poor decisions have cost Ella her children, and possibly scarred her children for life. I don’t just mean the physical scars he has inflicted on them for life, but the mental ones also.

Shame really, all she had to do was allow weekend access and none of this would have happened.

I suppose it’s not all bad for them. Papa Hemp now has open access to his “Hemp Goddess” with no pesky children getting in the way. Which probably explains why she has made no effort to find out about them, and why it has taken a year to get their blog underway. I wonder when the e book will appear…


Tell us another one, Abe & Ella.


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  1. Hey Coyote! Remember when I posted my Nightmare Scenario in some comment thread, long time ago now? I really nailed it, didn’t I? Right down to the truther MPs bullying police behind the scenes. I must be psycho-ick, eh?

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  2. I know what it is to be you, Mr Coyote (or Scarlet, or Moor Larkin, or Anna Raccoon). Just want you to know that.
    I was a tornado of rationalist activism when I was young. I even did radio and tv appearances, long, long ago. But then my network took down a very nasty gang of Nazi skinheads with their own international network connections and I’ve been a-nony-mouse ever since. Some crisis develops in your community, you have no choice but to commit yourself to confronting it, and you’re happy to do that. Weeks turn into months, (then into years, in some cases). You wonder if you’ll ever “get your own life back”, sometimes. I know. You are committed, but you can’t carry your torch forever – and you shouldn’t, either. You have to pass the torch on, at some point, and take your well-earned break.

    I allowed myself to “retire” in the early 1990’s. I thought the SRA dragon was slain – we had saved the world, and now at last I can relax and enjoy other aspects of my life. So I did. A decade passed and one day I stumbled upon some disturbing stuff on the ‘net and…lo and behold, the dragon’s back! (In fact, it only went underground, or out of my sight). There were heroes fighting it, but they didn’t have all the weaponry they should have had – and I had some guilt feelings about that. I hadn’t passed on all the lessons that I had learned, to some younger folks, before I left the field myself. That’s one of the reasons I sometimes spew long rants here. I’m still trying to compensate for my mistake, by dumping data wherever I find other minds receptive to it.

    Now, about Mr. Watson…

    There is a particularly outrageous irony, about the slur campaigns against Leon Brittan. It was Brittan, more than anyone else, who oversaw the police campaigns against PIE, and they were shut down “on his watch”. I believe the original rumor slanders about Brittan being a pederast, came from PIE activists – their vengeance against him for putting many of them in prison. When today’s anti-pedo campaigners pursue and publicize those slurs against Brittan, they are unwittingly FULFILLING THE WISHES of the very pedos they profess to be combatting.

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    • Thanks for that, Justin. You’re right, I think many of us had no idea what we were in for when we started to take on this particular monster. I certainly didn’t predict that the lies would have gone on as long as they have–I had a naive view, I suppose, that when exposed to the truth, the lies would evaporate. We need to meet for coffee some time. 🙂

      As for Mr Watson…most interesting stuff, thank you. I’ve been hearing something of the sort about Mr Watson.


      • I’d love to do the coffee thing, but we might have to do it electronically. I’m in North America.
        And you should probably know…I have 3 heads and greenish skin.

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      • I’d love to do the coffee thing, but we might have to do it electronically. I’m in North America.
        And you should probably know…I have 3 heads and greenish skin.

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        • Have you seen this piece of research Justin?

          “Participatory Action Research on Help-Seeking Behaviors of Self-Defined Ritual Abuse Survivors: A Brief Report

          Laurie Matthew and Ian G. Barron

          a Eighteen and Under, Dundee, Scotland
          b University of Dundee, Dundee, Scotland”

          I remember you posting about Izzy’s Promise. This is a linked charity is that right?


          I appreciate your data dumping by the way!

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          • @ydy…tracey –
            Click! Click! Click!

            Oh, there it is – of course, under “scots ritual abuse charity frauds”. Why couldn’t I remember that? 🙂
            Yes, that is an associated charity group.

