Is Drifloud really Abe? More evidence

Yesterday we suggested that ‘Drifloud’ might be another of Abe’s many, many online sock accounts. We presented some interesting linguistic similarities that make us suspect the link.

Of course, it’s possible that we’re barking up the wrong tree here, but the more we look at it, the more parallels present themselves.

For example, as ‘Nemesis Green’ (a proven Abe sock), Abe has a very particular way of discussing tattoos: apparently he’s unable to write the word unless it’s in all-caps: Nemesis Green on TATTOOsNow, have a gander at these tweets from Drifloud: Drifloud on TATTOODrifloud to Maloney-TATTOO-2Drifloud to Maloney-TATTOO

Coincidence? Perhaps. But we’ll be keeping our eyes open for further evidence in this line. As one of our commenters pointed out yesterday, we’ll know for certain if Drifloud starts pushing hemp. πŸ™‚



16 thoughts on “Is Drifloud really Abe? More evidence

    • The problem with telling lies is that eventually you have to remember which lies you’ve told. And I hear that when you abuse cannabis on an industrial scale, as Abe seems to, memory is the first thing to go.


  1. There was a comment-tator on Needleblog recently, calling itself ISIS, that had many Abe-esque qualities – such as; a professed literal belief in things like necromancy and calling up the spirits of the dead, new-agey topics like kundalini, an obsession with the word “sodomite”.

    I also spotted elsewhere in the blogosphere, comments from Counter-Intelligence Officer A-B, “the people’s Agent”, invading skeptical discussions. I don’t think he will bother you here, though.

    Johnny Rivers wrote this song about him, when they were in MI-99 together:


  2. If you follow the links to the friends (not recommended) on Facebook with the promoters of Hampstead (Neelu !), eventually you will find each one extolling the benefits of hemp with increasingly exaggerated claims from curing cancer to leprosy accompanied by enlightenment.
    And therein lies the problem.

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