CEOP says get lost; Hoaxteader weeps tears of rage

It’s always entertaining to watch Hoaxteaders who’ve been thwarted, particularly when they’re 110% certain they’ve got the goods…as this one seems to have been.

Remember a month ago, when one of Charlotte’s pals tried to prove that our Scarlet Scoop was actually Ricky Dearman, and had viewed commercial child sex abuse? And the Child Exploitation and Online Protection organisation (CEOP) basically told them to stop viewing child porn in the name of ‘research’? Yeah, fun times. CEOP answer 1Well, apparently the ‘researcher’ in question went into a screaming hissy fit about it, stamping his tiny feet in rage, and fired off this missive to CEOP.

CEOP Answer 2CEOP Answer 3“I hereby give you 14 days to reply and for the second time of asking, please send me a signed copy of the letter I was sent, indicating also the position of the person who wrote it, or I’ll….I’ll….I’ll scream some more! I’ll hold my breath until I turn blue, you just see if I don’t!!”

We can just imagine that they’re quaking in terror down at head office.



10 thoughts on “CEOP says get lost; Hoaxteader weeps tears of rage

  1. Is this amazing IP tracking software made by the same people who made Chris Spivey’s wonderful facial recognition program which allows him to “prove” people are or aren’t who the media say they are? Could it even have been programmed by Sabine!

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  2. I looked at that software and it gives no info claiming to be able to track personal ips that use a website rather seems to be just able to identify where ips are located which is pretty easy to find out without software. Even then it only has one review which says it’s a load of shite. How would this nutbag know who ips belong to anyway seeing even the cops or CEOP have to get a warrant to find out who owns an ip?

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    • I believe the accepted Hoaxtead method for determining who owns an IP is mental telepathy, sometimes augmented by a consultation with Lord Ashtray.


    • Yes..and Scarlet knew that too. That rant above was hilarious.. the writer is actually complaining about “slander”.. oh the irony!

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    • There is an IP directory ,rather like a telephone directory.It is not difficult to find out the geographical location of an IP address.Without using some software or app etc. But Plods ,or Sabine would likely not use this as there is no awkwardness involved.

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      • Geolocation is not an exact science, and can be thwarted, but in general yes, it’s possible to determine IP locations quite easily. By which I mean, without the aid of some bogus software.


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