Araya’s Brave New Sex Clinic

We were browsing through some old video discussion threads the other day, and happened upon this tiny treasure trove of delight: freakish Araya Soma’s ideas about how sex works, and her plans for ‘rehab clinics’ for anyone she or her deranged cronies suspect of being a paedophile.

First, did you know that if you were conceived via the ‘spilling of the orgasm’, you’re actually the spawn of Satan?

I know. Me neither.

But Araya says it, and who are we to question her?

Araya-orgasm-1Yep, orgasm is the root cause of karma and human degeneration. I wonder if someone ought to let her know about that whole birds and bees thing? Then again, perhaps some things are best left alone. We wouldn’t want her reproducing.

Now, as for those pesky paedophiles, clearly it’s not their fault, so they should be treated with ‘compassion’.

In Araya-Land, the ‘guilty are being offered compassion by me and my friends’. Does this make you afraid? It makes me afraid.

Araya-compassion for guilty-1Here’s what she means by ‘compassion’, by the way:

Araya-full castration-1Araya-castration-2‘Special techniques and meditations, and deprogramming, if this fails, castration am afraid.’

Hmm. Sounds very compassionate.

It’s a real pity, though, that castration cannot be performed retroactively. If only someone had got to Araya’s father in time…

Brave new world

Brave New World: We wonder if this is where Araya chose the name ‘Soma’?


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  1. Has she decided she doesn’t like the Nazis now? What happened to “Let’s make Hitler proud”?

    Possibly she thinks antisemitism is OK but having orgasms is not?

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