Why Abe shouldn’t write while stoned.

Yes, it should be obvious by now, but apparently certain things bear repeating. Abe makes even less sense than usual in this very odd missive to the Crown Princess of Fascism, Araya Soma:

Abraham on hemp, blood, messianic fantasyThere’s more, but we’ll spare you. If you’re really keen, you can find it on Araya’s Facebook page.

Of note: little teeny-weeny mention of Hoaxtead, and another of Abe’s vague promises of Big Plans: this time, they’re going to have a video translated into a bunch of different languages before they release it. Current estimation of a release date: April, 2072.

The rest of his ‘update’ (and we say ‘his’ advisedly, since this is most assuredly Abe’s handiwork) consists of a bunch of pseudo-scientific/pseudo-religious claptrap about cannabis, blood transfusions, healing ‘Sodomites and children of Zion’ (gay people and Jews?) ‘without the need of human bloodshed’, and then a bunch of strangely out-of-context New Testament quotes.

Yes, we think he’s lost the plot. Literally.

Lost the plot

42 thoughts on “Why Abe shouldn’t write while stoned.

      • Yep… I said it all along.. his quest for fame in the internet Truth Movement continues. He thinks his plan is working but it’s hilarious to watch. What a fool he’s making Ella look too, sticking with someone like that after all that’s happened.

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        • One of the first interviews he talked about the case bringing tens of thousands on the streets and bringing the government down.

          It seems he was talking to Ella about the cannabis based blood replacement from the start.

          Has anyone seen this old channel of theirs?


          It seems they went in for a raw food diet in a big way. Fructarian even perhaps.

          And there’s a big pile of bananas. The little girl, if memory serves me correctly, says it was bad if they wanted sweets or a banana. And the medical reports say they were hit if they complained of being hungry.

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      • I’ll have to check. Don’t remember the topic, but the comments section was loaded with Hampstead – related chatter. He has a very distinctive (not in a good way) appearance – unkempt, long blond hair, small blue eyes
        .. an uncanny resemblance to Nick Nolte’s mugshot – and for some reason I’m thinking he’s North American. Will try to find it. If you google Abe’s images, there should be a close-up pic of the three ‘Hemp Stars’.

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    • Or his own son he is likely not seeing now he is on the run. The one he assaulted. If he was even seeing him after his caution for assaulting him.

      How many children does he have? Just one, or more than one?

      He doesn’t mention him.

      I wonder if he even cares?

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        • Does he care about any of them?

          Put it this way, no one is sticking their neck on the line for either of them.

          And there’s another pre recorded interview coming up where all the hard questions will be asked and answered LOL!

          A spoiler, I believe Ella will finally mention her eldest son. I wonder if it hadn’t been pointed out she would even have bothered?

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          • As a textbook abusive narcissist, Abe likely only cares about one person alone : himself. If I were the gambling sort, I’d bet he’s estranged from his biological family if they aren’t feeding his narcissistic supply by supporting him. Maybe there’s more to it than that…but narcissists discard anyone who’s not useful to or worshipful of them, even family members…
            They typically see themselves as omniscient saviors, too, which that ridiculous post strongly suggests.

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          • He talks about himself in the third person, a lot. He once even posted this:

            “Remembering M’s big green eyes looking deeply into mine imploring me telepathically to help, before [the children] disclosed, remind me that this temporary discomfiture is nothing if one child is spared this torture. Naively or otherwise I decided to trust and go to the authorities.”

            I think he has problems.

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    • He never does focus on the children and neither does Ella. They get mentioned and then they go off and discuss their cannabis obsession or some conspiracy theory or other. They sound happy too.


    • Yeah.. but stoners are usually laid back, they’re not usually people who are violent with their partners and children. Alcohol could do that though..

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      • Don’t know about that , the one across the street from me terrorised the place with a TREE SAW! Drov his car up and down the road at 90mph for a couple of hours while plods tried to catch him.He then took a big knife and stabbed the down stairs neighbour.He said the reason for his shinanigens was that he had the “wrong brand ” of weed !!!

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        • Well, my experience is that marijuana reduces inhibitions. If one is a psychopath to begin with, it just makes a bad personality disorder worse.


  1. Here is Araya explaining Abe’s cannabis mumbo jumbo to a police officer

    She starts at 5:24.

    The officer is lucky he hasn’t met her recently or he would be getting an earful about flat earth theory.

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    • It’s actually a big shame that people with so much energy, and so willing to protest about child abuse, have it all mixed up with so much bullshit. Personally I couldn’t stand in ANY protest with Araya because she talks like a fascist and had her photo taken hugging the neo nazi David Irving. That was enough for me.

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  2. Well , I heard of the burning bush, but the TALKING BUSH?????he who eats my flesh etc……Maybe these ppl shouldnt listen to the twaddle these ganja trees spout any more….

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  3. And he lies to Araya!

    “I received my Doctorate for my work showing that Cannabis is an ideal plant based blood transfusion liquid. I didn’t DO anything . The Sacred TREE does it ALL. Call me Dr. Christie . or Dr. Hemp.
    smile emoticon”

    Well he’s upgraded from his apparently imaginary HONORARY doctorate.

    Copies from the old JF site. More cannabis delusions. It saddens me how long he’s been banging on about this but he still has an audience lapping it up.


    I wonder if he would post a copy of his certificate? If he has lost it he can get a copy from the awarding body.

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      • I know he’s full of shit.

        Put it this way, I have a book on my shelf called “Quality and Recognition in Higher Education the Cross-Border Challenge” published by the OECD and many years ago now I had UK NARIC on speed dial. Investigating bogus qualifications used to be a thing I did.

        An individual acting on their own doesn’t award a genuine, recognised doctorate.

        It could actually be a criminal offence to purport to award a UK degree in the UK if it is not recognised. Education Reform Act 1988.

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  4. Another thing that has struck me is how the police have all been very mild mannered and handled these carzies so well at all their demos. It really annoys me that these dills attack these coppers who they have never met and think it’s OK to call them all sorts of names, abuse & insult them. Cops also do some pretty horrible work, attending car accidents and murder & accident scenes and it can affect them badly.

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    • I was very impressed by all the police in the demo videos. Incredibly calm and professional in the face of provocation.

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    • Each time I see the police interact with Neelu, just for example, I feel they ought to receive a commendation for excessive patience in the line of duty.


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