Hoaxtead a source of commercial child sex abuse images?

From the beginning, we’ve been saying that posting images of the two children, along with titillating details of their alleged abuse at the hands of a mysterious, invisible ‘satanic cult’ was irresponsible in the extreme.

Not only does each new post of the children’s images, whether in photo or video form, constitute yet another re-victimisation of these kids, but it raises the probability that the images and stories will find their way into the hands of producers of commercial child sex abuse…otherwise known as producers of child porn.

Now, it looks as though our concerns were not unwarranted.In this article in the Independent, reporter Victoria Richards notes:

…(W)ithin 10 days of being uploaded, some of the content from popular social media sharing sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Kik had been appropriated and viewed 1.7 million times (emphasis ours). Images were often catalogued in ‘themes’ such as “kids at beach”, “nice boys play in river” or “gymnasts”, alongside comments that explicitly sexualised the material.

“Many users clearly identify that they have obtained the content through trawling social media accounts,” he told the newspaper. “The images are almost always accompanied by highly explicit and very disturbing user comments. Often, users exchange email addresses with invitations to connect outside the site to trade content.”

In the article mentioned, a cyber-safety expert states, “It does not matter how innocent the photo is, if your child has got what a predator is looking for, they will take that photo.”

If innocent Facebook and Instagram images are fodder for sexualisation by those who profit from commercial paedophilia, that what about images of two beautiful children talking about having “plastic willies” shoved up their bottoms and so on?

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: making these images and interviews public is tantamount to offering paedophiles free rein in a nursery school.

But apparently that matters less to the Hoaxtead hawkers than the opportunity to ‘prove’ the existence of the pretend cult, and advance the agenda of those who’d have us believe the world is run by a secret cabal of Satanist Illuminati paedophiles.



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  1. Of course Charlotte very helpfully used a Freedom of Information request to obtain plans of the school which she then published online (she could actually have found them much more easily by another route, but that is beside the point). It isn’t the sort of detail I would be comfortable with the Hoaxtead loonies or their paedophile hangers on possessing if I had children at that school.

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    • I thought that at the time–how very convenient for any lurking paedophiles, to know exactly where the children would be at any given time.


  2. Totally agree. Personally I’m not sure why anyone posts pics of their children on the net. Our parents never had to and would share family photos but this case has been shocking & those who continue to publish these videos – no matter what side you believe- are the scum of the earth. I wish laws were stricter in this regard and could ensnare those who hide behind anonymity or abroad. I do not believe either that they are doing so without something int heir character that revels in this. Listen to Sabine on the BBC when she was asked why she published the videos, she ignored the question & seemed totally oblivious to what the interviewer was getting at.

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    • The problem with perverts is that they are very diverse. There is bound to be someone out there who will find any image arousing, be it of your child, your granny, your dog or your balloon. The big danger is when children are named and other details given.

      Back in the ’70’s no one really seemed to worry about this sort of thing. Local papers regularly printed pictures of children, including myself on more than one occasion, along with full names ages and addresses. Now we seem to have swung to the other extreme where any school featured on TV news is populated by headless or blurred children. There must be a happy medium.

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      • I think the difference is at least in part due to the internet: information that used to be localised is now available world-wide. A paedophile in one country can now prey on a young person thousands of miles away.


    • “Personally I’m not sure why anyone posts pics of their children on the net.”

      I’m not sure why anyone wouldn’t. But then I don’t have an issue around people photographing children in the first place. It’s akin to the fear that the camera is going to steal their soul or some other such nonsense.

      What is clear to me is that to other countries the UK has some sort of Paedophile problem. Actually it’s nothing of the sort, it’s simply that the UK, it’s news media and social media are constantly getting hysterical about Paedo’s hiding in bushes.

      Other countries let their kids run around nude and probably look at the UK and think we are a weird bunch regarding our obsessiveness over “think of the children”.

      I just think it’s sad that I can look at photographs from decades past of children playing in the street, but there are none from this Century due to photographers being in fear of being labelled a Paedo.

      Victoria Richards is merely adding to the hysteria.

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      • Of course people have the right to and should be able to but the reality is, someone with perverted desires may steal the images. On the other hand, the reality also is : when you were 8/9/10 etc and then you are in your 20s, that child is almost a different person who no longer exists. If I look at early snaps of me it’s difficult to really comprehend you are that person. The difference is of course these kids have been named and their intimate lives discussed ad infinitum. What an abuse of them that is and the why the hell isn’t the mother pleading with everybody to at least stop this aspect ?.

