Belinda’s back…maybe.

Thanks to the anonymous commenter who pointed us to this post from Belinda, apparently sent to her private email list:

Dear All

Just a quick line to say 2 months on from my ‘exile’ I’m back in UK, having ascertained that I’m not wanted for questioning, at least not by the police. (It remains to be seen what will happen on Mrs Justice Pauffley’s front, she returns to her bench this week…)

Since my return however I’ve been plunged into the nightmare of my schizophrenic daughter’s latest mental episode, the first for 8 years…For sure this was brought on by my having had to leave her on her own for several weeks – she thought I’d left her for good and had even died! Even though I’d been chatting to her on Skype every day. But she couldn’t touch me or hug me, that was the problem. So she stopped taking her meds, with the inevitable consequence that she’s ended up back in hospital.

Her father and I agree she is worse this time around than we’ve ever experienced which is saying a lot.

It’s one of the ironies of my life that my 4 children’s father, Dr Dr Dr McKenzie as I call him slightly mockingly has 3 higher degrees but very little real understanding of the reality we’re all in! (I say this very gently and we have no quarrels between us, being long-divorced and each happily remarried for many years by now). The main irony is that Dr Dr Dr McK is a psychiatrist by profession (now retired) yet has no clue how to treat our daughter who is our youngest child together, apart from dampening her symptoms with drugs.

A lot of our daughter’s current behaviour in the mental ward strongly suggests that old-fashioned thing, demon possession. She swears like a trooper, is lewd, vulgar, totally ‘disinhibited’ and continuously attacks the other patients or invades their rooms. At the end of my visits to her where for 3-4 hours I struggle to physically restrain her from lunging at the other patients or staff she screams at me “YES F***OFF! GO HOME! YOU MAKE ME SICK, YOU F***ing C**T!”

In between these tirades she weeps and says she doesn’t know what’s happening in her head and wants to die, she wants to commit suicide…

I try my best to keep things bright and cheerful, remind her continuously how special she is and how much I love her, that it’s not her fault she’s like this and soon she’ll be better and be able to come home, etc. But although she’s now back on the full dose of the medication that kept her out of hospital for 8 years (she’s never been totally ‘right’ during all that time however) she is showing no sign whatsoever of ‘coming round’. She’s always been a very clean girl but now she’s incontinent and has to wear diapers and it’s taken the combined efforts of the staff and me and Mrs McKenzie No. 2 (who was a nurse by profession prior to retirement) a whole week to get Xxxxx into a bath to wash her! I managed that at long last yesterday and I felt that at some level underneath her madness she was grateful to me for persisting and felt better to be clean rather than dirty and ugly, with matted, greasy hair she wouldn’t allow anyone to brush…

It seems as if all the powers of hell have been unleashed in my daughter’s mind.

Insofar as I’m able whilst being buffeted daily by Xxxxx’s ‘demons’(real name Xxxxxxx in case anyone is on a hotline to God!) I’m trying to get further insights into this whole problem of the evil forces around in this world and how to deal with them. My daughter is not the only sufferer of course, there are other very sad cases alongside her in the female ward whom I’ve come to know and have heard some of their stories. So yes, several were sexually abused as children, although my daughter herself wasn’t – she was the victim of a malicious aunt, probably herself host to some demonic entity judging by her behaviour towards other family members over the years, not only Xxxxx has suffered from it.

There is certainly a link here to satanists and satanism, this quasi-religion for a hopefully still-smallish proportion of people on this planet, yet like all empire-builders they are bent on spreading their hegemony, any which ways they can do that. There does really seem to be a trans-dimensional force of evil bent on wrecking the whole society as well as individual human minds.

These wreckers of human minds and dignity double as the types who abuse and torture children in the ritualistic ways of which this year we’ve become very aware. They aim for the whole of human society to descend into chaos, debauchery and violence, then they will impose their own ‘Order’ permanently on this world – ‘ab chao, ordo’ “out of chaos, order” is their slogan.

Well thanks but no thanks! We all need to wake up and recognise this collective societal insanity for what it is and get the types orchestrating it out of public life and off our TV screens etc. But HOW to do that – I continue to rack my brains as to what really is the most effective way of beating the madness as we need to get a move-on now especially having ‘lost’ the Hampstead case on which I pinned a lot of hope but I didn’t bargain for M15? GCHQ? the police? HWCBN? (He Who Cannot Be Named) publishing the list of names under the guise of Anonymous and Sabine being blamed for that. As if to prove the point, Sabine had a brick thrown through her window Saturday night…

Immediately one answer to the question HOW comes in the form of this latest video put out by Nottingham children’s homes abuse victim Melanie Shaw – please help spread far and wide. Melanie is a national hero and EVERYONE should know about this marvellous woman even if she’s conspicuous by her absence in the MSM (mainstream media).

