Retired social worker found with stolen files on abused children

Remember how those of us opposed to Hoaxtead warned that splashing the kids’ graphic video allegations of grotesque scenes of sexual abuse would become fodder for every web-surfing paedophile out there? And remember how Hoaxteaders said we were full of sh*t and didn’t know what we were talking about?

Yeah. Well, this morning the following article arrived in our in-box.

A retired social worker caught with stolen case files on abused children and a haul of indecent images has avoided jail.

Anthony O’Donoghue stole confidential files, relating to vulnerable children and adults, during his 18-year career with the Social Work Department between 1988 and 2006.

His theft of the files, which dated from the 1980s and 90s, only came to light during a probe into an international paedophile ring.

O’Donoghue swiped the files from social work offices across Glasgow while working as a temporary care officer and a community work assistant.

The 62-year-old was snared by police investigating paedophile ring in March last year after arriving at his home in Renfrew to carry out a search.

Their search also unexpectedly turned up a bag and a suitcase stuffed with the confidential records, which were labeled Strathclyde Regional Council Social Work.

Among the papers was a typed letter relating to a young boy who had been spanked by his uncle, along with guidance books on sex offending and sex abuse.

Police investigated further, receiving confirmation that the files were genuine and were the property of Strathclyde Regional Council.

Officials within the Social Work Department were unaware the files, which O’Donoghue should not have had, were missing from the relevant departments.

During his employment O’Donoghue worked at Windlaw Aged Persons Home, in Castlemilk, in Glasgow’s south side.

He also worked at offices in Ruchill Street, in the north of the city’s Ruchill, and Dalness Street, in Tollcross, in the east end.

O’Donoghue’s position within the organisation also meant he had access to other social work offices.

Police came to search O’Donoghue’s home in Renfrew in the belief that he had indecent DVDs on the property.

It is thought he was identified as someone who had child porn due to purchases he made online, from the now-defunct website

The films were from a Canadian-based website which sold DVDs marketed as being naturist films, many of which featured underage boys. The Canadian authorities deemed the films sold by the website to be of an indecent nature.

The website was taken down and is now being investigated as part of a global probe into the sexual exploitation of children. O’Donoghue made nine purchases from AZOV films but a total of 16 DVDs were found in his tenement flat.

The DVDs were all categorised at being level one or two on the scale which is used to grade how extreme child porn is.

Most of the DVDs lasted well over an hour and showed naked boys aged between seven and 18. All but one of the DVDs were found on the floor in O’Donoghue’s bedroom.

O’Donoghue was arrested over the DVDs and stolen social work files and later appeared at Paisley Sheriff Court charged with possession of indecent images and stealing the files.

He pleaded guilty to the charges earlier this year and returned to the dock on Tuesday to be sentenced.

Sheriff James Spy placed him on a probation order telling him he will be supervised by social workers for the next three years.

As part of the probation order he also has to carry out 180 hours’ unpaid work, was placed on the sex offenders register for three years, and has to work with an organisation that helps sex offenders in Renfrewshire.

O’Donoghue was also banned from owning any device which can access the internet unless getting permission from his supervisors and was banned from having any contact with anyone under the age of 16.

There you have it: some paedophiles are turned on by precisely the same sorts of images and descriptions that Ella Draper, Sabine McNeill, and Henry Curteis so happily smeared across the internet—urging all and sundry to share, share, share!

After all, Mr O’Donoghue had to steal the files he used to fuel his paedophilic fantasies. Why not just eliminate the inconvenient ‘stealing’ bit, and put it all up on the internet for easy access? We’re sure the children will appreciate knowing that their words and images are being used by paedos worldwide.

Hoaxtead: Helping paedos save paper since 2014!

Hoaxtead: Helping paedos save paper since 2014!


17 thoughts on “Retired social worker found with stolen files on abused children

  1. Yes the hoaxters have given many real paedophiles free jollies, whilst smearing as many innocent people as they can.

    Have you seen this video? I just watched it all the way through; it is like Charlotte Ward’s training manual!

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  2. Maybe Abe was watching cartoons while babysitting is kids one day, the ideas seeped into his consciousness below the dope threshold, only to gurgle up later, at an opportune time.

    These cartoons are hilarious. And timely.

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  3. So sorry, I'm not sure what thread to post these on. So I'm posting it here. I hope you see the connection with these because they are all connected back to Chris Everard and Truth Frequency Radio (Kev Baker's and Everard's internet radio with Chris Geo) and Keller (a.k.a. Kell) is an admin on Everard's facebook page: "Feed Your Brain Magazine Official Fan Page."

    And they are all still perpetuating this hoax!

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  4. Crazy Charlotte links to every Satanist tale going as though that proves a current false case. Even ones that were discovered to be hoaxes. One she links to is a father in the US who made disturbingly similar claims to Hampstead & which is almost a blueprint of the criminal Abraham Cristie’s plot. Now the father is in jail and those accused by him have been exonerated by the courts but for the Hoaxers this seems to confirm the discredited claims. Just weird.
    # For the first time I watched those children’s videos to the end: I feel like I have invaded their privacy but I needed to see the retractions. The girl was superb and matter of fact and seemed as though she was happy to unburden herself and very brave admitting she had talked her brother into the more bizarre claims. I’m sure they are so happy now as telling the truth is always a great relief.
    But why are these satanic promoters so furious? It’s like they are not happy that children haven’t been murdered or abused. They are sick, very sick.

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