Charlotte Ward Alton writes to her imaginary friends

Yesterday we revealed that ‘researcher’ Charlotte Ward Alton was contacted by a long-deceased journalist from a long-defunct magazine. Incredible as that sounds, we looked back a little further and discovered that Charlotte is no stranger to communicating with imaginary friends.

On 05 October, she attempted to contact the world-famous ‘ITCCS’, the fake ‘international court’ promoted by Canadian scam artist and defrocked United Church of Canada minister Kevin Annett.

And by ‘world famous’ we mean ‘nonexistent’.

HR to ITCCS-1…and so on, for 4 full pages. Don’t worry, we won’t inflict them on you.

“I am hoping you will use whatever power and influence you have….”

Ahahahahaha! Fact: the ITCCS has exactly zero power and influence. It is a fake court, dreamt up by a sick man. The fact that Charlotte seems unable to grasp this is almost as hilarious as her inability to grasp that Simon Regan popped his clogs a decade and a half ago.

And to anyone who still reads Charlotte’s deranged rants, this should be yet another indication of exactly how seriously she should be taken.


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