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        • If I were their mother, I’d be desperate to stop people from talking about my kids’ alleged sexual abuse. An aspect of this that continues to puzzle and astound: how can Ella be so complacent about it all?


        • Yes, her refusal to highlight this aspect and to appeal to people to remove images, and videos which she now says she did not want released in the first place (‘I wanted to release the videos with the faces blurred, etc) is incomprehensible – but in line with the obvious lack of feeling experienced and shown by her inability- or reluctance – to protect her children when they were being abused by Abraham. Maybe Ella or someone she knows who will be reading this can address this issue in the next inevitable hemp wrinkle cream promotion cum case-announcement on the www.


      • Pictures of children–fine. Pictures of children with identifying details and info’? Not fine at all.

        As for the current paedo hysteria in the UK…I’ve been wondering about this for some time. I’ve spent time in countries where it’s certainly far from the case, and I’m not convinced that British people as a group are somehow perverted in some special way.


      • @unskilled – yes and no. Hysteria hurts everyone I think, including children whose safety is the focus of it.

        On the other hand, there’s no question in my mind that I and my siblings and peers were inadequately supervised/ protected. Not because our parents didn’t care, but because they were not aware of all the dangers we were encountering. Tragedies have happened, and as a result parents HAVE modified their approach. Here’s one case where innocent publicity of a child led to tragedy – in the US and pre-internet:


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  3. Videos too, of course. I think Youtube had a policy that users had to be 14 years of age or older? In any case, I had been following the video antics of some brilliant college kids in Massachusetts. One day there was a video reply from a very young looking boy. I followed it back to his account and sure enough, he was openly talking about being ELEVEN years old. Cute as a bug’s ear, this little guy – smart, funny, and belonged to a group of kids learning Lego stop-action video skills. He seemed to have mom& dad’s permission to be on there, and learning stop-action video skills seemed a legitimate reason for him to be there so I didn’t report him as underaged.

    Then, in the comments to one of his vids, I spotted this: “I know you…you go to my school, it’s BLAH-BLAH school in BLAH-BLAH town, CA” – and my brain exploded – KLANG! KLANG! KLANG! Nooooooo!!
    I started sending him messages, about how much I enjoyed his videos and would he please REMOVE that comment which identified the school he attends, just to be safe. But he wouldn’t. Eventually I begged him to please, please, please, show my messages to your parents – I’ll put a comment on every one of your vids, I know you like comments…and finally that comment thread was removed from his vid.

    There are innumerable reasons why all this Hoaxteader activity is irresponsible and demonstrates that the participants don’t really give a sh*t about the wellbeing of children or are colossal idiots.

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    • Yes, this is exactly the sort of thing that can lead to a very dangerous situation. And I agree: Hoaxteaders are either morons or evil. Wait, didn’t someone else say that?


  4. The programme Brass Eye had an episode where they basically sent up the hysteria in the media about paedophiles, well worth a watch. It is a real shame now that people have to be so careful when around children in case they are wrongly suspected of being a paedo.

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  5. I think we should not forget the sexually explicit acts…The descriptive matter…This is what the paedophiles will share and share. ..The children describing all of the abuse so in detail will be worth a fortune to the sick and depraved. ..A bloody goldmine for the predators. .all laid on a plate for them. .by the very people that are meant to be fighting for and protecting children.

    I dread to think of the pleasure it has brought to the paedophile unable to access the more disgusting sites out there …They will never be traced..but will continue to get their thrills from the material sabine and belinda. ..and more evil their mother has put put there for all to see.

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  6. If you delete or prevent my comments from being shown, I will assume you are a paedophile or part of the cover-up and will expose your page on every level. Anonymous


    • Oh, TS….yes, dear, we’re all paedophiles round here. We think Hoaxtead is a load of shite, and say so…ergo, we must be flaming ‘satanist’ paedos! Do you believe that everyone who disagrees with your tiny warped point of view is perforce a sexual deviant?


    • Justyna, I thought you’d gone off to Brazil to learn about shamanism or some damn thing? Why are you still hanging about making ridiculous empty threats?

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    • I hope you’ll think about this. You don’t know that some of the people who are alleged to have distinguishing marks in private places haven’t actually been to the police.

