Charlotte Ward determined to see Neelu sent to prison

We all know that Neelu Berry is facing some very serious criminal charges—witness intimidation and perverting the course of justice—which can carry long prison terms if she’s found guilty.

We also know that she’s skipped two preliminary hearings, which the court does not take lightly. In fact, at her last missed hearing, the judge stated that if she misses her next hearing on 2 December, she will be arrested and held in custody.

So why, oh why, would Charlotte ‘Jacqui Farmer’ Ward be publishing more of Neelu’s insane rants regarding her case?

In the post, Neelu also discusses the death of her niece, which she is expressly forbidden to do by a lifetime ban stemming from charges laid over a decade ago.

We know Charlotte is not the swiftest of the swift, but surely even she must understand that in doing this, she is putting another nail in Neelu’s coffin. We can think of only two reasons for her to publish this material:

  1. She is dumb as a post and isn’t stopping to consider the consequences;
  2. She is happy to see Neelu sent to prison.

There are a few possible reasons why the latter choice might be possible: if Neelu is imprisoned, the Hoaxteaders will have a ‘martyr figure’ again, as when Sabine was ‘in exile’ (read: fleeing justice) in Germany last spring and early summer. Neelu in prison is much more useful to the Hoaxtead hawkers than Neelu on the loose: in prison, she’ll be silenced (so people won’t be able to see what an absolute flaming loon she really is), but she’ll be a heroic figure they can point to as ‘evidence of a cover-up’.

In any case, we debated whether to provide a link to the post, or reprint its contents here, and finally came down on the side of reprinting it verbatim, since it’s already on the public record.

———- Forwarded message ———-

From: lou lotus <>
Date: 29 September 2015 at 04:49
Subject: Fwd: URGENT HAMPSTEAD UPDATE Videos from Sunday
Cc: New Scotland Yard – Met Police <>,,,

neelu berry of chaudhari clan, 3 Peel Drive, Ilford, Essex IG5 0JR
29 September 2015
Individual named agents, employees, directors
Archant, IPSO,
cc Serious fraud office, IPCC, APCCO, Metropolitan Police
Formal Notice of Dishonour before Commercial Lien, to cease trading and seize assets
Please see attached further evidence of dishonour by the Ham & High on 26 September 2015, despite rmail communication below with Paul Wright, Ham & High on 25 March 2015.
Mr Wright was given a signed copy of a witness statement by Ella Draper on 22 March 2015 and had sight of the judgement of judge Pauffley with medical evidence supporting the allegations made by the children, which were repeated to Police in interviews over a period of several weeks. There is an underlying denial to the truth with a deliberate cover-up of crimes against babies and children by UK reporters despite massive evidence.
This is a formal notice of dishonour under the Uniform Commercial Code UCC 3-503, 3-504, 3-505 without prejudice 1-308, to the above individuals in a commercial lien to cease and desist in the cover-up of crimes by secret societies, members of lodges, church staff, parents, social services, business people and Police.
I invite research into the book Gigantic Perversions of justice and my Expert Reports, as a qualified pharmacist, into the death of my baby neice Sunaina Chaudhari, in 2000, which proves that her life was ended in a satanic ritual, in an NHS hospital, see picture showing needle mark in the neck, eyeball removal, just as described by Ted Gunderson, Ex-CIA and by the children. She also had semen and semen smell in her mouth, a blister on her lip and a bruise on her tongue.
Just how long will British journalism deny satanic rituals within Freemasons and secret societies with memberships in their millions? The IPSO and other media regulators are dishonouring the British people by failing to regulate the cover-up of crimes against babies and children.
The article omits the 4 kidnaps of myself by Hampstead Police and incarceration in Holborn Police Station without law, cause or warrant, which is normal persecution of whistleblowers by the bankrupt and illegal traders acting with dishonour, see my affidavit attached.
This is a final notice of dishonour before commercial lien. Please provide your private, public, professional and commercial liability insurance bonds for those who have had their children kidnapped and abused in care to cease the dishonourable trading and seize the assets.

