Pensioner victimises small children, Charlotte admits

Oh, sigh.

Charlotte Ward Alton, maven of misinformation at That Other Blog, is at it again. This time, she’s trying to whip up sympathy for known child abuser Sabine Kurjo McNeill, “71, a Hampstead resident and the children’s mother’s McKenzie Friend at the time (Nov 2014 – Feb 2015), helped leak the children’s videos onto the internet – although she did not leak the written testimony of 70+ named abusers”.

We’re sure that Sabine must appreciate Charlotte’s ‘help’, as she herself has been frantically denying having had anything to do with leaking those illegal videos onto the internet. But Charlotte is a real pal like that: she’s the kind of friend who makes you wish you had more enemies.

By the bye, here’s one of Charlotte’s classic clangers:

The children named abusers who worked within the police. Is it possible that this station is infiltrated by the ring/cult?

followed immediately by:

But as if the police being infiltrated was not enough, the cult-infiltrated local paper, the Ham and High stepped in to write a hit piece about Sabine and her fellow legal rep, Belinda McKenzie.

Note how she jumps straight from pure speculation (‘is it possible’) to a statement built on the assumption that her speculation is true. Looks like Charlotte’s parents wasted their hard-earned cash sending her to that expensive public school. Turns out she learned nothing about basic logical argument. But we’ve been saying that for months.

Sabine is 71. She has a bad back. She walks with sticks. She is able to keep going because she practices “hot yoga“. So of course, she is the perfect target of a hate campaign by the cult.

Wait, we thought ‘the cult’ only targetted young children and babies? When did they start going after limping, yoga-practising pensioners? We must update our files.

Somewhere in the middle of this dog’s breakfast of a post, Charlotte manages to accuse the Ham&High newspaper of being ‘cult-infiltrated’, as well. You can tell, you see, because one of its reporters is Facebook friends with a couple of alleged ‘cult’ members.

Of course, by this logic, Ella Gareeva Draper is a cult member as well, since she’s Google+ friends with at least one person who’s included in her list of ’20 special’ families.

Whoops! How inconvenient!


13 thoughts on “Pensioner victimises small children, Charlotte admits

  1. Haha..even Ella’s connected to one of the 20 special families on Facebook..hahaha… as usual, Charlotte and Jacco’s research amounts to a big stinkin’ pile of B.S. 😀

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  2. Sabine: Firstly, you don’t Bcc a blogger if you don’t want your content to appear online, as their content. If you have been given confidential and sensitive material from a client, you don’t let it out of your hands. You don’t let strange people set eyes upon it, or give them the possibility to download it. Especially to a blogger that publishes material that is of the standard of the ‘National Enquirer’. You represent clients in the narcissists realm of special places: The European Parliament Petition Committee, no less, and yet you don’t know the fundamental rules of confidentiality when representing a person???? The fact that you Bcc’d the video links to Henry Curteis suggests that you had a relationship with him, so he would have known whether he had your permission to publish or not. You deliberately sent him those videos knowing they would be put out there. And of course this all ties in to that ‘veiled threat’ you made. Good luck in court.

    Ella: So you were going to blur the images on the video? Because you did not want to harm or further abuse your children, making them vulnerable to online voyeurs or paedophiles who might target them in real life and so put them at risk? Is that why you have just published their faces as big as can be, (p.s they are still very recognisable), on your new blog, registered in your name, probably paid by your plastic, ie traceable to you, because you *really* are against their images being out there?

    Both Sabine and Ella, had they been against the leaks, would have urged Henry Curteis and others to take down those images and videos. They would have complied with gagging orders, turned up at court. But they didn’t. And ever since then, they have done whatever they could to spread those images, videos and the children’s names as far and as wide as possible. So no one is going to believe they are innocent of the initial leak, and neither does it matter, really. Because they continued to leak. Left, right, and centre.

    I think I might respect them more if they actually stuck to their position. They put themselves out there as warriors and fighters, but they are really just cowards.

    As for that document with the names, which Ella says she did not release: It’s irrelevant, since she went online and read it out herself. What more proof could you need? Angry at the judgement, it was the only thing she had left, the only thing she could think to do. Similarly, in narcissistic rage, she used her children as weapons towards her ex, that was why she wanted to cut off his contact. A good mother would want her children to have a relationship with their father, despite any grievances they might have themselves.

    Ella, you really deserve the predicament you find yourself in.

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  3. As far as I can see the Ham & High have published newsworthy stories about the Hampstead hoax and have been very fair. Afterall their job is to report fact to the locals. They even published a piece saying Neelu had been exonerated when they could have ignored her court victory.
    But I see the ghastly Charlotte has published Sabine’s response to the Ham & High where she demands they retract their stories pointing out that they should be demanding all the same rubbish websites do & ignore a High Court judgement.
    It just shows the alternative world this lot live in where they fume because a newspaper does not bend to the will of half a dozen bloggers with Sabine (sorry Sabina) pointing out to the Ham & High that because the Fruitcake Brigade Bloggers post something they should automatically follow.
    And being 71 with dodgy hips does not give you a free pass where the law is concerned.

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  4. For me the most damning thing about Sabine is that she ran a campaign to return the children to their abusers. She would hear nothing to the contrary.
    Perhaps Ella at some point will try and blame it all on Abe and say he made her say all of those things and that she was in fear of him.

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  5. If Ella were to say that, it would be somewhat believable, if not for her behaviour in the interim. Her flat, disinterested voice and facial expression when talking of her own children speak volumes.


  6. It was a bit tongue in cheek, but it has crossed my mind before. A good lawyer could claim, fear coupled with the constant abusive influence of Abe caused her to disassociate or some such. It probably wouldn’t wash but is something she might consider. I wonder if Christie has been abusive to her? If he has that too could lend credence to such a claim. She should get herself a McKenzie Friend and run that idea past them.

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  7. I would not be the slightest bit surprised if Abe has been beating her, as he did his ex-wife. In fact, as I understand it, he put that poor woman in hospital. If Ella had any brains, she’d get out of there right away quick.


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