Abe & Ella’s new blog welcomes comments!

Abe and Ella’s new blog, hampsteadcoverup.com, is welcoming comments addressed to Abe and/or Ella. How nice to see that they’re fostering a real spirit of community over there, instead of hitting the delete button every time someone expresses an opinion that differs from their own (like Charlotte Ward Alton, who can’t take even the mildest criticism).

Or at least, they haven’t learned how to delete dissenting voices yet.

Meanwhile, though, have at ’em!

Addendum: Sorry, folks, party’s over. It appears that Abe and Ella have finally RTFM and figured out how to work the ‘delete’ button on their comments section. But hey, it was fun while it lasted!

Abe & Ella blog comments 2015-10-12

go get em tiger

31 thoughts on “Abe & Ella’s new blog welcomes comments!

  1. I notice a lot of messages giving Ella the addresses of the British and Russian consulates in Malaga. Maybe she will contact them and escape from evil Abe.

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    • People are making the not-unwarranted assumption that by this time, Abe will have turned on her. After all, victims can be in short supply when you’re on the run.

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  2. Thanks for capturing this, they shut down already the ability to comment, and that site is revolting. Most serious campaigners have ignored them….they are busy doing the hard often unseen work, counselling, supporting, guiding, those real cases that are being put through the courts, not a week goes by without more convictions, more real evidence, many good groups struggle to have an online presence, and alot of that is down to the shouters, fakers, supporting this disgusting new hoax case, their tactics, and i have followed you here, for that reason, because, i’m not really doing any real work in the field, and that i feel some responsibility given, i ‘let’ them take over the platform, that i viralised pre 2010, that had gone on, since i started it since 1993, but was hardly known about. They have taken advantage of the responsible sites, and genuine survivors lack of interest or time, energy, to devote. So thankyou to everyone here, who has paid attention, dug away, and revealed the truth and the whole picture. So anyone, that needs to now, can look through the evidence here, that backs up and proves the diabolical mess this case has made, as did the previous hollie hoax, which is still being pushed again, through the route of viralisation, carved out, by people jumping on our rightful demands, for transparancy, proper investigations, and mainly governed by our need to know that we have done our bit, to prevent current and future abuse, or to gain justice, compensation, recognition. I have been shocked that Mel V and Ben Emlyn Jones, both who spoke with me, saw the controlled opposition, aspect, interviewed me, but who have since allied and promoted Belinda Mckenzie, Sabine McNeil, once again……….

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  3. Thanks for your input crossofchange, very interesting and important perspectives.

    On another note, abe seems to be yet again doing a dickyrearman stunt and is yet again posting images and videos of young, sexualised girls, just like he did before, using his ‘campaign’ as an excuse to do so, gratifying himself.

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      • Do you think Abe is secretly jealous of of Ricky? All these attempts to bring him down are quite obsessive. Reminds me of the grotesque revenge against Patricia Hodge in “The Life and Loves of a She Devil”. Abe will be having plastic surgery to resemble Ricky next!

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        • I don’t think it’s all that secret: put their pictures side by side, and most women would instantly reject Abe.

          Round here, we speculate that Abe must have some kind of hidden advantage that makes some women think he’s not that bad; that’s why we call him ‘Aby Crookdick’. Because really, what other reason could there be?


    • Good lord. Next thing you know he’ll be claiming a back injury, walking with sticks, and whingeing about how he shouldn’t be prosecuted because he’s a senior citizen.


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  5. What is wrong with these people? They seem to think if they write something on a blog and a lot of people read it somehow everything will change in their favour. Delusions and fantasy.

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    • It reminds me of something one of them wrote a while ago, about how a ‘majority’ of people now believed this story, so that must make it true.

      Important fact, Hoaxteaders: the truth of a story is not dependent on how many people believe it.


  6. I’m amazed that penny pullen was in the original emails sent to me, i was ritualistically abused, as a child, and there were easy ways for them to target and trigger me, partly cos i fell on my own petard, ie being open, and shouting bot abuse, so i did fall, bigtime, just before that rally 2010, and they rely on shaming me, to silence, me …again. But if i can show someone, the proof, of the press release, that i squawked about, professing a ‘mass healing in trafalgar sq’, originating from \Baloneyls mill, etc, i do keep asking for someone with techie skills to please help me do this…..

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