Abe and Ella have a new blog. Yawn.

After months of threats, Ella and Abe appear to have finally set up their much-anticipated blog. It’s precisely the erudite bastion of integrity, truth, and sensible commentary that one might expect, given its source.

From its grotesquely over-enlarged, hyper-pixelated header photo, through its comically hyperbolic descriptive passages, this blog is definitely one to watch out for.

Abe’s hand is visible throughout:

The shocking internet video revelations of child sodomy and murder committed by seemingly respectable members of the community within schools, churches and private homes in the affluent Hampstead area of London have created an internet storm, with millions of people on both sides of the Atlantic having viewed the graphically compelling testimonies of Alisa and Gabriel, the two innocent child victims, who were kidnapped by agents of the State to prevent them revealing more of the secretive workings of this Masonic Sodomite, Death cult.

So now it’s a Masonic Sodomite, Death cult? (sic)

Foolish us, we thought it was a ‘satanic’ one. Ah, well, live and learn.

The case was never intended to reach the Crown Prosecution Service, much less the glaring light of public scrutiny.

No, we don’t imagine the case was ever intended to reach the CPS, was it, Abe? It was meant to be a straightforward smear of an innocent father, combined with Abe’s taking over as King of the Internet Satanic Panic Pushers. Getting the CPS involved created unexpected complications, and led to Abe and Ella fleeing the UK, and leaving the children (who were allegedly still in the grip of a death cult) quite alone.

In a stomach-churning bit of hypocrisy, Abe describes the two children as ‘brave’ and ‘courageous’—chilling indeed when we consider the physical and emotional abuse he heaped upon them.

Oh, and you might recall our earlier discussion of Abe’s inability to write the word ‘TATTOO’ without using all-caps:

Barnet police were presented with evidence, including video testimonies, audios, drawings and detailed descriptions of TATTOOS and intimate distinguishing marks on the bodies of the children’s attackers, strongly supporting the children’s allegations, and which is sufficient to pass the burden of proof to the named and intimately identified attackers.

By the way, the fact that Abe has an obsession with TATTOOS is most certainly not “sufficient to pass the burden of proof to the named and intimately identified attackers”. TATTOOS have no magical properties which cause them to render the normal rules of proof inoperative, no matter what Abe seems to think.

All in all, this blog is pretty much what one might expect from Abe (and Ella, we suppose, though we doubt she had much to do with it). It does, however, contain the following sentence, which we defy you to read without wincing:

The testimony of Axxxx and Gxxxxxx is their Black Swan. For the first time we have credible witnesses giving first hand accounts of the secret workings of the Satanic Rite of Sodomy and child sacrifice, which is employed to keep the world population in a low level fearful animalistic state energetically.

Okey-dokey, then. Thanks for clearing that up.


21 thoughts on “Abe and Ella have a new blog. Yawn.

  1. Another website of fiction that few will read or care about. What is certain is that Ella and Abraham will never get their hands on those children again. Justice is slow, but it will catch up with them.

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    • ..and I’ll be soo happy when it does, SV. That new blog is disgusting. How they can get away with reporting their lies and drivel is beyond me.

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      • Sadly, it can be hard to force even the most flagrantly offensive and illegal blogs off the internet. It’s an area where the laws haven’t yet caught up with reality.

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  2. So I guess this pair are not coming back to the UK any time soon given their shocking breach of a court injunction and their contempt of court.
    Why have they bothered with this website ( and I see the “expert” Reti Popoola gets a look-in as well) ?. Not only have they demonstrated nil concern for the children by publishing their images 7 names, their blatant finger up to the law is bizarre.
    I’m now of a mind that Ella found her Perfect Match with the convicted criminal Abraham Cristie and when given a choice between him & her kids, chose the creep.

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    • Why bother? Because they are, or at least Abe is, paranoid and vindictive. If they can’t get their own way they are going to sh!t on as many people’s lives as possible and generally keep up their harassment of innocent people.

      Is Abe any relation to John?

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      • I think Abe wants to be the biggest fish in the very murky pond of troofers. So far as I know, though, even the troofers won’t have him, and that’s saying something.


    • Interesting that he’s called ‘Reti’ Popoola here, isn’t it? Do you think this could imply a closer relationship with their famous ‘professional forensic linguist’?


  3. So, Abe’s dispensed of the word “Babylonian” now.. and replaced it with “Masonic”.

    He probably figured that more people in the so- called Truth Movement would take notice of him if he vented anger at The Freemasons instead of the err..Babylonians..

    What an evil, nasty, malicious, narcissistic freak Abraham Christie is.

    That web page is the lowest of the low. The children’s names and pictures all over it. The pair of them make me sick!

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  4. The pair of them must be feeling like the lost causes they are. They don’t appear to be getting invited onto internet radio shows anymore, where do they go from here?

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  5. Just a quick word to the wise: the Gruesome Twosome haven’t figured out how to operate their blog yet. I see people are putting up negative comments that aren’t being deleted.

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