Fair Comment: Who released the videos, and why won’t they admit it?

A brief refresher: Hoaxtead began with the release of a series of confidential videos, in which two young children recited detailed stories of unbelievable sexual abuse. The videos were leaked to Henry Curteis of The Tap Blog, who posted them publicly, setting off the shitstorm that would become the Hampstead ‘satanic ritual abuse’ hoax.

Since that initial release of those videos, as well as of illegally obtained police ABE (Achieving Best Evidence) videos in which the children first confirmed, and then admitted that they’d been physically and psychologically abused into making the original accusations, blame has been tossed around like a flaming hot potato.

As it dawned on them that they could be legally prosecuted for their actions, Ella Gareeva Draper, into whose care the police videos had been placed, and Sabine Kurjo McNeill, then acting as Ella’s McKenzie Friend, both frantically denied responsibility for releasing the videos.

We feel that the following, from one of our regular commenters, sums up their culpability quite nicely:

Sabine: Firstly, you don’t Bcc a blogger if you don’t want your content to appear online, as their content. If you have been given confidential and sensitive material from a client, you don’t let it out of your hands. You don’t let strange people set eyes upon it, or give them the possibility to download it. Especially to a blogger that publishes material that is of the standard of the ‘National Enquirer’. You represent clients in the narcissists realm of special places: The European Parliament Petition Committee, no less, and yet you don’t know the fundamental rules of confidentiality when representing a person???? The fact that you Bcc’d the video links to Henry Curteis suggests that you had a relationship with him, so he would have known whether he had your permission to publish or not. You deliberately sent him those videos knowing they would be put out there. And of course this all ties in to that ‘veiled threat’ you made. Good luck in court.

Ella: So you were going to blur the images on the video? Because you did not want to harm or further abuse your children, making them vulnerable to online voyeurs or paedophiles who might target them in real life and so put them at risk? Is that why you have just published their faces as big as can be, (p.s they are still very recognisable), on your new blog, registered in your name, probably paid by your plastic, ie traceable to you, because you *really* are against their images being out there?

Both Sabine and Ella, had they been against the leaks, would have urged Henry Curteis and others to take down those images and videos. They would have complied with gagging orders, turned up at court. But they didn’t. And ever since then, they have done whatever they could to spread those images, videos and the children’s names as far and as wide as possible. So no one is going to believe they are innocent of the initial leak, and neither does it matter, really. Because they continued to leak. Left, right, and centre.

I think I might respect them more if they actually stuck to their position. They put themselves out there as warriors and fighters, but they are really just cowards.

As for that document with the names, which Ella says she did not release: It’s irrelevant, since she went online and read it out herself. What more proof could you need? Angry at the judgement, it was the only thing she had left, the only thing she could think to do. Similarly, in narcissistic rage, she used her children as weapons towards her ex, that was why she wanted to cut off his contact. A good mother would want her children to have a relationship with their father, despite any grievances they might have themselves.

Ella, you really deserve the predicament you find yourself in.

Ella, Sabine: Time to accept it. You f*cked up.

Ella, Sabine: Time to accept it. You f*cked up.

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  1. That’s is exactly how a normal, sane, logical human would perceive the whole situation, unfortunately Ella Abe Sabine nor their demented followers will not. Neelu is a prime example, the ability to see sense has gone out of the window. At what point common sense left their brains we will never know.

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  2. Check out the ‘Evidence’ tab. There’s loads of proof that Sabine and Ella leaked the videos as well as people’s contact details.

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  3. I can remember seeing a post by a blogger, the one mentioned above, but I can’t be sure now. I have tried searching for it, but like a lot of things that are not favourable to the McKenzie cult it has probably been deleted.

    The blogger accused Sabine of being disingenuous in accusing him of publishing the videos etc without her permission/knowledge because as far as he was concerned they had an understanding that anything she sent him was for publishing. Sabine also had admin rights on the blog and could have removed the posts.

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  5. Many people who signed those early petitions, rightly reported and taken down, surely remember how Sabine gloated about how nothing would stop them, and calling on people to mirror, copy and viralise, everything. Surely people didn’t miss Belinda’s utter incompetence, and hands in the air, ‘i can’t help it, some of my followers are so pushy, etc:, not even checking the list, when the case went public. So not only a crap McKenzie friend, but also a crap activist, who has no idea of how to keep herself informed. Do check the background, thoroughly presented, in the tabs above, this site proves everything, alledged. Shame John Hemmings, didn’t insist, that all the sites connected with Belinda’s Mckenzie Associates, with various links to sites all under their control, her’s and Sabines, many of them, all linking back to the older hoax, hollie, all now linking to cases, or viralising ‘truthers’, whilst genuine, needy victims, are ignored, misled, used, abused, or followed by people encouraging them to act in ways, that make the cause for Survivors trying to gain and hold ground, seriously with the Inquiry. Shame that some new people, that haven’t seen the developments since 2010, with these shysters, and fakes, now allow them to retain credibility at events, why ?…………. Many of us, have recieved severe backlashes, or are being sidestepped, lied about, slurred, and in some cases have our lives dangerously interfered with, because, somehow they are geting helped, in mysterious, hidden ways, it seems…… But then, being as open as i have been, consistantly, has cost me dear, personally, most of my life, in many ways, that these fake campaigners, have added and aided that to become moreso, and how much they have skewed the online campaign, has been painful, watching how, our revealing the effects of CSA and the dysfunction or problems we have dealing with life, how that has been made worse, whilst they pretend to be helping, is utterly disgusting……. yet i still am being shunned by some well known people, one even on the survivors’ panel, for the inquiry, is not going to be tolerated. At the last rally, i was assured that Belinda et al, would not be on the platform….they were not on the speakers list, but made damn sure that they took advantage of the open mike, and of course their videos, including Kellie Cottams’, tenant of Belinda, as well as another tenant, who made sure the children were mentioned, within her speech, vaguely, and obviously they had a plan. That open mike, would have been held for survivors, and if i could have got there, that is what i would have attempted, but i was unwell and not sure i’d be strong enough to withstand the disgusting bullying that i and others recieve. Filthy looks, sneaky comments, blocking, some people experienced their nastiness at the Hollie hoax meeting which i attended, 2012. Yes, i have been personally hurt, by all of this, as have so many. At times, because of the trolling recieved, the following me into good groups, to ply their lies, bully any that would not allow their crap, groups that were at one time, able to be open, online, had to batten down hatches, and close, or become secret, divisions caused, needlessly, and that is not hard to do amongst disparate groups of hurting people, frustrated by the lack of recognition………There has been no recognition by them, of many strong groups, only the chosen few, only survivors that will drop the right cherry picked cases into any events, speeches, or will be wound up to act aggressively, groomed, filmed and again, not difficult. Any group, worthwhile, are more cautious, more empowering, and sincere. I see none of these fakes, amongst the hundreds of groups worldwide, that i am still in. I have even held back from saying some things, because there is often a swift adjustment in their behaviour. Do they watch me, for sure, do they ever have the guts to challenge me openly ? no. The back story to the meetings, emails and bullying i recieved pre 2010, which gained them the credibilty to fool so many, is clear now.

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