Neelu Watch: ‘This whole thing is a big joke’

Neelu is due in court today, but we’re not placing any bets on whether she’ll make it. Since early September she’s 0 for 3…or is that 4? and her latest mass emailings don’t look promising.

Dear friends and family,
I have checked with Customer Services Manager at Highbury Corner Magistrates Court, Sharon Darby, 0207 506 3147 the trial for vexing a priest is listed for 10am, 7th October 2015, before lay magistrates (not judge)
I have just forwarded the email complaining against the Police and to a John Howard in Case Progression that there is no jurisdiction because a higher judge Judge McPhee already dismissed it on 06 April 2015. He agreed Judge McPhee asked CPS for review – on the basis of no law, which means he dismissed it, so it is a fraud that there is a trial listed for something which is outside of law.
see charge sheet attached
I am in receipt of an email from Hanson Young Mr Abbass that they have arranged Counsel, even though I formally sacked them???
They have not received any paperwork, they have not sent me any paperwork so the whole thing is a big joke.
I need someone to go into court to inform the magistrates that this whole thing is a fraud.
I was told the Highbury Corner transferred two other matters to Blackfirars (sic) Crown Court on 02 Sept 2015 but by the 14th Sept nothing had been received there. So another big joke.Maybe we can demand this gets joined with the other matter and then we can subpoena the 6 original perjured statements (3 withdrawn) for x-examination of the false allegations.
Please let me know what you think.
If John Howard does not email me back that it is not listed anymore, I guess I will have to go for 9.30am tomorrow for the one day trial listing and see how it goes

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Abbas Dhami
Date: 6 October 2015 at 15:57
Subject: Highbury Corner Magistrates -7th October 2015 All day trial
To: “”

Dear Neelu Berry
I confirm your matter is listed for a full day trial tomorrow ( 7th October 2010) at 9:30am. You MUST attend the Court as failure to do so could result in you committing a further offence for which you can be fined, imprisoned or both.
The trial could also go ahead in your absence.
We have arranged Counsel to represent you at Court tomorrow.
Please note the address for the Magistrates Court is:
Highbury Corner Magistrates Court
51 Holloway Road
N7 8JA
Yours sincerly (sic)
Hanson Young & Co

So she’s formally sacked her solicitors. Who will be representing her if/when she either shows up at court or gets arrested for not showing up at court? Legal genius Patrick Cullinane? Or perhaps she could hire Belinda to accompany her as a McKenzie Friend.

Interesting note regarding her now-ex-solicitor, Aseem Taj: he also has represented Ella Draper, as well as Sabine McNeill! A quick check online reveals that he’s no stranger to the strange, as he represented the infamous hate preacher Abu Hamza’s son, Imran Mostafa, on an armed robbery charge in 2012.

We understand that when it was pointed out to Taj that representing both Sabine and Ella could create a conflict of interest, he rapidly dumped Sabine. Then again, who wouldn’t? The woman really is a bit of a drip.

For his sins, Taj got saddled with Nutty Neelu, but the gods have smiled up him once more, and she’s dumped him.

Frankly, if we were him, we’d consider getting out of the law business while the getting is good. Chances like this don’t come along every day.

But back to Neelu. Her contention that “this whole thing is a big joke and/or fraud” is a bit worrisome, though to give her her due, she does grudgingly admit that perhaps it might be a good idea to drift on over to the courthouse tomorrow and see what’s what.

Yes, it very well might.



15 thoughts on “Neelu Watch: ‘This whole thing is a big joke’

  1. Sabine looking for a new solicitor, obviously, after said dumping:

    ‘Mrs Pauffley found there was a ‘conflict of interest’ though. Hence my request to to you and Claire Roberts.

    Will you want to take me on board?

    Yours gratefully in advance,

    Sabine K McNeill’

    Thanks to Mr Popoola for this on happenstance radio blog. Mr Popoola seems to have attempted a good magick banishing spell re online attention? See his and hers fb pics. They do look so in love, protecting each other.

    Anyway, getting back to Neelu, if there was a conflict of interest for the solicitor representing both Ella and Abe, then attempting to represent Neely makes it a full threesome? Good thing she dumped him, eh?

    Let’s remember Neely before she changed. Let’s hope there is some kind of way forward for her that does not involve accusing and attacking innocent people.

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  2. I would guarantee Neelu’s former solicitor has kept her apprised of events such as today being for the ‘vexing’ matter and the higher court will be hearing the more serious charge but Lotus Princess has it all mixed up in her mind.
    It would be fun if Patrick Cullinane turned up to assist her or is that just being wicked?. Nahhh, I want to see the video.

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  3. Possible outcomes: Case dismissed, case resolved, with or without sentencing, neely has absconded, or preferaby, neely is sent for psychiatric assessments. The latter would be the most appropriate and humane outcome, I think.

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  4. I have just noticed that Charlotte has signed her latest her latest (an apparent email to all north London Tennis clubs) post with her own name. Is this the first time she has admitted her real identity?

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    • Has she indeed! Well, it’s only taken her 4.5 months to come to grips with the fact that she gave her identity away. I suppose in troofer terms that qualifies as some sort of miracle.


  5. As the reply from the solicitor confirms that she has to attend on Oct 7 2010 she will probably decide not to appear as it is now 2015.

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