Pursuant to the Geneva Convention 1930 a number of corporate governments such as the United Kingdom and therefore all companies/corporations registered there-under are operating illegally due to their bankruptcy and insolvency. This is evidenced by the Gold Standard Act Amendment Bill 227, 21 September 1931 [suspended] and the subsequent Uniform Commercial code (“UCc” International Law).

This is a Final Notice of Dishonour in Commercial Lien to act honourably or cease trading, have seizure of assets and bring Private Criminal Prosecution against dishonourable illegal traders named above.AND I make this Solemn Declaration conscientiously believing the same to be true, and by virtue of the provisions of the Statutory Declarations Act 1835

neelu of chaudhari clan

Declared this 29th September 2015


raj of chaudhari clan sadhana of chaudhari clan

Uniform Commercial Code UCc 1-308 A party that with explicit reservation of privileges performs or promises performance or assents to performance in a manner demanded or offered by the other party does not thereby prejudice the privileges reserved.

Available for skype interviews at neeluchaudhari by appointment for honourable journalists

from: lou lotus <>
to: lou lotus <>
date: 25 March 2015 at 10:20
subject: URGENT HAMPSTEAD UPDATE Videos from Sunday
Please see below, under the Criminal Law Act 1967
1. Ella Draper witness statement
2. the videos from Hampstead Sunday 22 March
I was assaulted by Mr Morris, at 2.20min, who is the caretaker of the Church (who also has been accused by the children of rapes and sodomy) – he failed to give his name
Research on the Judgement –

​ ​


Now Judge Pauffley is saying that the scars on both the children’ bottom and the girls’ front and the diagnosis of RAD (reflex Anal dilatation) which means that they have been sodomised for many years to the point of being faecally incontinent – (which brings all sexually abused children into the special needs category) of whom there are 20 at the school – named in Ella’s WS
RAD is in both of them (and what’s the chance that is a coincidence) – so Judge Pauffley says they have RAD and scars but its normal – so she is impersonating a medical professional higher than the senior doctors specialists – she should be criminally prosecuted for her TREASON – Judge Munby should get the priest Paul Conrad examined for the piercing on his spine and the tattoo on his penis or we hold the trial outside the church next Sunday with a trial jury
Please mention

​Draper Supporters

are meeting again 29 March for 11am Church service which is open to the public.

RAD is Reflex Anal Dilatation – evidence of long-term sexual abuse at primary schools, nurseries and churches in the UK
Since the children ARE telling the truth, and the boyfriend Abraham did not participate in the satanic rituals at the school, the rape, sodomy of school children and the killing, blood drinking cooking, eating of babies from all over the world for lunch (and nothing else served) – those allegations must be investigated by Police and proof of Pauffley TREASON trial
Certainly all the other children at the 8 schools around the church must be placed in safe havens immediately by OFSTED (where are they?)
Please ask the RCJ clerk for Pauffley what happened about the application made before Judge Keehan on 11 March 2015 which he referred to Judge Pauffley and which she failed to act on, see notes of transcript below –
Please note Judge Keehan did not understand that Pauffley was only dealing with harassment alleged by the London Borough of Barnet against the children – NOT to look at custody – which she turned it into – see exhibits on keehan emergency application bundle attached (please call Chief Executive of Barnet Andrew Travers to return kids immediately on grounds of RAD)

11 03 2015 Court no.

​St Thomas More​

In the matter of



​London Borough of Barnet

Belinda McKenzie

This is an urgent application. There is a case of London Borough of Barnet V Draper & Dearman, A a child and B a child which has been a fact finding hearing in this court on another matter. This is a different matter which I wish to bring to this court as an emergency, concerns the safety of the children in circumstances about which I as a McKenzie friend of the mother, who is unable to be in this country because she faces arrest if she returns.