What’s the all-important clue in Melanie’s video??


We say ‘apparently’ sent by Belinda, because we’re not 100% certain that this is in fact her handiwork. Certain turns of phrase leapt out at us as quite American-sounding:

  • For sure this was brought on by my having had to leave her on her own for several weeks
  • So she stopped taking her meds
  • She’s incontinent and has to wear diapers  (you mean ‘nappies’? —Editor)
  • I continue to rack my brains (‘Wrack’, surely? —Ed.)

Of course there are other indications that this could very well have come from Belinda: the utter loony absurdity of the idea that her daughter (who she initially says suffers from schizophrenia) is in fact suffering from demonic possession…passed on to her via her similarly demonically possessed aunt, no less!

And like most Hoaxteaders, she seems to feel no compunction about naming family members and airing their difficulties in public. Yes, this was sent to a private email group, but the group is a large one, and (obviously!) not impervious to leaks.

Then there’s the usual blaming of ‘outside forces’ who supposedly published Sabine’s ‘list of names’ (and her bail conditions, which tiny detail Belinda has apparently forgotten).

Not to mention Belinda’s standard modus operandi when a ‘case’ she’s taken on goes tits-up: deflect, deflect, deflect! In this instance, apparently we’re meant to move on to Melanie Shaw, another mentally ill woman who was convicted of attempting to set a home on fire while its residents were sleeping.

In any case, we’d suggest that if you live in Belinda’s posh Highgate neighbourhood, you might want to keep an eye open for her. Dangerous at any speed.



39 thoughts on “Belinda’s back…maybe.

  1. Well, my initial reaction to the top half of Belinda’s email was one of sadness for her, and obviously for her daughter. But as I read on to the ‘demonic interpretation’ part, it dawned on me she might have been pandering to the audience, in both the top and bottom half of the email. To her own group, and to us, after all she would have calculated that the email would get published here, sooner or later. And the hospitalisation/gruesome details would just really be quite good material to put before Pauffley, when she comes in front of the tall lady in her heels. But remember, Belinda is not afraid of ‘running the gauntlet’ or saying ‘good afternoon’ to her:

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  2. P’raps it’s a glass window in a door.

    If this is Belinda writing then bloody hell is all I can say. Demonic possession?

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  3. How much more worse, or high drama-ish could you get?

    A group of agents at operation Skulldance at GCHQ South is tasked with creating a splash. Two things have come together: Belinda needs to be brought back into the fold, and the supervisor is a bit bored.

    ‘Write a letter with the most outrageous reasons why Belinda can’t go to jail: One sentence each! Make an impact!

    ‘…Xxxxx…wants to die, she wants to commit suicide…’

    ‘… I struggle to physically restrain her from lunging at the other patients or staff’

    ‘…dirty and ugly, with matted, greasy hair she wouldn’t allow anyone to brush…’

    ‘…all the powers of hell have been unleashed in my daughter’s mind…’

    ‘… a malicious aunt, probably herself host to some demonic entity…’

    ‘…plunged into the nightmare of my schizophrenic daughter’s latest mental episode…’

    ‘….she’s incontinent and has to wear diapers …’


    yells Bella, getting carried away.

    You get the idea.

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  4. After reading the email I thought is Belinda now going to try and get her hooks into some of the female patients who are with her daughter and use their sexual abuse stories for whatever scheme she may be cooking up next?

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  5. I am sure I read a comment somewhere yesterday that described it as a brick through the window. I think Big Earl is likely correct that it was a window in the door. The most likely culprit is someone who believes Sabine is an agent working against Ella and Abe.

    I remember Belinda saying she had a daughter who was mentally ill, and had begged her to stop the conspiracy nonsense. Belinda of course refused and left her daughter here while she went on a jolly abroad. At least Belinda recognises that her actions could have triggered her daughter to stop her medication. Though in typical Belinda fashion, it is all linked back to child abuse (well, an unpleasant Aunt) and Satanism.

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    • Wasn’t the bit about the daughter begging Belinda to stop the conspiracy nonsense, and to stop filling the house with weirdos, in Charlotte Ward’s autobiography? Charlotte being one of those wierdos at the time.

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      • I haven’t read all Charlottes autobiography so it may well be mentioned. I am sure there is a video of Belinda mentioning it and another woman saying something about how it is not possible to just stop and forget what you know.


  6. I see the hoax crowd are reveling in the claim Sabine got a brick through the window with cries that the Cult have sent her a warning. This is of course a cult that runs the UK and indeed, much of the western world. If that’s the worst they can do Sabine should sleep easy as from what I hear, the Brick Thru The Door section at MI6 is fairly small with limited resources (can’t afford too many bricks). I wonder if the landlord who was anxious to evict Sabine knows anything more about this brick?.

