Charlotte Ward: How low can she go?

To be honest, we don’t spend much time visiting That Other Blog—you know, the cesspool that’s run by Charlotte Ward—for a couple of reasons:

  1. We’ve had several people report that the blog’s security is shit.
  2. The place is rapidly becoming a hub of commercial child sex abuse images.

But some of our intrepid commenters have taken the plunge (using protection, we hope and assume!) and have had a thing or two to say about the place.

“If I only had a brain….”

Sam on JF-29-09-2015“Guerilla sex: do they use camo-themed bedsheets?”

Fairly Sane on JF-29-09-2015Charlotte and Spivey, enjoying child porn together:

Alarmed on JF-29-09-2015On the whole, though, despite any potential amusement value, we still cannot recommend that anyone visit that site. It’s ust not worth the risk.



10 thoughts on “Charlotte Ward: How low can she go?

        • Oh, it’s this kind of crown….
          Okay, it’s not. It means ‘dispersed community’–usually but not always in relation to ethnic peoples. So, for instance, the ‘African diaspora’ would refer to people of African heritage, living outside Africa. The ‘Jewish diaspora’ means ‘Jews who don’t live in Israel’.


      • Maybe some will read a bit more than the one article!

        I’ve had a quick look and it’s clear you are not writing about this for the traffic. You are bookmarked!

        You may have a post from me in the spam folder with some links. Some of them you’ll have already seen. I saw your posts as Jerky at Rigorous Intuition.

        There’s an interesting poster here by the name Justin Sanity. Actually there are a few. We are all members of the cult here of course 😉

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