I am putting this to the court before your Honour to seek remedy that something should be done in an emergency to safeguard these children who have been shipped across the country, and the mother for whom I have been a McKenzie friend on two occasions in proceedings in this court, but when I wished to act as a McKenzie friend of the mother on 17th February 2015, at the fact finding hearing, Mrs Justice Pauffley, would not allow me into her court.

Now, since I have been outside, a lot of the public have come to know the circumstances facts about this case, it’s a public case, on the internet, with videos of the children speaking about their ordeal have appeared on the internet, been circulated widely. Mrs Justice Pauffley then constrained reporting by the internet, Facebook, Youtube, contiuing to circulate children speaking. However, because of the wide circulation nationally and throughout the world, continued to appear and also the Police interviews of the children have also been circulating and we don’t know how this has come about.

This afternoon, I’m really here, as the case is about to conclude under Judge Pauffley and there is a real possibility that Judge Pauffley may order my imprisonment, my arrest for contempt of court. I hope that she does not do so but because of the possibility of not being able to continue to speak for the family from tomorrow when the case concludes with her judgement and Order.

I am here today to appeal to your Honour to help put Emergency Protection around parties in this case who have not been here today, myself, the mother, who faces arrest, who has been driven, two weeks ago, the grand-parents who are Russian and do not speak English, my co-McKenzie friend Sabine McNeill who is also assisting the mother in this case, who again, it is indicated would be arrested inside the jurisdiction, so she is outside the jurisdiction and possibly, I might say, my turn will come tomorrow.

Nobody from, what you might call the mother’s side, has been in the court in the 11 day fact finding hearing, therefore I’m here to do what I can whilst I’m still free. I wish to bequeath your Honour to give us the Draft order, my colleague has written informally the terms of the Order to consider.

One is that the children, A & B are returned to their mother, Ella Draper, who has sole custody & sole parental responsibility for them via the London Borough of Barnet.

2. The Draper family be assisted in the repatriation in Russia to recover from their trauma with support from the grandparents

3. Court protection for the children, the mother, the grandparents, McKenzie friend Sabine McNeill and indeed myself as McKenzie Friend, from harassment, kidnapping, by the public servants, who are accused of rapes and murders of babies and children in this case, or their agents, which includes the Police.

That is the draft order

In the application Notice I have put before your Honour, the proof that the children were abused, in the paperwork put in the court by the local authority before Mrs Pauffley, it seems to have been overlooked the fact that there is medical forensic evidence that the children were raped and sodomized. It is in the court and I have in the application at E3.

The London Borough of Barnet sought fit to give maximum contact to the accused father, against the totally innocent, against whom there are no accusations by the children in any way, mother.

If there is medical forensic evidence that the children were harmed, against the father and certainly his friends and associates, and therefore, obviously, if they are in London Borough of Barnet’s care, and father still has access to them, this is a very serious situation, and he could be doing any number of terms..

The official contact for the father is one day a week, but we know he sees the children informally, particularly when the children were first taken in custody in care last September and he visited them in their first week in care.

So there are serious concerns about this case, I have given you some of those. If you would like to ask any questions. This is my colleagues case, another McKenzie friend, no contact with grand-parents…pease ask me

Judge Thank you very much. Thank you

In the matter, the application being made on behalf of the mother Ella Draper and the maternal grand-parents, Raul Gareev & Liudmila Gareeva for the relief in respect of V London Borough of Barnet in respect of two children, Alisa & Gabriel.

Dame Pauffley has been residing over a fact-finding hearing into allegations made by the children against the accused. The learned judge who will be handing down her judgement shortly.

This application is made by Belinda McKenzie, McKenzie friend of the mother and of the maternal grand-parents. I am told that Mrs Justice Pauffley is likely to arrest Mrs McKenzie. she is here on behalf of the mother and for the maternal grandparents. I am told by Mrs McKenzie, the mother is not in the country and would be arrested if she returns for the fact-finding hearing of Mrs Pauffley. She says the mother and maternal grand-parents have concerns about the children. She has asked 1. that the children be returned to their mother, 2. The mother and her family be repatriated to Russia and make an Order for protection of the mother, children, grandparents, another McKenzie Sabine McNeill and indeed Mrs McKenzie from harassment by Order of the State including the Police.