      Ricky Dearman, that lifelong cult member, since childhood, with all his family in the cult, doesn’t have that tattoo. Ella would have seen it. She had sex with him. He was in the cult before he met Ella wasn’t he? And now you are going to say, well yeh but, he got it later.

      Odd though, this vital evidence, the smoking gun, the capo dei capi of blow the cult out of the water wondrousness is still in the hands of Abraham. You’d have thought it would have been given to the police. That’s what a normal person would probably do. But this is the gruesome twosome who upon learning the two children had been repeatedly raped, weekly, for years, looked up Mr Gerrish’s number rather than taking the children to the doctor to make sure, oh I don’t know, that they didn’t have STI’s, necrotising internal organs due to the rape of a frequency even the most brutalised child sex slaves of Boko Haram may manage to avoid. But that’s what they did, contact mediocre journalists. Like they actually know it’s all a pile of shit deep down and they aren’t able to keep the pretence up, because they don’t FEEL it. Ella doesn’t FEEL the anguish, the horror of her two youngest having experienced this, because she knows they haven’t.

      For all the pontificating about RD’s BBC interview, Ella’s never even shed a tear that I can remember. She manages to have a bit of a giggle too some of the time. There was a “funny bit” outtake even. At least RD managed to have a hard-to-fake sniffly tearful nose, harder to fake than tears that you know.

      Remember this, you are supporting a man who punched a little boy in the head bursting his eardrum, who has convictions for violence, dishonesty, fraud, who is a known child abuser, who admits hitting children with weapons, who feeds children drugs unashamedly, who has child porn on his phone, a man who claims to be telepathic, who has fraudulently claimed to have a PhD, who jumps to crazy conclusions based on the flimsiest evidence, who turns viciously on people trying to help him, a man with a now defunct precious metal company set up by a suspect company formation service, who thinks he can save the world whether the world wants his type of saving or not, who has delusions of grandeur, who smothers little children, threatens them, throws them into walls, who kicks them, starves them, a man who shows no shame in injuring defenceless children……

      His name is Abraham Christie.

      You support child abuse and champion vile child abusing scum.

      That’s actually what I think. Normally I hold back. Bad mood today. I hope you understand.

      Anyway, run along, carry on fighting for Ella’s THREE children. Don’t forget the one she never mentions, the one who by some diabolical alignment of the stars also apparently has a baby munching father.

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        • And no links!

          @ Jennifer Eccles, please note I have not used information from the final police interviews, because you really hate those. The home recorded interviews in public places where the little girl is visibly injured, I know you love those. Imagine if a police officer had done the ABE interviews in an airport cafe, or on a plane, or in the airport drop off point, you’d be apoplectic with rage. Abraham and Ella do it, meh.

          And you love the medical reports, even the bit where Ella lies and blames the children’s injuries on RD, which would not be possible because they had been away from him staying with Ella and Abraham only. Ella lying, meh. Who cares? Not you!

          The idea of a small primary school having regular baby killing sessions in a normal school day with lots of external people attending, teachers and assistants abandoning their class to join in the baby killing, school dinners going unprepared, the school nurse unable to attend to emergencies because she’s in the super secret baby killing room helping the baby killing, and little children pulled out of class, drugged into unconsciousness or paralysis, raped, made to kill babies and drink their blood then plonked back in the class is frankly ridiculous. “Oh class of little ones, carry on without supervision for the afternoon, I’m off to the super secret room that doesn’t exist!”

          There’s a reason no other bugger has come forward to corroborate this bullshit tortured in to the children story. It didn’t freaking happen.

          There’s also a reason in my opinion the fantasy had to involve the school. If their dad did things, and they hadn’t seen their father very often had they, and when they are grasping round for a way to make this work, then when could it have happened? It has to be when the children are away from their mother, and when are they away from their mother? School. If their father is at the school, the teachers have to be involved. And so on and so on. The delusions of a vampire hunting hemp-freak indeed.

          Good luck finding the non existent super secret rooms. One was through the back of a wardrobe or cupboard right? If it’s an external wall or room on the other side, don’t forget the cupboard could be some sort of space/time bending Tardis. I think that’s obviously where the police went wrong. They forgot to take a Time Lord out with them just in case.

          The sad thing is, if, …….IF……., there has been any sexual abuse of these children, and that doesn’t neccesarily involve their father or even Abraham here, their heads have been messed up with these lurid imaginings.

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