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      • I hear Sabine and Belinda are trying to point the finger at Code 2222. Belinda did write to Ella complaining about the language of their representative and his behaviour. Maybe Code’s feelings got hurt. Code did humiliate Sabine by releasing that footage of her arrest which he called a ‘staged arrest’.

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    • Now at a guess I’d say if Lizard Satanist paedophiles have it in for you, you’d get more than a brick through the window. But what do I know. I’m just a sheep. Baah.

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      • I was thinking that…if that’s the best the secret Lizard Satanist Paedos can do, I’m not sure why everyone is so worried about them.


  7. So Sabine sending stuff out to, as I recollect, Ian Josephs (campaigner), Brian Hemming (ex MP), that parental alienation campaigner, a Latvian MEP, a blogger who apparently admits to publishing it, and all the other people that she puts in the cc field and then publishes on her website means she is in no way responsible for sending stuff out…… that don’t make sense now does it Belinda. Particularly in light of Sabine’s threat in the P & Q case……

    Within her position statement for 26 January hearing, written for her by Ms Sabine McNeill as she later revealed, the mother made a thinly veiled threat as to what would happen if the children “were not returned to their mother and grandparents with immediate effect.” Ms Draper stated that the consequence would be “high level embarrassment.” An open letter to Theresa May, the Home Secretary, posted on the internet, explicitly states that the Position Statement was “our offer NOT to expose this scandal in exchange for returning the children.”

    Another case where Sabine has been in no way responsible for publishing stuff (sarcasm intended) where she admits it this time and gets stroppy is

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      • It isn’t the person who apparently admitted publishing it after Sabine sent it to them, it’s the secret squirrels you know.

        Psssst …ignore all the stuff after the initial publication too……..


    • following the endless links on one of the nastiest hoax sites (Charlotte) I read that the boy in the original videos at one stage accuses the girl of killing babies while the girl says ‘don’t say my name’ or words to that effect. Is this true? I’ve never watched the videos as I feel it’s an awful invasion of their privacy and I even hesitate to draw attention to the videos. I accept fully the court’s decision that these poor kids were coached into making this absurd allegations but how do the hoax crowd square this then with their endless claims the kids are ‘telling the truth ‘ in the original videos?

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  8. Methinks you should have a good look at this:

    “The Truth About Ritual Abuse Claimant-Advocates And Threats”

    “Ritual Abuse and Dissociative Identity Disorder claimants themselves have been exposed as the real authors of the threats that they and/or their therapists received, in case after case – but other members of RA-DID “support groups” that many claimants have been involved with are also suspected of concocting and perpetrating elaborate campaigns of threatening harassment against a range of persons in some claimants lives – including; their therapist’s or treatment facility’s other patients, friends, family members, clergy and community support services workers” .

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      • Dedicated to the heroes that are Hoaxtead Research. Let this be your battle cry!

        by Red Rider

        “Lunatic fringe
        I know you’re out there
        You’re in hiding
        And you hold your meetings

        I can hear you coming
        We know what you’re after
        We’re wise to you this time
        We won’t let you kill the laughter

        Lunatic fringe
        In the twilight’s last gleaming
        This is open season
        But you won’t get too far

        ‘Cause you gotta blame someone
        For your own confusion
        But I’m on guard this time
        Against your final solution

        We can hear you coming
        No you’re not going to win this time
        We can hear the footsteps
        Out along the walkway

        Lunatic fringe
        We all know you’re out there
        Can you feel the resistance?
        Can you feel the thunder?”

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  9. Surely Jacqui Charlotte’s latest screed up on is actionable? She publishes a photograph of, and names, an individual which her and the other Hoaxtead cultists accuse of being a baby-eating baby raping baby-killer, and then urges others to strip him naked in public. All because (apparently) he chose to take down his Facebook account after being real-world stalked and real-world harassed by Hoaxtead cultists.

    And I got a one week ban at the once estimable Rigorous Intuition board for “being mean” to these fucktard sacks of subhuman filth.


  10. By the way, I urge any and/or all of you go head on over to the Rigorous Intuition board and sign up and start participating. Apparently the weeks-long grace period that new participants needed to undergo has been waved, and you can start participating the moment you register now! At least, that’s how it worked for Jacqui/Charlotte, so I’m assuming it would be the same for anyone wishing to go there and fight the good fight, seeing as I am no longer allowed to do so… at least for a week.

    You may also like to comment on the hypocrisy of me being the only one given a week’s ban when I was purely playing tit-for-tat with obviously willing participants who (and I don’t hesitate to get childish in this case) “started it”.


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