Any application in relation to the children should be made to Mrs Justice Pauffley. She is dealing with the case. There are no grounds for me to make an order for the children to be returned to their mother. That is a matter for Mrs Justice Pauffley and the fact finding. Similarly, there is no power for me to order that the family, maternal family be assisted to repatriate to Russia. The children are in interim care London Borough of Barnet. They are I understand in foster care. I know no more about their circumstances. Any application in relation to the children is to be made to Mrs Justice Pauffley and I see no basis in law, nor of the facts of this case, which would permit me to make any ruling of a purely protection of the children, mother grand-parents, of alleged harassment by Police. I am not satisfied there is any legal basis for the order.

Any evidential basis in law, accordingly all of the applications are refused.


here comes the judge

…and we’re pretty sure she’s not going to be amused.

17 thoughts on “Charlotte Ward determined to see Neelu sent to prison

  1. I think the fact Lotus Flower has ignored a previous injunction will not go down too well with the court. She will of course arrest the judge as she’s being sent down.

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  2. For her sake, I hope she’s sectioned soon. Her allegations have now escalated to semen being found in her niece’s mouth (previously she claimed a “smell of semen”.)

    Her entire post is one long list of libel. That woman is a menace to Society in her present state of mind, she seems to be getting away with saying whatever she damn well likes, most of it, utter tosh.

    After reading her rant above, I sincerely hope they lock her up and throw away the key now. I’ve had enough of her insanity.

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    • I think many people have had enough. And yes, her allegations seem to grow each time she opens her mouth. It’s as though she believes her previous fantasies, and just expands on them.


    • It’s the last tiny shred of ‘evidence’ they think they have–and despite the fact that it’s been roundly debunked by medical authorities, hard-core Hoaxteaders will doubtless cling to it until their dying breaths.


  3. Bet the thought of sharing a prison cell with Neelu noticeably brings down the crime rate in Camden and surrounding areas.

    Charlotte would love Neelu to go to prison. ..she would have something truthworthy to blog about.

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  4. The paper Neelu refers to as proof of sexual abuse re RAD (a method discredited long ago in proving sexual abuse) is a paper about people with spinal disease and other problems. Her ‘proof’ must, in her mind, be contained in the word *advocated*, which scientifically, evidence-wise, means absolutely nothing:

    From her quoted paper:

    ‘Anal dilatation in response to gentle parting of the buttocks has been advocated as a sign of sexual abuse in children, but nothing is known of the physiology of this response or its existence in normal subjects, in patients with spinal disease…’ etc.

    I am surprised at this gaff by someone who was a pharmacist and therefore would have had to have some scientific education and understanding in the interpretation of results of trials, etc.

    This is what wiki says on the matter:

    ‘Reflex anal dilation (RAD) is the reflexive dilation of the human anus to a diameter greater than two centimeters in response to the parting of the buttocks or anal stimulation, such as brushing with a medical instrument. RAD was theorized to be a clinical marker associated with anal sexual assault in children,[1] and has been associated with other signs of sexual assault[2] but also appears in children with severe chronic constipation and those subject to invasive medical treatments of the anus.[3] The finding of RAD alone is not considered indicative of sexual abuse,[4] and a normative sample of children not suspected of having been sexually abused found that 49 per cent of children showed anal dilation either continuously or intermittently, though the dilation exceeded 20 mm in only 1.2 per cent of cases.[5]

    Used extensively in the Cleveland child abuse scandal, it was discredited during the trial as the sole indication of sexual abuse, determined to be considered a sign of sexual assault by a tiny minority of British physicians.[6] RAD as a clinical marker for sexual abuse is now considered discredited.[7]’

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