            There’s a hilarious video tour of scots countryside:

            based on Laurie Matthew’s “Where Angels Fear”, “identifying specific locations in the Dundee area (also near to Aberdeen) where survivors say they have been ritually abused by groups…”
            There’s lots of spooky old places in Scotland, and that proves satanic abuse cults are active in Scotland, apparently. There used to be full caps subtitle for this vid: “RITUAL ABUSE IS A VERY REAL PROBLEM NO MATTER WHAT THE EXPERTS SAY”

            Here’s some excerpts from various “info about SRA” and “advice for survivors” articles posted on Izzy’s Promise site at one time:

            “Posted on February 14, 2013 by Aileen
            Most people, if they were really honest – they would rather we were all dead. Because if we were dead:
            You could pretend it never happened.
            You wouldn’t have to face us or hear of our experiences and our pain.
            You wouldn’t have to struggle to believe something you know could be true, but don’t really want to accept as a reality.
            You wouldn’t need to challenge it.
            You could distance yourself emotionally by never knowing or accepting us as people, like you.
            You could mourn our tragic deaths, move on and then forget we ever existed.
            You wouldn’t need to deal with the effects on yourself of hearing about our abuses.
            You wouldn’t have to accept responsibility for your part in maintaining the systems that permit ritualised abuse.
            If we were all dead you could all stop struggling with your own fears, disbelief, denial and the effects of our pain on you. You could perhaps find some of our remains and dig a large pit to fill with lime. You could swiftly throw our broken bodies in the pit and cover us with earth. Then you would be free to release your emotions. You could cry for us, especially for those of us who were children. You could get angry and rage at the terrible fate that was ours. You could be quietly relieved that it was not your fate. You could shout for vengeance and retribution and swear that this kind of horror will never be permitted to happen again. Not ever!
            You could mourn our passing… then you could forget and get on with your lives. If we were all dead you would be able to sleep more comfortably each night in your beds. Will we apologise for making life difficult for you by surviving? I think not…
            Only two sets of people know the truth about ritual abuse; the survivors of the abuse and the abusers. Only one set of people will try and tell you. Only one set of people will tell you the truth. You need to listen. If we were all dead the abusers would still be here amongst you and who would be their next victims? Maybe you! Maybe your children!
            We are survivors. We are the living evidence of the existence of this type of abuse. Deny the abuse exists and you deny us the reality of our experiences. We would like to deny it all too. We would like to switch off the memories. We would like to sleep at night without nightmares. We would like to feel as safe as you do while walking down the street. We would like to have family we could turn to and people to trust.
            Some of us are badly damaged. Some of us are mentally scarred. Some of us will never heal. But, we have survived our abuse. We have survived alone. We have survived without you. We will continue to survive, with your help, or without it. We are not dead… so you can’t bury us yet, even though it might be easier for you if you could.
            How can we get justice when there are no laws that name it?
            How can we exist when the world says we don’t?
            How can we talk if no one will listen?
            We are dismissed as mad because of our suffering. You would be too. We are accused of making it up. Why would we do this only to be dismissed as mad? We are told we havefalse memories given us by therapists yet most of us have never gone near a therapist or anyone else to try and talk. It would be pointless.
            You are playing into the hands of the abusers by silencing us, just as they do. They want you not to listen or believe us. Talking is nearly impossible for survivors like us. So why do we even bother trying?
            The way I see it, you only have two choices; either you stand beside us and help us survive and fight back against them, help us make them stop; or you stand against us and if you do that, you are, in my eyes, one of them – the abusers. There are no fence sitters in this war. There are only the abusers and their allies, and the survivors and theirs.
            Which are you?”

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    • Presumably the four named people who squeeze themselves into that kiosk in the underground station skin the babies post ritual and blood-letting. Good thing too, as there’s no running water to clean up the mess. The busy commuters just take it all in their stride when they gaze through the clear glass shopfront and see those wee darlings, The smell just blends in with the leather, so ‘perfect operation’. There is never any waiting time, another good thing, as rotting corpses really arent that good tasting for lunch.

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      • That little kiosk hardly looks large enough to accommodate an industrial-scale shoe-making facility. Thanks for clearing things up.


      • I agree it’s too bad a video had to be made, but I see the point of juxtaposing the two stories for contrast. Unfortunately, without this kind of comparison, a great many people just don’t get it.


    • On the 4th September 2014 at the airport Girl P names D, F and M as the shoemakers who make baby skin shoes at a specified location.
      The following day, 5/9/14 at the police station Girl P says: ‘F and M work as carvers in a carving shop at Swiss Cottage… They carve churches out of the babies bones and they give them to the Church. They also sell them to make money.’
      The same day Boy Q tells the police that ‘papa and D make plastic willies in his shed.’

      It looks like from one day to the next the cobblers have become sculptors of sorts working at different locations. So much for the consistency that the troofers are banging on about.

      It’s probably worth noting that the children never mentioned the baby skin shoes to the police in any of the ABE interviews. Also Ms Draper seems to have forgotten about them in her ‘Witness statement’ of 21/3/15.

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      • We find it interesting, as well, that the term ‘satanic’ never appeared in any of the original videos, but seems to have been tacked on afterwards by Hoaxtead enthusiasts. So much of this story is cock-eyed and retrofitted, it’s often hard to know which pieces came from where.


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